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End-former is productive 27/02/2009

Unison has developed an all-electric end-former machine for automating refurbishment of automotive steering rack mechanisms.  Read More

Six-axis tool grinder offers modular solution 27/02/2009

The new 6-axis Ewamatic Line can grind complex forms in carbide, PCD and super-hard PCBN tooling and inserts to an accuracy of 0.002 mm via its innovative star-shaped grinding spindle holder (up to two wheels per spindle end).  Read More

Automated EDM electrode design and manufacture 25/02/2009

SolidCAM has released a highly automated electrode design and manufacturing solution.  Read More

End former is claimed most competitive 25/02/2009

The AV65S end forming machine ideally suited to small batch or prototype production right through to high volume.   Read More

Light curtain is intelligent 25/02/2009

SICK has developed the C4000 light curtain to deliver production line personnel safety to help meet the latest ISO 13849 and IEC 62061 requirements with reduced costs and improved reliability.   Read More

Two heads better than one 16/02/2009

With two cutting heads powered by a 6 kW disk laser and with beam splitting, the TruLaser 7040 NEW can process two parts simultaneously.   Read More

Laser part marker is faster 13/02/2009

The Gravograph LS100 Ex is a high speed laser engraving system offering a marking speed of 2.4 m/s.  Read More

Machine performance verification 12/02/2009

Delcam has launched NC-Checker, a new program to undertake in-process verification of the performance of a wide range of commonly used machine tools.   Read More

Taps for alloy steels improved 12/02/2009

Dormer has introduced improved versions of its taps for Alloy Steels – branded ‘Shark-Line’.  Read More

Wall thickness measurement 12/02/2009

Intended to support the accurate measurement of the wall thickness of materials such as, metals, glass and plastics, the CV TT-300 gauge series ultrasonic gauges comprise four robust, hand-held units with compact 5 MHZ transducer probes that can be applied to difficult to access component features.   Read More

Bandsaw blade sets new standards 06/02/2009

Field tests for L S Starrett’s new Versatix MP bandsaw blade are claimed to demonstrate new standards for blade life and performance when cutting structural steels, sections, tubes and small solids.   Read More

Orthotics software developments 06/02/2009

Delcam Crispin has launched a new version of its software for the design and manufacture of orthotic insoles.   Read More

New CTX is 25 per cent more productive 06/02/2009

Linear drive technology supporting an acceleration of 1 G to 60 m/min rapid traverse on the latest Gildemeister CTX beta 800 linear universal turning centre is just one element contributing to the 25 per cent improvement in performance over the previous generation of CTX machines.   Read More

Shrink-fit system is fast 06/02/2009

The latest LMT Bilz ThermoGrip ISG-3200WK induction shrinking unit completes an automatic cycle within 30 seconds.   Read More

Small aqueous degreaser is is fast and powerful 05/02/2009

The new MecWash Duo offers a combination of cleaning, rinsing and drying capabilities that is aid to deliver high performance and excellent value for money, into a highly compact, energy efficient unit. The unit measures 1,520 by 1,635 mm by 2,235 mm in height.  Read More

Automatic deburring 05/02/2009

The EG 3M model range of fully automated deburring lines from ERNST only requires one operator for faster, more consistent and a more economical solution.   Read More

Micro-machining laser 04/02/2009

Developed for high speed, ultra-accurate, micro-machining of precision components including a wide variety of materials from stainless steel, silicon wafer, ceramics, polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and cubic boron nitride (CBN), the Sauer LASERTEC 20 FineCutting processing centre is available in five- (P5) or three-axis (P3) versions. It employs high dynamic, direct linear drives and torque motor rotary drives along with state-of-the-art fully integrated 20 Watt Q-switched 500 Watt CW fibre lasers.  Read More

Versatile cylindrical grinder 04/02/2009

Shigiya has extended its range of cylindrical grinders with the new GPH model.  Read More

MSS-SXhighlight enhanced with 26 mm blade option 03/02/2009

The modular MSS-SXhighlight parting, grooving and turning system has been extended with the addition of 26 mm blades - the original system boasted 32 mm blades.   Read More

ChaseMill Mini inserts suit mould and die applications 03/02/2009

The ChaseMill Mini line of milling inserts gives end users dramatic feed rate improvements, especially when combining the inserts with TaeguTec’s super-fine-pitched ChaseMill Mini cutter.   Read More

Non-contact optical measurement 03/02/2009

The MM 320 contact-free optical measuring microscope is particularly applicable to the inspection of objects that may be easily damaged or deformed by alternative tactile measuring methods and systems.  Read More

Surface grinders are ready-to-go 02/02/2009

With a maximum grinding length of 1,050 mm (longitudinal) and a 500 mm by 1,050 mm table/magnetic chuck size, the 10 hp/1,450 rpm spindle motor/3 hp hydraulic motor XYZ 2040 is the largest of four hydraulic surface grinder models. All are fully equipped and ready to go – while larger models can be supplied to order.  Read More

Rapid, secure clamping 02/02/2009

The T-REX NC high pressure vice from Allmatic-Jakob can be used for the rapid and secure clamping of unmachined parts, and particularly for 5-sided machining.  Read More

Threadmills for tough materials 02/02/2009

JBO’s GFS ST and GFM ST Threadmills offer high machining rates for materials such as stainless-duplex to titanium and Inconel.   Read More

Horn Supermini range addition 02/02/2009

The Horn Type 105 insert offers significantly higher productivity when machining in bore diameters of 4 mm or greater.   Read More

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