PostWorks generates NC code for a variety of machine types, including mills, lathes and multi-tasking machines, and is compatible with all popular CNCs, including Heidenhain, Siemens and Fanuc.

Improvements featured in the latest version include an enhanced CLRSRF/START, TRFORM, ON command that enables the transformation of the clearance plane through the matrix defined by the external Machine Adjustment File (MAF). Also enhanced is the CLRSRF clipping planes retract logic, so that the tool can be retracted when CLRSRF/STOP or NOMORE is encountered. In addition, the standard retract move can be omitted when the tool moves less than a specified distance between the clip plane intersection locations.

NCCS has also added the ability to create a tape break sequence when a set number of tape blocks are output, and more support for SEQNO in tape break mode.

Further changes include: the introduction of an enhanced look to various options forms so that the prompts are more meaningful; updated Help/About dialog on all PostWorks programs to display the ‘bit version’; and the ability to withhold the punch file when an APT source input error is encountered. In previous versions a punch file could only be withheld upon encountering a regular (processing) error.

The PostWorks suite of products includes machine simulation software to quickly simulate the material removal process and machine kinematics while performing interference checking between all relevant components of the machining environment.