QuantAM build preparation software is available to all users of Renishaw metal AM systems via a monthly subscription, together with training for licensed users and full technical support.

(Video shows 2016 version)

The 2017 update includes several new, helpful features, including editable angled, tree and cluster supports that can be applied to specific areas of the model for optimum support. There is a handy navigational interface tool, ‘Navicube’, which allows users to rotate parts and select views. And part clusters, also called stacked parts, can be created to gain highest product density within the build volume.

QuantAM 2017 has retained and extended open parameter editing tools from the first release, providing the user with the freedom to optimise machine settings to suit the material and geometries being processed.

A key new feature of QuantAM 2017 is that the build file can be edited, allowing parameters to be modified and parts to be added, subtracted or translated right down to the laser toolpath level.

Renishaw says that QuantAM software has an intuitive workflow and is easy to navigate. In only four steps, from orientation to support; to layout and review, the user can import CAD data and create a machine-ready build file.

The software is designed specifically for Renishaw metal AM systems, allowing tighter integration into the machine control software and the ability to accurately and rapidly review all build files for Renishaw AM systems, including those from third-party packages.

Users can position the parts to be built then add, import and edit the required support anchors. Multiple components, each with their own material properties, can be efficiently configured on the build plate and reviewed, in slice-by-slice detail, prior to sending the build file to the Renishaw metal AM system.

QuantAM can also be used as a tool to guide the design for additive manufacturing process, helping customers to further unlock the benefits of metal AM.

Renishaw adds that streamlining process control software is part of its wider mission to provide end-to-end solutions for innovative manufacturing and support the managed integration of metal AM into the production workspace, with more software releases expected this year.