JHF181 has a geometry for machining hardened steel, superalloys and titanium. JHF181 is available in diameters ranging from 2 -16 mm and is ideal for machining small workpieces and cavities.

The HF6 range take in shell-type end-mill bodies with fixed pockets and strong negative rake inserts having six cutting edges. HF6 tools have a wide application range and are especially suited for the machining of P and K materials.

Says Mike Fleming, Seco’s Sales & marketing manager: “Seco is a market leader in high feed milling applications and solutions. By working with Seco, manufacturers can incorporate and integrate high feed milling into their operations and, by doing so, achieve faster milling part process times -between three to 10 times faster than when using conventional methods.”

Seco Tools provides one of the widest ranges of high performance high feed milling cutting tools on the market, covering a diameter range from 1 to 208 mm.