The electronically-controlled machine employs a Siemens digital HMI and is capable of holding tolerances down to a micron, with sub-micron adjustment. Honing capacity is cited as from 1.14 to 80 mm diameter, depending on the application. With PrecisionHone delivering tolerances and geometries below 2 micron, lapping stages can be eliminated altogether, says Delapena. Quick-change tooling also offers reduced cycle time. The spindle system has an integral stone expansion capability that allows accurate and repeatable stone adjustment. The machine's stroking system is capable of standard, short and single stroking for a single pass cycle. Spindle speed is fully adjustable and the programmable feed can be set from 0.1 to 30 microns/second. Feed movement is via a precision ballscrew and provides incremental feed adjustment from 0.1 to 10 micron. There's an automation capability, which makes the PrecisionHone suitable for making turbo housings, con rods, fuel injection nozzles and electronic servos. It can also make parts such as hydraulic valve bodies, small cylinder liners, valve spools, water pumps and flexure sleeves. The control system allows conversational programming via an intuitive touch-screen and, with push-button, closed-door, hands-free operation, this means the machine can be run by both skilled and non-skilled operators. Delapena offers customised tooling and tailor-made abrasives to further extend the flexibility of the equipment.