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Mapal employs innovative unequal cutting pitch and guide chamfers to make low friction Mega-Speed Drill 20/06/2012

Mapal's Mega-Speed Drill for wet and dry machining of steel and cast iron features an innovative cutting edge geometry and a special AlTiN coating. An unequal cutting pitch and three guide chamfers virtually eliminate vibration and also greatly reduce friction, claims Mapal. In addition, the drills have highly polished flutes for optimal chip flow.  Read More

MAG T-Rex spindle's 2,600 Nm torque triples metal removal in Carpenter 465 20/06/2012

MAG's T-Rex spindle recently demonstrated triple the metal removal rates over previous spindle designs for an aerospace customer machining Carpenter 465 hardened to 50-52 Rc. A 75 mm dia Harvi inserted endmill with five flutes and 13 inserts per flute was used in the demonstration. The cutting parameters were 100 mm axial depth of cut, 24 mm radial depth of cut, and 0.5 mm/rev feedrate.   Read More

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal offers inserts to meet nodular cast iron turning challenge 19/06/2012

According to Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal, the latest ACE Coat AC405K and AC415K insert grades meet the latest criteria for cast iron machining, giving very stable performance over extended production periods.   Read More

Hexagon Metrology firmware update equips Leica AT401 3D laser tracker for more complex tasks 19/06/2012

Hexagon Metrology's 1.1 version firmware update has improved the usability of the portable Leica Absolute Tracker AT401. The AT401 now features a full speed digital read out (DRO) for dynamic laser tracker measurement processes and free-form surface inspection.  Read More

Lantek Steelworks 2012 integrates 3D design programs with automated production control 18/06/2012

Lantek has released Lantek Steelworks 2012, the latest version of its software solution for the structural steel industry. This integrates sophisticated 3D design programs such as Tekla Structures with automated manufacture and control of production processes.   Read More

Kurt offers Sine Parallels as low-cost alternative to special fixturing 18/06/2012

Kurt's Sine Parallels, which increase the versatility of any standard 6-inch Kurt vice, are billed as a fast, easy and low cost way to set-up workpieces for machining at three common angles without building a special fixture.   Read More

Stemmer Imaging CoaXPress products transmit over long distances 15/06/2012

Stemmer Imaging has introduced a selection of cameras and frame-grabbers that make use of the CoaXPress data transmission standard. CoaXPress can send high speed video, communication, control and power over long distances using a single standard coaxial cable. With data rates of up to 6.25 Gbps per cable for video, images and data are achievable over distances up to 40 m and data transmission over distances greater than 100 m are possible at 3.125 Gbps.  Read More

Electrox Raptor and D-Box bring cost of laser marker to sub-£10k 15/06/2012

Electrox believes its Raptor and D-Box solution, priced at under £10,000, is the lowest cost galvo-based marking system available in the UK. It is aimed at high value, low volume manufacturing, especially in autosport, medical devices and aerospace industries.  Read More

Röhm offers wide range of robot grippers 14/06/2012

Clamping and gripping specialist Röhm offers robot grippers for the diverse application.  Read More

SHW’s PowerForce 8 provides energy-efficient power within large user-definable work envelope 14/06/2012

The 200-tonne, travelling column PowerForce 8 machining centre not only offers a large, user-defined work volume, but also drive technology and smart controls that can achieve energy savings of up to 27% compared to equivalent conventional machines, boasts its German manufacturer, SHW Werkzeugmaschinen.   Read More

DMG DMU 60 eVo FD performs both prismatic and rotational machining in one clamping 14/06/2012

DMG has introduced the 5-axis DMU 60 eVo FD with integral turning capability for the manufacture of complex workpieces, particularly in the aerospace, medical and motorsport industries.   Read More

Delcam PowerInspect 2012 eases inspection tasks 14/06/2012

Options to make inspection easier and basic reverse engineering functionality are offered by Delcam's 2012 release of its PowerInspect hardware-independent software for measurement, inspection of geometric features and analysis of complex 3D surfaces.   Read More

