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Schunk PZH-SF takes a grip on many diameters 28/09/2011

Just one concentric gripper can now be used when components of different sizes have to be handled in succession. The Schunk PZH-SF large stroke gripper can cover an enormous spectrum of components and diameters with its swivelling fingers, says the company.   Read More

Bison-Bial chucks measure up to oil country dimensions 27/09/2011

Leader Chuck Systems extensive range of oil country chucks from Polish workholding manufacturer Bison-Bial provides a solution for manufacturers turning long, large diameter pipes.   Read More

Amada Winstar responds to demands for extreme precision 27/09/2011

The CCD camera technology-equipped Winstar, for profile grinding and dressing, is designed for users obliged to push their demands on quality, dimensional accuracy and flatness to the limits of what is technically feasible, says Amada.  Read More

Rofin improves manual laser welding ergonomics, versatility and economy 26/09/2011

Rofin's Performance represents the company's 7th generation of manual welding lasers. Changes to the cabinet design allow easier use within the production environment and also enhance operational ergonomics. A single access door can be opened, while one hand remains inside the cabinet holding the part to be welded. Rofin has also introduced a large colour touchscreen interface to allow more features to be made available to the operator.   Read More

Kitagawa introduces very large through-hole but lighter rotary table 26/09/2011

A servo motor-driven NC rotary table with a very large through-hole has been introduced by Kitagawa to facilitate accurate milling and drilling of tube and shaft-type components on machining centres and manual mills.   Read More

Renishaw surface finish probe expands Revo measurement options 23/09/2011

Renishaw's SFP1 surface finish probe option for its Revo 5-axis measurement system, allows surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within CMM measurement routines.   Read More

Horn System DD replaceable drill tips provide locked on security 23/09/2011

Horn's System DD replaceable tip drilling system aims to provide a combination of very high productivity with excellent as-drilled bore finish, long tip life and very good dimensional accuracy.   Read More

Amada Techster boasts enlarged grinding area 23/09/2011

Amada has expanded its grinding portfolio with its latest Techster series surface grinding machines, which have an enlarged grinding area from 600 by 400 to 1,200 by 600 mm.   Read More

Vericut interface for SolidCAM allows prove-out of CNC G-code programs 22/09/2011

The addition of a Vericut CNC program verification software interface for SolidCAM will, in particular, benefit companies in the aerospace sector that need the power of Vericut's 5-axis and mill-turn technology to cut critical components. It will provide a valuable extension to SolidCAM's existing internal toolpath verification by proving out the actual G-codes used to drive the CNC machine.  Read More

Rego Plus toolholders have face and taper contact for rigidity 22/09/2011

The secret of Rego Plus' success lies in the toolholder's face-and-taper contact in the spindle, which means these toolholders remain rigid in the machine spindle and provide a more stable cut, providing an increase in tool life and an overall improvement in part quality.  Read More

Hexagon releases CoreView V5.5 for Cognitens white light systems 22/09/2011

Hexagon Metrology's CoreView 5.5 software for the Cognitens WLS400 automated and manual white light measurement systems offers improved measuring of a workpiece's geometric characteristics as well as 2D cross section analysis tools. It also provides support for Windows 7.  Read More

ITC pitches Hanita 4940 milling cutters at rough tough jobs 21/09/2011

ITC is offering the Hanita 4940 series of milling cutters for the rough machining of high tensile strength steels, titanium and similarly difficult to machine materials.  Read More

MAG formulates Cyclo Cool for machining aerospace materials 20/09/2011

MAG's Cyclo Cool 900 and 5000 series synthetic coolants are additive-free, low-foaming and specially formulated for machining titanium, Inconel, beryllium copper, hardened steels, stainless steels and other superalloys. They were developed for the aerospace industry and are designed to provide a lower cost and high performance alternative to semi-synthetics and soluble oils.   Read More

ESAB micro nozzle boosts plasma’s thin material cutting capabilities 20/09/2011

Micro nozzle technology is now available for the PT-36 plasma cutting torch used on ESAB Cutting Systems' M3 precision plasma cutting system.   Read More

Citizen launches top of the range Miyano ABX-64SYY 19/09/2011

With Citizen Machinery UK's launch of the 64 mm bar size, 6 inch chuck, twin-spindle, twin-turret Miyano ABX-64SYY, it extends the single-cycle capability of its high productivity ABX turn-mill offering.   Read More

Renishaw Productivity+ V1.90 PC-based probing software for machining centres 16/09/2011

Productivity+ is a software solution for the integration of measurement and process control functionality into CNC machining programs. Instead of manual addition of probing cycles into G-code, it allows 'point and click' feature selection from imported solid models within an interface familiar to existing CAM users.  Read More

Citizen enhances M32-VIII sliding-head mill-turn capabilities 16/09/2011

The fourth generation, top-of-the-range Citizen M32-VIII CNC sliding-head turn-mill centre has optional 35 mm bar capacity.   Read More

Amada Meister G3 surface/profile grinder 15/09/2011

Amada's Meister G3 surface grinder (formerly badged Wasino) is described as a multi-tool surface and profile grinder capable of handling anything from the most simple to the most complex tasks.   Read More

Schunk MWPG 20 miniature changing parallel grippers widen micro-assembly possibilities 01/09/2011

Schunk's quick-change miniature parallel gripper with standardised DIN interfaces has an outside diameter less than 20 mm. Optical monitoring, a large through-hole and a large range of accessories make its MWPG 20 miniature gripper an all-rounder, says the company.  Read More

Unison Breeze-Revolution rotating head tube bender tackles complex parts in single cycle 31/08/2011

Dubbed the Breeze-Revolution, Unison's all-electric tube bender has two multiple-tool heads mounted on opposite sides of a rotating frame. After bending using one or more tools on the right-hand head, the head retracts and a combination of transverse and rotational movement then positions the left-hand head for subsequent bending operations. This changeover can be repeated as many times as required.   Read More

Schunk lighter steel version Rota NCL lathe chuck secures acceleration and power saving benefits 31/08/2011

The steel version of the Rota NCL lathe chuck weighs about 35% less than conventional power chucks of the same size, says Schunk, so faster acceleration and reduced energy consumption are possible. A new type of double cylinder guidance of the base jaws ensures that the forces are evenly distributed on the chuck body.   Read More

Ward Hi-Tech’s new SFM distributorship targets energy sector needs 30/08/2011

Ward Hi-Tech is meeting demand from the oil and gas, power generation and renewable energy sectors for heavier long bed turning machines under an agency arrangement with Taiwan-based manufacturer SFM.  Read More

Meta Vision designs automated welding package to improve safety and productivity in nuclear industry 26/08/2011

Meta Vision Systems' VistaWeld package, incorporating its DLS range of 3D digital laser scanners, is designed to automate welding jobs in the nuclear industry. These are characterised by multiple passes of the weld torch to fill deep narrow grooves down to 8 mm across between component parts – typically up to 350 mm thick and often of highly reflective stainless steel.  Read More

LMT Fette 'modular' XChange tap enables threading head to be changed in situ 26/08/2011

LMT Fette believes its XChange is the first 'modular' threading tap and combines the extended tool life advantages of coated carbide with the torsional stiffness available through a high speed steel (HSS) shank. The XChange can also potentially secure the productivity benefits of quick-change tools and the increased cutting speeds of carbide, with reduced risk of tool breakage.  Read More

Vero Software offers CAM boost with Visi 19 25/08/2011

CADCAM/CAE solutions provider Vero Software's Visi 19, its latest iteration of its flagship product, has new features in all areas, including core 3D CAM development and a continued focus on tool design and manufacture.   Read More

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