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3M expands Novec cleaning fluids range with 73DE


3M has released Novec 73DE engineered fluid, which is designed for demanding types of metal cleaning applications. In common with other Novec engineered fluids, it has good health, safety and environmental properties in ...

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Mafac machines from Turbex offer targeted cleaning


Germany-based Mafac has introduced a targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying system option for its Java and Palma industrial cleaning machines, which are sold in the UK through sole agent Turbex. The system is aimed in ...

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Nederman SS Econ swarf system cuts coolant costs


Aimed at operations demanding high material removal rates, Nederman has introduced its SS40 Econ swarf and coolant management system. Capable of processing up to 200 kg of steel swarf an hour, the system removes coolant ...