TRIM E806 will not tarnish the most sensitive of magnesium alloys even after long exposure times, says the company. And unlike a standard emulsion that will split after a matter of days in the presence of magnesium salt in the sump, E806 remains impervious to it.

Another problem associated with magnesium machining using standard metalworking fluids is hydrogen gas generation, which can compromise safety. The use of TRIM E806 virtually eliminates this risk, says Master Fluid. Moreover, the product performs well in high-speed machining applications but is also suited to lower speed applications, such as broaching, reaming, deep-hole drilling, drilling and tapping.

Low foaming for demanding high-pressure, high-volume machining is said to be another TRIM E806 characteristic and, in common with other products in the range, it features a bio package that extends service life without the need for tank-side biocide or fungicides. E806 is free from boron, chlorine, formaldehyde releasers, phenolic compounds and sulphurised EP additives.