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MacroNano system offers sub-micron performance 16/01/2009

MacroNano from System 3R delivers assured repeatable accuracy below 1 micron in ultraprecision machining.  Read More

Manual lathe range 12/01/2009

Broadbent Stanley has introduced a range of manual lathes.  Read More

Solide carbide milling development boosts tool life 12/01/2009

Walter has applied the latest developments in carbide substrate, and micro- and macro-geometry to its Prototyp Protostar Qmax series of solid carbide milling cutters to offer improved performance, and in particular deliver extended tool life savings of up to 50 per cent for rough machining applications.  Read More

Aerospace materials cut more smoothly 10/01/2009

ATI Stellram’s new 48 Geometry is specifically designed for machining challenging aerospace materials, such as titanium alloys, through its exceptional chip control capabilities and smooth cutting action.  Read More

Patented bore clamps for small parts 09/01/2009

Roemheld has introduced a new, patented bore clamp that enables components with small bore holes to be effectively clamped hydraulically.   Read More

Moving-column, 800 mm pallet changing VMC 09/01/2009

The Dugard Eagle MH-800 is an ISO 50 taper, twin 800 mm pallet, moving-column machining centre with 40-tool magazine, Fanuc control and optical scale positioning to accommodate higher accuracy, heavier duty machining cycles.  Read More

Caliper has constant force measurement 08/01/2009

The Sylvac S Cal Micron digital caliper features a constant measuring-force device, while the gauge’s robust construction and tungsten carbide anvils, contribute to its hardwearing characteristics.   Read More

Software makes machine tool geometry measurement easy 08/01/2009

Wyler AG has recently launched its advanced new MT-SOFT (Machine Tool Inspection Software) in the UK, through agent Bowers Metrology.   Read More

Tool grinder for one-offs or batches 07/01/2009

The Ewag Rotoline tool grinder is designed specially to handle extra-long HSS and carbide tools up to 500 mm, and is a production centre for cost-effective one-off or batch manufacture.  Read More

Geomagic capability extended 07/01/2009

Geomagic Studio 10x adds powerful surface manipulation capabilities to its Fashion module, while improving performance for point and polygon processing tools. Geomagic Studio is software for creating accurate 3D digital models from scan data of physical objects.  Read More

Raft of features added to JETCAM Expert 06/01/2009

Following on from the JETCAM Expert v16 release in 2008, release v16.06 adds a raft of new features and connectivity benefiting customer from all ends of the manufacturing scale.  Read More

Mechanical alternative for pneumatic assembly machines 06/01/2009

WEISS is offering a cam-driven alternative to pneumatically operated assembly machines that require complex control systems and an array of sensors and which in turn are highly susceptible to failure.  Read More

Increased 5-axis support with Edgecam 2009 R1 31/12/2008

Edgecam 2009 R1 extends its already extensive support for popular 5-axis machines with the introduction of the nutated head/rotary table configuration.  Read More

Five-axis water jet breakthrough 31/12/2008

The WJS NC3520S 5-axis water jet profiler will extend the applications of waterjet cutting technology even further as it opens up the way to three-dimensional cutting of components at a single setting.  Read More

Coolant supports efficient titanium machining 31/12/2008

A new semi-synthetic neat cutting oil to support more efficient titanium machining has been developed by Master Chemical.  Read More

PowerINSPECT V5 offers much more 31/12/2008

Version 5 of Delcam’s PowerINSPECT software includes support for 5-axis scanning with Renishaw’s REVO probe.   Read More

Laser sintering of high performance plastics 31/12/2008

EOSINT P 800 is the first plastic laser sintering machine in the world capable of producing components from high performance polymer powders at temperatures up to 385 °C.  Read More

Multi-layer coating extends gear hob life 31/12/2008

A new generation of multi-layer coating has been developed by LMT that will enable the operating life of gear hobs, under dry cutting conditions, to be increased by up to a third over cutters that use more conventional nitride coatings.  Read More

Plasma power source offers "unmatched" performance 31/12/2008

ESAB Cutting Systems’ new CNC plasma cutting power source provides high speed cutting of materials from 0.5 to 100 mm – a thickness capability claimed as unmatched by any other plasma power source currently available.   Read More

Scalable CAD solution 31/12/2008

VX Corporation has released a new product targeting the entry level CAD market with a scalable solution.   Read More

Alphacam V8 comes in four flavours 31/12/2008

The latest release of Alphacam – Version 8 – has been significantly restructured and the software now has four levels of feature sets, these are Essential, Standard, Advanced and Ultimate.  Read More

Modular grooving system 31/12/2008

The TriForce grooving system is a new series of innovative grooving tools designed to offer ultimate rigidity and accuracy for stable grooving applications.   Read More

Software aids data transfer to Excel 31/12/2008

Metronics has announced that measurement data gathered by any of its current range of Quadra-Chek and Gage-Chek DRO systems can now be directly input into an Excel spreadsheet at the touch of a button via the low-cost QC-Wedge communications software package now available from the company.  Read More

Inserts improve HRSA machining 31/12/2008

HCN5115, an integral part of WNT’s new Mastertool Dragonskin range, has been developed specifically to address the problems encountered when machining heat resistant super alloys (HRSA), namely heat generation at the cutting edge.  Read More

High speed hard metal five-axis machining 31/12/2008

Sodick’s HS650L linear motor-driven 5-axis high speed machining centre incorporates a new 5-axis table designed for both high-accuracy and high speed hard milling.   Read More

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