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Unison to premiere laser-controlled spring back correction for tube bending 18/01/2012

At Tube 2012, in March, tube bending machine specialist Unison will be mounting its first European public demonstration of an all-electric machine equipped with its innovative laser-controlled spring-back correction system. The machine will also be equipped with a novel form of quick-release tooling and a barcode identification system which, says Unison, will enable machine operators to handle complete tool changeovers within two or three minutes, with full process verification.   Read More

LVD Strippit M-1525 turret punch press processes big sheets with only one re-positioning 18/01/2012

The Strippit M-1525, which has joined LVD's M-Series line of mid-range 200 kN CNC turret punch presses, handles large or oversized workpieces up to 1,524 by 4,000 mm with only one sheet repositioning and can process sheet up to 6.35 mm thick. It is therefore described as ideal for the fabrication of large panels in cellular manufacturing or job shop environments.   Read More

Click Change turning insert toolholders reduce time wasted changing inserts 17/01/2012

Stocdon is offering robust Click Change carbide insert cutter toolholders that allow inserts to be changed in seconds rather than minutes in a simple 'wrench-free' operation.  Read More

Senor touch-screen computer joins Seiki Systems range 16/01/2012

Seiki Systems has extended its industrial hardware solutions with the addition of the Senor touch-screen computer. This can deliver full screen applications to the shopfloor, enabling the user to view production information while also supporting factory data collection tasks and DNC operations.  Read More

Roemheld flexible position clamping element solves workpiece distortion dilemma 16/01/2012

Roemheld has developed a zero point flexible position clamping element that offers both clamping and support   Read More

Latest Nakamura multi-tasking mill-turning centre boasts faster cycle times 13/01/2012

Turning Technologies says Nakamura-Tome's latest twin-spindle, twin-turret turning centre, the WT-150 II, boasts even faster cycle times than its predecessor and has an innovative easy-to-use control.  Read More

Micro-Epsilon’s gapControl 2711 non-contact laser profile scanner simplifies gap measurement process 13/01/2012

gapControl 2711, a non-contact laser profile scanner designed specifically for the measurement of gaps and edges, is being offered by Micro-Epsilon in response to customers who want to speed up sensor set-up for gap measurement.   Read More

NCMT offers Xebec blue fibre aluminium oxide brushes for more aggressive deburring 12/01/2012

A Xebec range of abrasive deburring brushes made from heavy duty aluminium oxide (alumina) fibres has been introduced for use on static platforms such as machining centres, mills, drilling machines and special-purpose machine tools but, according to supplier NCMT, they are equally suitable for mounting on industrial robots. Versions are also available for hand-held power tools.   Read More

Walter extends Tiger.tec silver grade range for turning 12/01/2012

Tooling giant Walter GB has extended its Tiger.tec Silver grade range with the addition of WKP25S for the wet and dry machining of steel and irons (ISO P and ISO K), as well as with Tiger.tec geometries and cutting tool materials for ISO steel turning.   Read More

Metrolog XG software now fully compatible with Renishaw PH20 probe head 12/01/2012

3D inspection software solutions company Metrologic has released details of what it claims is a technological breakthrough capable of increasing the productivity of any CNC CMM, irrespective of make, size or model.  Read More

Mahr’s non-contact MarScope measures complex turned parts in seconds 11/01/2012

The MarScope from Mahr UK is capable of measuring turned parts up to 1 m long by 120 mm diameter and weighing up to 30 kg. The unit, intended for both laboratory and shopfloor use, features a telecentric precision optical system with a high resolution camera that enables measurements of various characteristics to be made quickly and without contact.   Read More

igus UK develops robolink multi-axis joint for humanoid robots 11/01/2012

Plastic bearings, energy chains and cabling products innovator igus UK has developed 'robolink' a multi-axis joint for humanoid robots and lightweight automation applications. At the heart of the robolink modular system are lightweight, maintenance and corrosion-free joints with tribologically optimised plastic bearings that are driven via cables and able to rotate and swivel freely.   Read More

Sumitomo introduces Sumiboron BN2000 uncoated universal grade 10/01/2012

Sumitomo's has introduced Sumiboron BN2000, which is described as a low cost uncoated universal grade of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) suitable for turning in a wide variety of low batch production applications.   Read More

Horn solid carbide groove milling cutters get down to ‘SuperMini’ bore diameters 10/01/2012

