“After Citizen, our AWL direct-mount toolholders are now available for CNC Swiss-type machines from Star Micronics,” confirms Werner Meditz, head of technology at Arno. “The system is available for Star SR 20R II, III and IV machines with immediate effect.”

Two separate cooling channels can be selectively opened or closed, while various connection options make it adaptable to several machine types. Depending on the machine and execution, the AWL direct-mount system can accommodate two to six tools. Each chamber has an integrated coolant supply to allow the simultaneous use of several tools, whether they have internal cooling or not.

Since the direct-mount toolholder is designed with integrated cooling, it dispenses with the time-consuming connection of external and cost-intensive tubes. In addition, there are no interfering contours inside the machine. Users can operate with targeted high-pressure cooling pressures up to 130 bar and stable wedged clamping of holders during machining operations to achieve up to 25% more tool life, says Arno.

It now takes only a few steps to remove and fit the tools. When turned, an integrated counter-nut raises the wedge slightly to permit quick and easy tool removal and fitting. The direct-mount system can also hold the tools of other manufacturers.