WNT’s HCF3120 Dragonskin offers improved cast iron turning tool life 13/06/2012

WNT's HCF3120 addition to its Dragonskin range is suitable as an insert for both rough and finish turning on cast iron materials. Its combination of hard and tough carbide substrate, along with a novel CVD coating significantly extends tool life, says the company.   Read More

Creaform unveils latest MetraScan 3D optical CMM scanners 13/06/2012

MetraScan 3D handheld scanners are now offered in two versions both of which offer the same accuracy and benefit from a light carbon structure.   Read More

Schaublin 136 7AX-Y mill-turn cuts tool setting times 12/06/2012

The Schaublin 136 7AX-Y is suitable for small batch, prototype or production machining and is part of a modular range that includes several models with between 2 and 4 linear axes.  Read More

Sandvik Coromant CoroDrill 862 coated micro-geometry drills smooth chip evacuation 12/06/2012

Sandvik Coromant CoroDrill 862 micro-geometry drills boast a coating that helps retain cutting edge geometry and provides a smooth surface for chip evacuation. The company says the drills, which can be used on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium, demonstrate their performance capability for holes up to 2.95 mm diameter.   Read More

Nikon Metrology combines CMM and CT experience in the MCT225 metrology system 11/06/2012

Nikon Metrology has combined its Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) metrology with its X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) experience to develop an 'absolute accuracy' metrology CT system, the MCT225. This provides metrology CT for a wide range of sample sizes and material densities with 9+ L/50 µm accuracy, in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2630 guideline. All internal and external geometry is measured in a single non-destructive process. A full 3D visualisation of the sample volume additionally provides insights into part deformations and internal structural integrity.  Read More

Creaform introduces C-Link for faster and easier inspection of complex parts 11/06/2012

Portable 3D measurement technologies company Creaform has introduced C-Link functionality to its inspection systems. Through C-Link it is possible to network up to four C-Tracks and operate them simultaneously with a HandyProbe, portable CMM or a MetraScan 3D optical CMM scanner.  Read More

ANCA aims lower cost MX5 tool and cutter grinder at wider market 11/06/2012

ANCA's MX5 tool and cutter grinder incorporates the most important features of the ANCA MX platform, but a reduction in the number of wheel packs offered, from 6 to 2, has resulted in a machine at a price likely to attract a greater number of potential customers.  Read More

Delcam's PowerINSPECT 2012 offers more capability 08/06/2012

PowerINSPECT 2012sees a number of enhancements and additions to what is described as the world's leading hardware-independent inspection software.  Read More

Sandvik Coromant CoroDrill 861 provides stability for depths up to 30XD 08/06/2012

The CoroDrill 861, a range of solid carbide drills for deep hole applications, features advanced chip management flute geometry to generate small, manageable chips. Chip evacuation is critical with deep hole drilling as the build up of heat and friction resulting from an accumulation of chips can affect productivity and tool life – even lead to drill breakage and consequent downtime.   Read More

AddisonMcKee launches Hydra Green technology and lower-cost tube bender 08/06/2012

Tube end forming specialist AddisonMcKee has been promoting its energy saving Hydra Green technology and launching the eb80 ESRB, a cost-conscious alternative to its DB75.   Read More

Meister introduces Darmann X-Series open structure vitrified abrasive for bearing manufacturers 07/06/2012

Darmann Abrasives' UK agent Meister Abrasives is offering Darmann's X-Series which has been developed for the bearing industry for the super-finishing of inner and outer roller tracks/raceways. This vitrified abrasive product has induced porosity for enhanced super-finishing performance.  Read More

ACS’s FBS down-draught bench clears the air during finishing 07/06/2012

The FBS down-draught bench, launched by Air Cleaning systems (ACS) at MACH 2012, has been designed as a practical solution to the problem of controlling and removing airborne dust or fumes generated by linishing, sanding, finishing, deburring and polishing.  Read More

Sunnen tops out vertical honing range with 200 mm bore capacity SV-490 04/06/2012

Sunnen Products' SV-490 hone brings true 2,286 mm vertical stroke and end-to-end dwelling capabilities to the machining of bores up to 200 mm diameter on large aerospace, energy and hydraulic components.   Read More

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