Horn considers its System DC solid carbide groove milling range for machining threads, full radii and square corner grooves, and chamfers to be an important addition to its offering. This is particularly so in the case of the smaller diameters among the 140 standard variants which offer capability for multi-tooth interpolative groove milling within bore diameters that have hitherto only been accessible using SuperMini single point tooling.  Read More

EasyNest brings auto true-shape nesting to Esab Vision CNC 09/01/2012

Esab Cutting Systems has added EasyNest automatic true-shape nesting capabilities to its Vision T5 CNC controller. Parts can be added from the shape library or imported from CAD files or existing part programs. The operator simply enters the sheet size and the desired number of each part. The Vision T5 then generates as many sheets as necessary to meet requirements.  Read More

Dormer bands ranges into Elect and Spectrum productivity categories 09/01/2012

Dormer is now grouping its high performance drilling, milling and threading ranges into two productivity classes to enable quick and easy customer identification of the optimum tool. The company explains that 'Elect' indicates top performance in particular materials and specific applications, with 'Spectrum' signifying versatility over a multitude of materials and defined operations.  Read More

Walter introduces Xtra.Tec heptagon F4045 face milling cutter 06/01/2012

With indexable inserts having 14 cutting faces, the new Xtra.tec F4045 heptagon face milling cutter from Walter GB is available in close and medium pitches to suit all cast iron machining conditions.  Read More

Delcam PartMaker 2012 keeps pace with latest turn-mill centres and Swiss-type lathe architectures 06/01/2012

Delcam's PartMaker division has released PartMaker 2012 which supports a number of the architectures found on today's latest bar-fed mills and turn-mill centres and has been developed in co-operation with a number of the industry's leading machine-tool builders. It includes support for such novel machine tool architectures as the Star SF and Mori-Seiki NTX, where the sub-spindle can work at articulated positions in addition to the articulation of these machines' tool head in the B-axis plane.  Read More

Delapena develops alignment hones to cut aircraft maintenance costs 06/01/2012

Delapena Honing Equipment has developed a series of alignment hone tools that enable major structural elements on aircraft to be re-machined in situ. This can eliminate the need for dismantling and reassembly and reduce aircraft downtime and maintenance costs.  Read More

Sumitomo develops ACE Coat AC810P inserts for challenging continuous turning 05/01/2012

The latest ACE Coat AC810P range of high performance insert grades are, claims Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal, capable of providing up to 50% increases in feedrates while maintaining 1.5 times the in-cut life at speeds between 200 and 500 m/min. They can be used over a wide range of applications from high speed machining to interrupted cutting cycles.  Read More

Datron polished single-flute end-mills offer cost-effective alternative to diamonds 05/01/2012

High speed milling machine manufacturer Datron says its polished single-flute solid carbide end-mills, which it suggests are ideal for cutting plastics, offer a highly efficient alternative to diamond-fitted polishing milling cutters that can cost 10 times as much. Roughing and finishing can be performed with a single tool to achieve near-polished transparent milled edges and contours – minimising or eliminating any rework.  Read More

OGP launches multi-sensor SmartScope CNC 670 CMM 05/01/2012

The SmartScope CNC 670 multi-sensor system being introduced into the UK and Europe by CMM specialist OGP is the biggest in the company's range to date offering an xyz measuring envelope of up to 1,500 by 1,000 by 400 mm. However, while capable of measuring components as large as an automotive engine block, clever mechanical design has also resulted in a relatively small footprint, says OGP.  Read More

Bowers launches shopfloor-proof Sylvac digital indicators 04/01/2012

Bowers Metrology has launched a range of advanced, 'shopfloor proof' Sylvac digital indicators. Available with measuring capacities of 12.5 and 25 mm and a choice of 0.01 and 0.001 mm resolutions, the S_Dial Work indicators have a repeatability specification of 0.002 mm.   Read More

BIG Daishowa extends C-cutter chamfering tool range 04/01/2012

BIG Daishowa purpose-designed 45º C-cutter range for high precision plunge-chamfering of holes has been extended by two additional fixed-angle cutters for chamfering at 30 and 60º respectively, as well as a universal type on which the angle can be set anywhere between 5 and 85º.  Read More

Schunk extends Tendo toolholder range 30/12/2011

Schunk has extended its range of slim hydraulic extension toolholders with the introduction of a 6 mm shank diameter for the Tendo SVL series. The extensions do not need peripheral equipment, just an Allen key for tool changeovers.  Read More

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