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Fuchs unveils formaldehyde-free metalworking oils


Fuchs Lubricants has introduced a series of formaldehyde-free metalworking oils in response to changes in labelling legislation. EcoCool UltraLife A+, the flagship product of the range, is a semi-synthetic, ...

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Norelem’s high-pressure nozzles extend tool life


Norelem has added the series of LOC-LINE high-pressure nozzles to its product portfolio. The nozzles facilitate the precise application of coolant to points of tool/workpiece contact, thus reducing damage caused by ...

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Turbex releases compact aqueous parts washer


Aimed at entry-level users, a compact washing machine is being introduced by Turbex for the fast, efficient cleaning of industrial components. Employing aqueous technology for the cleaning process, the inexpensive Pura ...

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Drum-handling kit for forklift trucks


The FTA drum handling units are designed for loading, unloading, palletising and storage of steel drums in nearly any size or configuration, including 30 gallon, 55 gallon and 85 gallon.