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Compressed air cleaned 27/11/2009

SKF has developed an innovative 3-in-1 dryer system that removes oil, contaminants and water from compressed air.   Read More

Shoulder milling cutter 27/11/2009

Walter GB has expanded its Xtra.tec F4042R ('reinforced') shoulder milling cutter range to 63 mm diameter and made it available with the ScrewFit connection, for rigid machining, as well as with a DIN 138 bore adaptor. The range was previously only available in diameters of 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm.   Read More

Radius milling cutters 27/11/2009

Extending its successful range of TAC Mill cutting tools, Tungaloy has launched the new RoundSplit series of radius milling cutters. The RoundSplit range incorporates serrated inserts to reduce vibration and cutting forces, as well as improve chip evacuation for long overhang applications.   Read More

Steel turning inserts offer major benefits 19/11/2009

With its HCX1125 steel turning grade, WNT (UK) is delivering extreme tool life and productivity improvements.  Read More

Made for pure water jet cutting 19/11/2009

The WARDJet JX-813 waterjet cutting table has been designed specifically for cutting materials with pure water.   Read More

Composite delamination issue tackled 19/11/2009

Walter's sintered polycrystalline diamond (PCD) spiral flute drill is specifically for composite materials, such as carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP) and glass fibre reinforced plastics (GFRP).  Read More

In-situ measurement for Helitronic grinders 19/11/2009

The Heli Contour Check (HCC) optical measuring device allows integrated measurement of tooling in situ on Walter Helitronic tool grinders. Measuring results have been shown to be within a repeatabilty of +/- 1.5 µm.   Read More

Production balancing up to 100 kg 19/11/2009

Universal Balancing's V100S vertical axis balancing machine with automatic mill correction is capable of handling any component weighing up to 100 kg that requires correction of unbalance by milling.  Read More

Large capacity tube bending machine 19/11/2009

Unison's 175 mm diameter all-electric tube bending machines, Breeze 170, can generate bending torques as high as 165,000 Nm.  Read More

Large horizontal machining centre 19/11/2009

The Hyundai-Kia KH-1000 horizontal machining centre has twin pallets of 1,000 mm by 1,000 mm capable of carrying 3,000 kg, complemented by an optional 360° B axis and X, Y and Z axes travels of 2,100 mm by 1,350 mm by 1,400 mm, respectively.  Read More

Tornos offers machining centres 19/11/2009

Machining centres are now available from Tornos, following the integration of Almac.  Read More

Samchully workholding range 19/11/2009

Thame Workholding now offers the Samchully range of premium quality standard chucks and related workholding products, such as vices and rotary tables.  Read More

GibbsCAM high speed roughing development 19/11/2009

GibbsCAM software now features Celeritive Technologies' VoluMillTM software for high speed rough machining.  Read More

New choice for interrupted cutting 18/11/2009

TaeguTec's Cermet CT7000 grade is for steel machining applications at high cutting speeds.   Read More

Five-axis workholding solutions 18/11/2009

Schunk Intec has unveiled a range of 5-axis work holding solutions.   Read More

Schuler FormMaster available 18/11/2009

Schuler has reacquired the rights to its FormMaster, from Wafios, and is once again offering the wire forming machines.  Read More

Hydraulic toolholder offers more grip 18/11/2009

Sandvik Coromant's Hydro-Grip precision chuck product offers unique dampening features, while also providing high levels of power and stability.   Read More

Incremental encoders 18/11/2009

Renishaw has introduced 1 nm and 2 nm resolution versions of its TONiC incremental encoder range.   Read More

Machine tool precision check 18/11/2009

Renishaw has extended its range of machine tool testing and calibration systems with AxiSet Check-Up, a cost-effective solution for checking the alignment and positioning performance of rotary axes.   Read More

Truly portable 3D measurement 18/11/2009

HandyPROBE, available from Measurement Solutions, is purpose designed to fill the gap between portable measuring arms and laser trackers, yet provide class-leading performance for all types of applications at a cost- effective price.   Read More

Portable 3D laser measurement 18/11/2009

HandyScan, from Measurement Solutions, is claimed to be the first truly portable laser scanner  Read More

Affordable MAPRA precision measuring instruments 18/11/2009

MAPRA Technik has launched its own range of 'MAPRA Q1' precision measuring instruments at affordable prices to complement its existing range of products.   Read More

Modular drill offers solid benefits 18/11/2009

The WIDIA Victory TOP DRILL M1 modular drill is available in a standard diameter range of 8.00 to 20.99 mm and in length/diameter ratios of 3× and 5×. The drill bodies come in either flanged-shank (metric) or round-shank (inch) configurations and feature solid coupling for consistent performance from insert to insert, and easy insert changes via a front-clamping mechanism.  Read More

Triflex R system robot energy chain additions 18/11/2009

Igus has introduced six product lines to its Triflex R system of third-generation, 6-axis robot energy chains.   Read More

Plasma technology offers benefits 18/11/2009

Hypertherm's HPR130XD and HPR260XD feature Extreme HyDefinition (XD) technology.  Read More

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