• Clamps that can be used in temperatures up to 250 °C and achieve a high level of operating reliability, thanks to its automatic motion cycles.
  • For applications where inductive position monitoring reaches its technical limitations, a new model having hydraulic position monitoring is advised. This has a sequence valve control that serves to monitor the clamping and release position. Only when all elements in the machine have secured the die is the clearance signal sent to the machine control.
  • A range of wedge clamps having patented safety level on the bolt has been developed for the highest safety requirements on press rams. In the event of pressure loss, the upper die moves down to the safety level. Together with an adapter on the die clamping edge, this forms an interlocking connection which holds the die securely.

And because all the wedge clamp models are designed as system variants, they can be tailored to customers’ needs. There are single-action and dual-action elements, with

clamping forces from 25 to 1,250 kN for straight and angled clamping edges, on request with continuous lubrication, positioning control or high-tech coating for reduced wear. The variant design also guarantees cost-effective production and short delivery times.

Note: Video shows general principle of wedge clamps