The AJCBM1000 has 1,000 by 500 by 500 mm movement in X, Y and Z axes, and is able to support workpieces up to 800 kg. Having an ISO 40 spindle taper, its 7.5 hp motor a speed range of 50 to 4,000 rpm.

With all the advantages of a full CNC machining centre, the AJCBM1000 can mill, drill, bore and tap without the confines of a fully enclosed work envelope. Furthermore, the machine can interpolate all 3-axis together for 3D milling applications.

The AJCBM1000 is assembled at the company's Lymington headquarters and, says UK sales manager Ian Fenton: “All our machines are Renishaw laser calibrated to demonstrate that every machine installed is calibrated to a precision level that is better than the +/-10 microns range that appears in some of our literature. In reality, the AJCBM1000 machines are closer to a 2 to 3 micron calibration level. A figure that is unheard of in the market where these machines are sold. We want to supply the best machines that we possibly can and the precision and build quality of the AJCBM1000 is unsurpassed in the bedmill segment."