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Nederman keeps welding fume under control 24/7 19/10/2017

The new Fume Eliminator 24/7 from Nederman is a high vacuum mobile extraction unit specifically designed for extracting welding fume 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Read More

Nederman introduces new explosion isolation flap valve 11/10/2017

To ensure that dust collectors installed in combustible dust applications meet the stringent ATEX-regulations, Nederman has introduced its new CARZ-N Explosion Isolation Flap Valve.   Read More

Fanuc unveils latest industrial washing robot 03/10/2017

Industrial automation solutions provider Fanuc UK has unveiled its latest industrial robot developed specifically for industrial washing applications.  Read More

Silvent Pro One airgun is quietly effective 13/09/2017

Silvent’s Pro One airgun has a specially designed, patented nozzle in stainless steel. This allows an effective blowing force and a low noise level, offering a reduction in sound level of more than 10 dB(A).  Read More

New GTL technology from Rhenus Lub underpins new cost-effective and safe grinding oils 30/08/2017

Rhenus Lub’s Rhenus EHM 12 and Rhenus EU 12 are two new grinding oils based on the company’s future-proof GTL technology (GTL= gas to liquid). The new products are particularly suitable for demanding processes such as grinding hard metals, gearing components and tools, and offer an effective combination of performance, innovation, and safety.   Read More

HIRT-Line range stainless steel coolant hoses now for smaller machines, too 14/08/2017

The HIRT-Line range of stainless steel coolant hoses has been expanded with the addition of the Type-0 for particularly small machine tools that demand intricate and precise coolant delivery.   Read More

Quakercool 7450 metalworking fluid provides superior performance in critical reaming operations 07/08/2017

Quaker’s high performance semi-synthetic fluid technology designed for critical reaming applications, Quakercool 7450, also provides excellent tapping performance in heavy duty machining operations such as on automotive and aerospace aluminium alloys.  Read More

Coolant concentrate dosing solution complements Henkel's Bonderite duaLCys process 24/07/2017

LDT Dosiertechnik GmbH has created a special, error-free coolant dosing solution for Henkel to fully meet the requirements of the Bonderite duaLCys process. The use of a water-powered pump, which requires no electric supply or other utilities such as compressed air, offers customers further potential to reduce energy and installation costs.  Read More

TRIM C116 ultra-low foaming, general-purpose fluid for cutting, grinding and other high pressure applications 19/07/2017

Containing no boron or formaldehyde donor biocides, TRIM C116 is an ultra-low foaming, general-purpose fluid for cutting, grinding and other high pressure applications. It has been specifically developed for working with cast iron and mild steels, for which it provides excellent corrosion inhibition, but is also compatible with plastics and composites.   Read More

Freddy Micro is smaller, offers established Freddy coolant management benefits 06/07/2017

The Freddy Micro is a compact coolant recycling system, designed and manufactured in the UK.   Read More

Nederman articulated extraction arms for fume and dust extraction 13/04/2017

The Nederman FX2 range of extraction arms are “small, manoeuvrable and easy to use”, and is designed to capture pollutants as close to their source as possible.   Read More

Sick AppSpace offers ecosystem for tailor-made application solutions on Sick programmable devices 09/04/2017

Sick UK has launched Sick AppSpace, a “unique open software platform for programmable sensors” that system integrators and OEMs can use to develop and implement tailor-made application solutions on Sick programmable devices.  Read More

TRIM SC440 low-foam, semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluid concentrate 13/03/2017

TRIM SC440 is a low-foam, semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluid concentrate whose unique formulation ensures low levels of foam, not generally seen in products of this type, especially in soft water areas. It is boron- and formaldehyde-free, as well as containing no chlorine, sulphur or aggressive biocides. TRIM SC440 is particularly suited to the machining and grinding of cast iron and steel, as it provides a high order of corrosion protection.  Read More

Lubrivac swarf and oil vacuum range launched by Lubriserv 13/01/2017

The Lubrivac swarf and oil vacuum range has been launched by Gloucestershire-based metalworking specialists Lubriserv.   Read More

