Thanks to its robust design, Roemheld says that the wedge clamping element is able to withstand high temperatures and contamination, and offer a long service life. The wedge clamp is made up of a hydraulic block cylinder and a housing-guided bolt with a contact surface angled by 20°. A step in the form of a ‘lug’ on the clamping bolt and corresponding adapter on the die clamping edge provide additional safety.

If there is a drop in pressure at the pressing tappet for any reason, the upper die descends on to the safety step and, with the adapter, forms a positive locking connection that secures the screws and die in place. A position control also checks the clamping and releasing position of the bolt, and reports if no die has been placed or the clamping edge is not set correctly.

To simplify retrofitting, Roemheld adapter plates can be easily attached to existing dies. The wedge clamp elements are available for straight or angled clamping edges, exerting clamping forces from 25 to 1,250 kN. Virtually maintenance-free operation is assured thanks to permanent lubrication.

Multi-layer, high-tech coatings can also be applied (on request) to the bolts and housing to reduce wear and tear during challenging applications