When successfully introduced two years ago, the DFC Type Dual Mill was a breakthrough in cutter body and insert design. The XNMU inserts bring new levels of economics in reduced costs, as they are available as double-sided inserts with six corners.

With the addition of GS to the existing XNMU series of three chipbreaker inserts, this specifically accommodates deeper cutting situations up to 6 mm in steel and cast iron. The existing chipbreakers were targeted at L for light milling, G for general purpose and H for roughing, as well as heavy interrupted cuts plus hard steel milling. The cutting edge of the GS chipbreaker is set at 25° and have a range of corner radii between 0.4 and 1.6 mm. The cutting edge enhances the toughness of the insert, which also incorporates a wiper edge that helps to optimise machining accuracy and surface finish.

The new cutter body and insert development of DFC capitalised on the benefits of higher security and accuracy of index by separating the location area from the cutting edge so that it is able to match the machining accuracy of single-sided inserts. It also provided higher stability under cut and especially when high, optimised feed rates are involved.

DFC Type Dual Mill spans shank bodies in standard and fine pitch between 25 and 80 mm diameter with between two and seven teeth.Shell mill cutters are in standard, fine and extra fine pitch between 50 and 160 mm diameter and with between four and 16 teeth.