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Vertical machining centre is rigid 15/07/2009

With its patented T-base structural design the YCM TV Series of vertical machining centres has been designed to handle challenging machining requirements that demand machine rigidity and performance.   Read More

Water jet profiler is cost competitive 15/07/2009

The Bystronic Byjet Classic 3015 water jet profiling machine is the most affordable, highly functional and precise waterjet cutting system for all standard applications, it is claimed.  Read More

Entry level high speed machining centre 15/07/2009

The Datron M75 high-speed machining centre, at around £ 35,000, is an entry-level machine for applications as diverse as rapid prototyping, jewelry, foiling and embossing dies, fascias, control panels, PCBs and precision engraving.   Read More

Turning line tackles aerospace alloys 15/07/2009

The T-Turn Plus turning line offers high quality surface finishes when machining exotic alloys.   Read More

On-machine measurement enhanced 10/07/2009

The latest version of Renishaw's OMV Pro software, a powerful package that works with touch probes to give advanced on-machine part verification and machine simulation capabilities, now boasts more advanced features.  Read More

Solid carbide micro-drills 10/07/2009

Guhring's ExclusiveLine solid carbide micro-precision drills  Read More

PowerLock technology boost for Leica laser trackers 10/07/2009

The Leica Absolute Tracker now automatically locks onto any moving target, following the addition of PowerLock vision technology.  Read More

Large machine tools protected from fire risks more cost-effectively 02/07/2009

Latest K&B UV/IR fire arrester units offer an increased remote sensor range of up to several metres and also an increased angle of sight, thus enabling very large machines to be protected without the need for multiple sensors, thereby reducing overall cost.   Read More

End mill range expanded 02/07/2009

Paying attention to customer feedback, ITC has now extended the 3041 Cyber Series of three-flute end mills to incorporate a radius on all diameter sizes.   Read More

Bandsaw blades for difficult-to-cut materials 02/07/2009

Lenox TRI-TECH CT is a range of tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) bandsaw blades, designed for cutting large cross-sections of metals that are difficult to machine.  Read More

Bandsaw blades cut solids faster 02/07/2009

QXP, from Lenox, is a series of bi-metal bandsaw blades that last up to 60 per cent longer than other products, when cutting solid aluminium and alloyed steels.  Read More

New Kennametal Mill 1-14™ Inserts are Designed for Machining Stainless and Super Alloys 02/07/2009

LATROBE, PA – New premium SGE inserts for Kennametal's Mill 1-14/18 platform are engineered to provide improved performance and strong customer value for companies machining stainless steels, super alloys, and high-strength steels. They are a perfect choice for such applications as face milling, shoulder milling, pocketing, contour milling, and full slotting, says Global Product Manager Dennis McNamara.   Read More

Heller 5-axis machining centres offer choice of spindles 02/07/2009

Heller's F series adds four 5-axis machining centres with SK 40 and HSK 63 spindle taper to the available machining centre range.  Read More

Callipers take shopfloor treatment 02/07/2009

A range of 'shopfloor proof' digital callipers from Sylvac (Bowers Metrology), is available with measuring capacities of 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm.  Read More

Blast cabinets have height adjustment 02/07/2009

Improved operator comfort allied with production efficiency are the prime objectives behind the Guyson 'Select' variable height blast cleaning cabinet.   Read More

Wire-cut EDM unit offers fast, high quality production 02/07/2009

The FI 2050 TWO is a high-performance wire EDM machine that uses oil as a dielectric, instead of water, and is equipped with GF AgieCharmilles' ultra-productive Twin-Wire technology.  Read More

Multi-sensor measurement machine range 02/07/2009

The Excel 650 series of multi-sensor measurement machines from Micro-Vu Corporation (Metrology Direct) has 10 new models that accommodate large parts or multiple smaller parts, for three dimensional measurement. The systems feature high speed, high accuracy measuring, using new optics, new laser capabilities, a substantial granite base, closed-loop motion control and high resolution encoders.   Read More

PowerINSPECT boasts range of enhancements 02/07/2009

The latest version of Delcam's PowerINSPECT inspection software includes a range of enhancements to make the software easier and more flexible to use.   Read More

Bott value storage range 02/07/2009

Bott's value storage range has been developed over the last two years, driven by market research, and the finished result is a simple, modular storage system.  Read More

MQL system 02/07/2009

The Tecnolub micro lubrication systems made by of Belgium, available from MacInnes Tooling, apply lubricant in very small quantities, with the systems generally used as a replacement for flood coolant.  Read More

Wenzel MobileScan3D 02/07/2009

Following the acquisition of Steintek GmbH, Wenzel Group has now launched a mobile CNC measurement system, MobileScan3D®  Read More

Wenzel High speed measurement solution 02/07/2009

Wenzel's high speed non-contact measurement solution, based on the Wenzel Steintek white light sensor, has a high precision swivel head for sensor positioning and high precision rotary table for part positioning.   Read More

Gear measuring machine 02/07/2009

The Wenzel INOVA Gear really is a 2plus2 axis combination that ensures that the machine is both compact and accurate, with the ability to measure class 1 gear products from 5 to 270 mm diameter.  Read More

Standard, ultra-precise VMC 02/07/2009

The Kern forty four is a ultra-precise vertical machining centre.   Read More

Mould and die insert saves money 18/06/2009

WNT's most recent development in the area of mould and die production is the creation of its –MR4 geometry.   Read More

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