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Redesigned downdraft filter benches 16/06/2009

Air Cleaning Systems (ACS) has introduced a re-designed range of downdraught filter benches.   Read More

CUT 1000 wire-cut EDM support micro-machining 15/06/2009

The GF AgieCharmilles CUT 1000 is an advanced wire machine designed specifically for micro-machining and super-precision applications. It replaces the older AC Vertex 1 machine.  Read More

Mastercam X4 offers user productivity benefit 15/06/2009

Mastercam X4 offers expanded machining flexibility and an increased emphasis on speed and automation with a suite of new toolpaths, multi-threading ability, and much more.   Read More

Affordable, non-contact measurement 12/06/2009

The Starlite 150, from OGP UK, is an affordable, non-contact video-based measuring machine, ideal for gauging small parts.  Read More

Compact tramp oil unit 12/06/2009

With a flowrate of 6 litres per minute, the Accu Mini tramp oil separator for machine tool coolant systems is especially suitable for stand-alone machines, where it will efficiently remove waste slideway oil from the surface of the coolant tank.   Read More

Grooving, parting and facing range has wide range 12/06/2009

Easytec is a range of parting, internal and external grooving, face machining and groove turning tools that can be applied to a wide range of materials from cast iron, alloy and standard steels to aluminium and brass.  Read More

Super precision gear grinding 12/06/2009

The new Holroyd Gear & Thread Grinder (GTG2) is for super precision grinding of helical/spur gears in diameters up to 350 mm.   Read More

Gravograph speeds up marking 12/06/2009

The new iQ+ electronic monitoring and control system, developed specifically by Gravograph for its range of engraving machines, increases their speed by up to 50%.   Read More

Large capacity Chiron vertical machining centre 09/06/2009

Chiron Werke (Chiron Werke UK) has introduced its BIG MILL series of vertical machining centres.   Read More

Workholding system adds capacity 09/06/2009

Kurt's new workholding kits for trunion fixture rotary tables allow users to add clamping stations and increase vertical machining centre productivity.  Read More

Bumotec lathe boasts Swiss precision 08/06/2009

Bumotec's S191 multi-tasking machining centre boasts the quality and accuracy for which Swiss manufacturer is renowned.   Read More

Punching and nibbling burrs eliminated, automatically 08/06/2009

The latest McKechnie 131-EC sheet edge de-burring machine, available through Shear-Form Machine Tools, is ideal for removing burrs and scallops on a wide range of materials, including mild steel, brass, galvanised steel and especially stainless steel, normally difficult to de-burr using other methods.  Read More

WDX drills cut faster 08/06/2009

The enabling technology behind Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Japan's WDX drill is to balance resistance at the cutting edge during the drilling cycle.  Read More

Gildemesieter NEF 600, high capacity turning centre 08/06/2009

The Gildemeister 74 mm bar, 600 mm swing over bed, 1,250 turning length NEF 600 complements the 5th generation of the NEF series with a machine for larger components.  Read More

Geomagic Qualify 11 makes 'what-if' easier 08/06/2009

Geomagic Qualify 11 computer-aided inspection (CAI) software features a new Automation Designer that dramatically reduces the time it takes to create new inspections.  Read More

Kennametal Beyond line now extends to milling 08/06/2009

The new Beyond line of high-performance turning products from Kennametal is now extended to indexable milling inserts.   Read More

Blind holes kept clean with Ringler 08/06/2009

The Ringler suction extraction device, from M Buttkereit, can be supplied to cover a wide range of machine-shop and production engineering requirements.   Read More

Wenzel launches non-contact CT scanning technology 08/06/2009

Wenzel's computed tomography workstation for industrial applications – exaCT - supports internal and external contactless 3D inspection.   Read More

New geometries boost LMT Steeltec performance 08/06/2009

Two new geometries have been added to the LMT Steeltec range of turning inserts to expand the application-specific capability of its recently introduced higher performance Nanolock abrasion and heat resistant coating.   Read More

Modular component cleaning system 01/06/2009

The Crystal CRX range from Finnsonic (Turbex) is a modular build industrial component cleaning machines that allows users to order systems that exactly suit their needs for the same price as a standard system.   Read More

Profiling machine PDM software 11/05/2009

ESAB Cutting Systems’ production Data Management System (PDM) is designed to control, track, record and report the performance of a cutting system in real-time.   Read More

NCL developments 08/05/2009

NCCS, the developer of NCL multi-axis machining software for the aerospace, automotive and turbomachinery industry, has introduced new time-saving toolpath strategies for multi-axis machining within NCL.  Read More

Makino introduces smaller 5-axis MAG model 08/05/2009

Makino (through NCMT) has introduced a new, 5-axis, horizontal machining centre, which extends the productivity benefits and cost savings of its MAG range of high speed aluminium profilers to smaller size components.  Read More

Milling inserts suit low power mills 08/05/2009

WNT (UK) has introduced an extension to its 2011 milling insert range, XDKT 15 inserts.  Read More

Modular reaming system 08/05/2009

The RHM modular reaming system from Kennametal brings enhanced flexibility to high-speed reaming.   Read More

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