The modular design of the Delapena HD Super Tooling allows customers to select combinations of stone carriers and stone supports to provide the optimum honing solution for any bore diameter/material between 108 and 1,222 mm. In addition to the diameter, users are also able to choose either a short, standard or long series hone tool as well as select from an extensive range of abrasives for roughing, finishing, polishing and super-finishing, to hone virtually any material. To this list of abrasives Delapena has also added a diamond abrasive to enhance the processing of particularly difficult to machine materials and to increase stock removal. The company's in-house applications team can advise those customers unsure of the exact specification of honing tool they require. Delapena says its UK designed and manufactured tooling system can be adapted to fit almost all honing machines, including those of its global partner Gehring Technologies which will fit the HD Super Tooling to all of its Tubehone machines as a standard fitment.