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Sandvik Coromant's integrated tool holders for CoroMill 316 01/04/2010

Sandvik Coromant's range of integrated tool holders, designed for compatibility with CoroMill 316 exchangeable head (EH) tools, offer greater security and reduced set-up times.  Read More

Heidenhain software routines helps compensate for machining spatial errors 01/04/2010

Heidenhain (GB), the supplier of encoders, digital readouts and CNC systems, has developed software routines that help compensate for the effects of rotary table/swivel head spatial error, geometrical positioning and component error in machine axes.  Read More

Low-cost shrink-fit tool holder system from LMT 01/04/2010

LMT has developed a £2.850 ready to run, shrink-fit assembly machine package for semi-permanent, shank-style cutter to toolholder assembly, ideally suited to low usage environments.  Read More

Bandsaw advances cutting speeds to new levels 01/04/2010

The Behringer HBM400 SC (Speed Cutting) machine, available through Kaltenbach in the UK, is claimed to outperform any other bandsaw with its cutting speed.  Read More

Mill-turning up to one metre in diameter from Okuma 01/04/2010

The Okuma Multus mill-turn centre, available through sole UK agent NCMT, combines the power of a 45 kW CNC lathe with that of a 37 kW machining centre, capable of removing 610 cm³/min of S45C steel using a f100 face mill and machining components up to 1,050 mm in diameter by 3,215 mm long.  Read More

CNC sliding head mill-turn centre operates with or without a guide bush 01/04/2010

A CNC sliding head mill-turn centre, from Traub, makes it possible to select whether to mill-turn a component with the support of a guide bush, or without it.   Read More

Hainbuch electric centre clamp dispenses with hydraulics 31/03/2010

The electrically operated open centre clamping actuator from Hainbuch offers environmental and economic benefits.   Read More

Lathe inspection touch probes 31/03/2010

Renishaw's RLP40 and OLP40 lathe inspection touch probes offer a choice of signal transmission technologies, radio or optical, to make part set-up and inspection on turning centres accurate, simple and reliable.   Read More

DLoG ITC 7 for data acquisition in assembly and manufacturing 31/03/2010

DLoG has expanded its range of 15-inch terminals with the introduction of the DLoG ITC 7, a lean touch screen industrial thin client PC for data acquisition in assembly and manufacturing.  Read More

Traub 20 mm diameter capacity lathe turns with or without guide bush 30/03/2010

Traub has introduced a new CNC sliding-head mill-turn centre which allows for turning with or without the support of a guide bush. Normally, a manufacturer would need to purchase two separate lathes to have the same versatility.  Read More

Lapping and polishing machine with small footprint from Engis UK 30/03/2010

The Engis 432 lapping machine has compact dimensions of 430 mm by 660 mm by 890 mm, which allow it to handle components up to 55 mm diameter and thickness of 18 mm. The lapping machine can lap and polish to a thickness of just 50 microns.  Read More

5-axis machining center from MAG joins MEGA range 29/03/2010

The 5-axis horizontal CNC machining center (MEGA 5) from MAG is built for power and speed, with two spindle options providing, either a high-torque 5-axis machining center configuration for tough materials such as titanium, or a high-speed 5-axis machining center configuration, for processing large aluminum parts.  Read More

COPRA FEA RF incorporates Remesh function 29/03/2010

data M Sheet Metal Solutions will present the new "Remesh" function in COPRA FEA RF, the Finite Element Simulation of the Roll Forming Process, at "Tube 2010" in Düsseldorf, Germany on 12th to 16th April.   Read More

Roemheld's swing clamp re-engineered 29/03/2010

Roemheld's swing clamp range has been re-engineered to uses less component parts but still outperforms standard products in clamping force, with a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar, and clamping arm length, pro-rata to the size of clamp being used.   Read More

Insert based modular reamers from Horn System 29/03/2010

The Horn System DR range of insert based modular reamers are produced, by Horn Cutting Tools under license from the Swiss based boring and reaming specialist Urma AG, for rapid sizing of blind and through hole diameters, from 11.9 mm to 100.6 mm.  Read More

Sunnen’s HTD tube hone goes long and scores big in material removal 28/03/2010

Sunnen's HTD tube hone line has a 16 m stroke and can handle parts up to 1,000 mm in diameter, ideal for extreme long-part applications such as aircraft driveshafts and submarine periscopes. An electronically-controlled, 30 kW spindle motor powers stock removal of up to 2,500 cm³/hr.  Read More

Walter orthopaedic software plus grinder offers healthy solution 27/03/2010

Tool grinding machine specialist Walter has just released its NXis Ortho software to take orthopaedic parts from design through 3D simulation of the machining program, 'testing' the complete machining process on the ultra-fast (up to 50 m/min) Helitronic Vision – including the operation of the grinding wheels and tools, as well as dressing routines.   Read More

Faster 64-bit PowerMILL from Delcam 27/03/2010

Delcam's 64-bit version of its PowerMILL CAM software, removes the memory limitations of 32-bit computers, so allowing more efficient toolpath generation, especially for companies that are machining large or complex parts.  Read More

Single chamber aqueous and supercritical carbon dioxide cleaning solutions 26/03/2010

Designed for fine cleaning applications and capable of cleaning to "Class 1" specifications, the EcoCMax single-chamber aqueous system from Dürr Ecoclean has been launched by sole UK agent, Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools.  Read More

Rubber roll CNC grinding machine from Broadbent Stanley 25/03/2010

Based on their award winning Yorky Type "O" Oilfield CNC Grinder, Broadbent Stanley has produced a rubber roll variant, designated the Yorky Type "R," which is a high precision CNC grinding machine developed exclusively for the world's rubber roll industry.   Read More

Enclosed magnetic encoders from Electronica 16/03/2010

The MG232 range of enclosed magnetic linear encoders, from Electronica Mechatronic Systems, features non-contact operation, which ensures high levels of reliability.  Read More

Schaublin Machine Tools launches compact machining centre 11/03/2010

Schaublin's 48V-15K VMC machining centre features both fast axis and spindle, acceleration and deceleration, as well as, rapid feed rates and a powerful Fanuc Oi MC control. The 48V-15K machining centre out performs the average machine in its class and is suitable for prototype work to high production manufacturing.  Read More

Internal gripping segmented mandrels from 8 mm diameter 10/03/2010

The HAINBUCH MANDO T212 utilises segmented internal clamping bushes to clamp diameters, as small as, 8 mm.  Read More

WARDJet R-Series suits large water jet cutting applications 09/03/2010

The R-Series water jet cutting table, available in the UK from Wightman Stewart, is designed to meet the requirements for the fabrication of large parts, typically found in the aerospace manufacturing and sub-contract industries.  Read More

FARO Scene 4.7 software for the laser scanner 08/03/2010

FARO Scene 4.7, scan processing software, now features more efficient point cloud handling and visualization, due to the 64 bit architecture which extends the usable memory.   Read More

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