The M-20iD/25 is suited to handling tasks that include machine tending and parts manipulation. Featuring a slim, lightweight design, combined with a compact arm and wrist, maximum reach is provided even in crowded production environments. Capable of lifting payloads of up to 25 kg at a range of 1,831 mm, the M-20iD/25 offers an IP67 protection rating, rendering it suitable for applications under adverse environmental conditions, such as grinding or deburring.

FANUC’s ARC Mate 120iD, in possession of a maximum payload and range identical to that of the M-20iD/25, is designed for welding applications. As with the M-20iD/25, the ARC Mate 120iD has a slim, articulated design, allowing it to weld in narrow machine tools and jigs.

“Customers can also be confident of reduced assembly effort and lower operating costs thanks to smooth surfaces and recessed bolts, which aid in preventing dirt build-up,” says FANUC’s UK sales and marketing manager, Andy Armstrong. “The introduction of the M-20iD/25, alongside the ARC Mate 120iD, represents our determination to provide customers with a comprehensive range of robot solutions. Both robots are suited to operating in tight environments, able to reach closer to their own base than predecessor models with an active stroke range of 1,585mm.”

Possessing improved repeatability of up to ±0.02 mm, and significantly higher axis speeds as a result of newly developed drive trains, the M-20iD/25 and ARC Mate 120iD further improve the options available to FANUC UK customers.

Armstrong concludes: “Expanding the range of robots available shows that automation is accessible to everyone. High-end performance in a slim-line package means that these new robots will be excellent additions to FANUC UK’s portfolio.”