Master Chemical Trim MicroSol 590XT semi-synthetic, micro-emulsion coolant for aerospace applications 13/01/2017

Master Chemical Trim MicroSol 590XT is a semi-synthetic, micro-emulsion coolant developed for aerospace applications, particularly airframe machining.  Read More

Castrol reinvents soluble cutting fluids, launches Hysol SL 35 XBB and Alusol SL 51 XBB 12/01/2017

?These maintain constant pH levels (9-9.5) and stable conditions for longer than other standard cutting fluids, reducing the need to add expensive treatment additives and biocides, as well as safeguarding against costly uncontrolled system changes.   Read More

Kerry Microclean from Guyson can degrease, deflux and phosphate 22/12/2016

Guyson International is offering a multi-stage Kerry Microclean aqueous cleaner which is capable of degreasing, defluxing and phosphating a varied component mix. Typically, this type of high volume multi-stage degreasing machine is used in manufacturing environments for removing mineral oils prior to operations such as brazing on sub-assemblies, which then need to undergo a final wash and phosphating before painting or coating.   Read More

3M expands Novec cleaning fluids range with 73DE 14/12/2016

3M has released Novec 73DE engineered fluid, which is designed for demanding types of metal cleaning applications. In common with other Novec engineered fluids, it has good health, safety and environmental properties in line with all current regulations. It is also the lowest priced in the Novec range.  Read More

Mafac machines from Turbex offer targeted cleaning 04/11/2016

Germany-based Mafac has introduced a targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying system option for its Java and Palma industrial cleaning machines, which are sold in the UK through sole agent Turbex. The system is aimed in particular at manufacturers in the hydraulic and die-casting industries.  Read More

Nederman SS Econ swarf system cuts coolant costs 15/07/2016

Aimed at operations demanding high material removal rates, Nederman has introduced its SS40 Econ swarf and coolant management system. Capable of processing up to 200 kg of steel swarf an hour, the system removes coolant from the chips and recycles it back to the machine tool, storage tank or filtration plant. Furthermore, by removing excess coolant, the customer generates clean, dry swarf that yields a higher recycle value. The SS40 Econ is suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  Read More

Floyd Hirt-Line Type-3 large coolant hose for large machines suits 19 mm diameter nozzle 13/07/2016

The Hirt-Line range of stainless steel adjustable and lockable coolant hoses and nozzles has been extended by Floyd Automatic Tooling. Addressing the problem of continually moving and frequently breaking coolant hoses, the Hirt-Line was first launched with two standard sizes, but a third, larger Type-3 hose has now been added to the range.   Read More

GRAM extraction arm from ITS features pivotal hood 12/04/2016

Impact Technical Services has launched the GRAM grinding, welding and soldering extraction arm with pivotal hood, which is said to be the only product of its type available in the UK.   Read More

Trim MicroSol 519 from Master Chemical is boron and formaldehyde-free 07/04/2016

Developed by Master Chemical Europe in the UK to meet the needs of European manufacturers, Trim MicroSol 519 synthetic coolant is boron- and formaldehyde-free. It is based on the chemistry of Trim MicroSol 690XT, a premium product in the range that Master Chemical says has enabled aerospace manufacturers, in particular, to achieve higher productivity and compatibility across several material types.  Read More

Dürr Ecoclean launches EcoCDuty solvent washer for heavy loads 06/04/2016

The EcoCDuty solvent-based cleaning system from Dürr Ecoclean is designed for loads measuring up to 1,250 by 840 by 970 mm and weighing up to 1 tonne. Operating with hydrocarbons or modified alcohols, and operating under full vacuum, its modular design allows adaptability to individual user requirements.   Read More

Nederman cleans the machine shop with Filtac OMF units 05/04/2016

Nederman has launched its latest Filtac series of extraction units for oil mist and smoke. Based around the patent-pending FibreDrain technology, the Filtac OMF range of units has been designed for continuous operation on turning, milling and grinding machine tools.   Read More

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