OK Flux 10.62 (Advanced Slag Release) is a neutral, agglomerated flux suited to narrow gap welding thanks to its good slag detachability and smooth sidewall blending. The narrow running slag allows high currents in gap joints, which means increased deposition rate and, consequently, higher productivity. In addition, as a result of its high grain strength, the flux being welded has a more constant grain size distribution after multiple recycling circles, on long recycling distances or under higher air pressures. This characteristic increases product consistency and weld seam quality, and allows users to prolong intervals between refilling the flux hopper.

The flux can be used for butt and fillet welds, and works equally well with DC or AC current. As no alloying takes place, OK Flux 10.62 can be used for multi-run welding of thick section materials, when high demands on low temperature toughness, strength and CTOD (crack tip opening displacement) values are required. Typical uses include offshore drilling rigs and platforms, as well as shipbuilding and all types of pressure vessels, including those required for nuclear applications.