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Hardinge GS51A offers automated turning at under £80,000 23/11/2010

The Hardinge GS51A is a competitively priced, fully integrated 2 or 3-axis collet-ready spindle lathe with options of automatic load/unload gantry with a 10 platen patented modular magazine.  Read More

Amada hybrid press brakes speed throughput 23/11/2010

The Amada HD range of hybrid drive press brakes offers bed lengths from 2 m up to 7m and press capacities from 50 tonnes up to 600 tonnes.  Read More

MAG FTR 3500 horizontal borer 23/11/2010

MAG's new FTR 3500 floor-type horizontal boring mill (HBM) is a versatile, mid-sized job-shop machine, capable of a full 2 m reach inside parts with a ram-supported spindle.   Read More

Henkel's bactericide-free cutting fluids 23/11/2010

Henkel's Multan 71-2 and 77-4 are two water-miscible, bactericide-free cutting fluids that reduce health risks to employees and preempt prospective EU Biocides Regulations.   Read More

ShapeSpace 3D CAD data management system (Video) 23/11/2010

ShapeSpace's advanced 3D search-by-shape technology allows designers to quickly find and re-use existing components/designs, even when a part number or name isn't known. This increases a design engineer's productivity and reduces costs by avoiding the wasted time and expense involved in 're-inventing the wheel'.  Read More

LMT's GWR 5x ball nose copy cutters for hard metal 5-axis machining 23/11/2010

As part of LMT's GWR 5x range of solid carbide tapered shank ball nose cutters, a range of four insert geometries has also been developed to accommodate a variety of roughing, semi-finishing and finishing applications, including hard metal milling up to 62 HRC.  Read More

Kennametal's Beyond inserts for holemaking applications 23/11/2010

Kennametal has introduced three new grades for SPPX/SPGX Drill Fix Square (DFS) outboard inserts and DFS drill bodies.  Read More

Trumpf LaserNetwork increases beam utilisation 23/11/2010

The TruMatic 3000 Fibre punch/laser combination machine shares a fibre-guided TruDisk laser with the TruLaser Robot 5020 cell in the Trumpf LaserNetwork - an arrangement that significantly increases the utilisation of the beam.  Read More

Hainbuch's Centrex Duo system positions to 0.003 mm (Video) 23/11/2010

The Centrex Duo system from HAINBUCH makes the loading of any flat plate to another simple and very accurate, this mini zero position system can be retro fitted to existing tooling by any toolroom.  Read More

Walter improves boring performance with E47 geometry 22/11/2010

Tooling giant Walter has improved the quality and performance of its Medium and Maxi boring tool systems with the introduction of an indexable insert using E47 boring geometry.  Read More

Kurt MiniLock for small part precision clamping 22/11/2010

The Kurt MiniLock is a small, screw down clamp that operates much like a precision vice. Designed to hold small parts for machining, the MiniLock provides a low cost, easy-to-use option for rigidly clamping components on machine tables, pallets and trunion fixtures.  Read More

Lion Mill cutter range extended 22/11/2010

TaeguTec has expanded its LionMill range with a series of face mill cutters with a 45° entering angle and corresponding inserts to offer end users additional machining options.  Read More

Wyler Blue Clino electronic inclinometer from Bowers 22/11/2010

The Wyler Blue Clino is an advanced electronic inclinometer boasting a measuring range of +/-60°, compared to its Wyler Clino 2000 predecessor's +/-45° scope, making it ideal for applications where high angular accuracy is required over an extended measuring range.   Read More

Compact Miyano BNJ-Series 3 turn-mill centre for harder materials 22/11/2010

The Miyano BNJ-42SY3 is the first of the new Series 3 turn-mill centres, said to provide greater power and rigidity for high productivity turn-milling of harder materials, within a compact footprint.  Read More

Turbex entry-level cleaning machine 21/11/2010

The Mafac Pico aqueous spray washing machine offers effective, automated batch cleaning in a footprint of a little over one square metre - ideal for manufacturers that may have limited funds or restricted floor space and perhaps currently wash their industrial components by hand.  Read More

NCMT supply BIG Daishowa economic interchangeability 20/11/2010

BIG Daishowa has a system that allows interchangeable front ends to be screwed into back ends for its FullCut milling cutter range. Users of Contact Grip tooling can therefore economise on the number of BBT, HSK or Capto toolholders they need to buy from UK agent, NCMT.  Read More

Schunk hydraulic expansion toolholders become more powerful 20/11/2010

The Tendo-E Compact, from Schunk, is a hydraulic expansion toolholder that can safely transfer torques of up to 520 Nm at 20 mm clamping diameter, allowing cutting at extremely high material removal rates.  Read More

Guhring unveils multiple developments 19/11/2010

Following AMB Stuttgart, tooling expert Guhring has unleashed a volley of product introductions, covering milling, drilling, deep hole drilling, shrink-fit toolholding, tool management/dispensing and CV joint ball track machining.  Read More

Stellram end mill for tough aerospace materials 19/11/2010

ATI Stellram has introduced the RSM solid carbide endmill for machining walls, pockets and surfaces in titanium aerospace components.  Read More

Taylor Hobson launches Talysurf PGI 3D Optics 19/11/2010

Able to measure diameters from <2 mm and up to 200 mm, with 20 mm of sag, this dedicated metrology instrument is ideal for the precision 3D form measurement of shallow and steep-sided aspheric lenses and moulds.  Read More

Mikron chamfering and radius tools from Floyd Automatic Tooling 19/11/2010

For deburring, chamfering and finish machining operations, Floyd Automatic Tooling has now launched the new CrazyMill from Mikron Tool.  Read More

Matsuura MX-520 targets new-to-5-axis companies 19/11/2010

Matsuura Machinery plc's new MX-520 is targeted at companies making the switch from 3 to 5-axis operations, with its cost to performance ratio belying its market-entry investment.  Read More

Delcam adds turning and mill-turn to integrated CAM for SolidWorks 19/11/2010

Delcam has launched the 2011 version of Delcam for SolidWorks, its integrated CAM system for SolidWorks, which incorporates both its PowerMill and FeatureCAM software packages' capabilities.   Read More

Fanuc Robot Connection makes combined CNC machine/robot control easy 18/11/2010

With the new Robot Connection function from Fanuc, combined operation of machine tools and robots has never been so simple, says Fanuc.  Read More

WNT (UK) says shorter insert lengths mean higher feedrates 18/11/2010

By creating a smaller, 7 mm edge length insert for its 2011 range of milling cutters, WNT (UK) has been able to greatly increase the number of inserts in a typical milling cutter body, with consequent benefits of higher feedrates, greater depths of cut and lower torque capability.   Read More

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