Machine tools achieve their full capability when they are serviced regularly. HSK clamping sets, for example, should be serviced after approximately 75 hours of operation, or 20,000 tool changes, in order to ensure process reliability. However, such tasks are commonly delayed until the performance deteriorates or a complete failure occurs.

With these thoughts in mind, Röhm set about developing Lubritool. In terms of operation, after being prompted by the machine controller, the tool is automatically swapped in from the magazine and provides the HSK clamping set with the required amount of lubrication. After the process, which takes just seconds, the patent-pending solution moves back into the tool magazine, where it remains until the next lubrication cycle.

The amortisation time for Lubritool is usually less than six months, while machine availability increases by an average of 10 hours annually, says Röhm.