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DMG VMC for under £54,000 12/03/2009

The DMC 1035 V ECO VMC is a 1,035 by 560 by 510 mm in Z (X, Y, Z), 13 kW, 83 Nm of torque, 8,000 rpm spindle machine, for under £54,000.  Read More

ANCA grinder is fast and flexible 12/03/2009

ANCA's MX7 machine can manufacture a variety of tools up to 16 mm (5/8") diameter, and is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of tool production facilities seeking maximum output, while retaining the flexibility to react quickly to customer needs.   Read More

Abrasive belt fettles faster 06/03/2009

3M’s new formulation Cubitron belt formulation is targeted at gate and stock removal operations, particularly in the turbine blade, medical implant and engineered castings sectors.  Read More

Milling cutter body uses button inserts for difficult tasks 06/03/2009

The new 2510 highlight range of indexable insert milling cutters from WNT (UK) employ button inserts and provide an optimum machining solution for difficult-to-machine materials.  Read More

Oil mist control for machine tools 06/03/2009

FOX IFS has introduced a new and innovative line of oil mist collectors for machine tools. Lift Hold & Separate is the UK agent.  Read More

Air turbine spindles can be toolchanged 06/03/2009

BIG Daishowa has introduced two new air turbine spindles, the RBX5 version, operating at between 30,000 and 50,000 rpm, and the RBX7, which runs at 60,000 up to 80,000 rpm.  Read More

Laser profiler for small parts 06/03/2009

ES Technology’s new ES-CUT150 system has been designed around the wide range of metals typically used in the production of medical device components including stainless steels, titanium, aluminium, gold, silver and brass.   Read More

Oil-free coolant is suitable for milling, turning and grinding 06/03/2009

DPI’s SKV range of oil-free metalworking fluids allows modern machine tools to operate at their optimum performance, without resorting to the use of oils, solvents, or petroleum-based products for cutting fluids.   Read More

Milling cutter has more teeth 05/03/2009

Able to carry indexable milling inserts with 16 cutting edges for roughing and finishing cycles, LMT (UK)’s MultiEdge Double 8 universal face milling cutter from not only allows high feed rates to be maintained, but due to the number of cutting edges available, stock levels of inserts can be significantly reduced.  Read More

Deep hole drills 05/03/2009

Dormer has added the R571 CDX-DH to its range of solid carbide drills for deep hole applications. Capable of drilling up to 12x diameter in “one hit”, this addition complements Dormer’s R570 CDX-DH - designed for drilling up to 8 x diameter - introduced in 2007.  Read More

GibbsCAM V9 - "one of most significant releases" 05/03/2009

Gibbs V9 is “one of our most significant releases, with new features and many enhancements for the entire GibbsCAM product line,” said Bill Gibbs, founder and president of Gibbs and Associates.   Read More

Degreasing tank system is compact 05/03/2009

The Versa+ ultrasonic cleaning machine sees the tanks swivelled the tanks through 90° so that they are side by side. The installed equipment is therefore significantly shorter, saving space on the shop floor.  Read More

Talysurf Lite offers non-contact surface measurement 04/03/2009

The Talysurf CCI Lite is a new product that follows the Talysurf CCI range of non-contact optical 3D profilers, which are claimed to bring an “unparalleled level of performance to non-contact 3D measurement”.   Read More

Six-axis laser marks 3D forms 04/03/2009

The Larovi 6-axis laser system for marking and etching complex shapes and forms integrates with a laser, robot and 3D scanning technology to enable users to wrap images around intricate components.  Read More

Schaublin 5-axis machining centre for £130,000 04/03/2009

Schaublin Machines' £130, 000 51-5AX 5-axis machining centre is claimed ideal for the automotive, optical, aerospace, medical and micro machining sectors.  Read More

Slitting system for Trumpf-style punch presses 03/03/2009

A Slitting Tool System is available for Trumpf-style punch presses, featuring M4PM tool steel.  Read More

Aqueous system equals solvent degreasing performance 03/03/2009

Technowash’s Vapourwash is claimed to be the first fully aqueous based vapour degreasing system that is an alternative to traditional solvent degreasing.  Read More

Industrial cleaners 02/03/2009

The TRIM Task2 maintenance cleaner range comprises Grime Fighter, Glass Cleaner and All-Purpose Cleaner.   Read More

Scribing machine is light 02/03/2009

The XF510Cr scribing machine is compact and has multiple communication interfaces.  Read More

Milling cutter has high performance; long life 02/03/2009

The new Prototyp Protostar AL 45 milling cutter from Walter GB is designed for high-productivity performance and long tool life in ISO-N materials, such as aluminium and copper.  Read More

Dormer's aluminium drills cover many grades 27/02/2009

Dormer Tools’ new CDX-Al drills are the first from the company designed specifically for high speed machining in all types of aluminium.  Read More

End-former is productive 27/02/2009

Unison has developed an all-electric end-former machine for automating refurbishment of automotive steering rack mechanisms.  Read More

Six-axis tool grinder offers modular solution 27/02/2009

The new 6-axis Ewamatic Line can grind complex forms in carbide, PCD and super-hard PCBN tooling and inserts to an accuracy of 0.002 mm via its innovative star-shaped grinding spindle holder (up to two wheels per spindle end).  Read More

Automated EDM electrode design and manufacture 25/02/2009

SolidCAM has released a highly automated electrode design and manufacturing solution.  Read More

End former is claimed most competitive 25/02/2009

The AV65S end forming machine ideally suited to small batch or prototype production right through to high volume.   Read More

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