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Deep hole drilling system 06/05/2009

A new BT-A deep hole drilling system has been launched by Allied Maxcut (AMEC), which uses the latest T-A and GEN2 T-A replaceable insert technology to deliver significant gains in productivity, penetration rates and tool life improvements over other alterative deep drilling solutions.   Read More

Large capacity horizontal lathe 05/05/2009

The Mori Seiki NZL6000CY/2000, a 2-turret CNC lathe, is designed for machining large parts such as aircraft engines, oil well pipes, gas pipes, and wind power generators.  Read More

Large VTL is compact 04/05/2009

Mori Seiki's NVL1350T vertical CNC lathe is ideal for machining large-diameter bearings, as well as parts for aircrafts, ships and construction machinery.   Read More

Combined hobbing and deburring tool 01/05/2009

LMT's Fette division has developed a combination hobbing and deburring tool for gear cutting that enables the functions of a roughing hob, the deburring of the top and bottom flanks of each tooth and the finishing of the gear into a single high productivity operation that reduces the demand for other operational equipment and provides the means to significantly reduce production lead times.  Read More

Vertical machining centre for industrial training 01/05/2009

The EMCO Concept MILL 250, with interchangeable control units, is a new CNC vertical machining centre for training at industrial level.   Read More

Robot is small, easy to program 27/04/2009

R. A. Rodriguez’s Universal Robot is a small, light weight industrial robot arm that has six axes of movement and, above all, is exceptionally quick and easy to install.   Read More

Large capacity rubber roll grinder 27/04/2009

The Rollertech RT 3000 is rubber roll grinder having the capacity to grind rolls 600 mm diameter by 3,000 mm in length and up to 5 tonnes weight. Accuracy is maintained to within 20 micron, end to end.  Read More

Mitee-Bite additions to 1st MTA range 15/04/2009

Mitee-Bite workpiece clamping products are the latest additions to the workholding and manufacturing productivity equipment portfolio available from 1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA).  Read More

J&S Ultragrind boasts more power and flexibility 14/04/2009

The next generation UltraGrind CNC cylindrical grinding machine features a brand new modular wheelhead design.  Read More

Low cost lathe is well spec'd 09/04/2009

The CTX510 ECO is the largest in Gildemeister's ECOLINE Series of lathes.  Read More

New grade pushes Beyond further 08/04/2009

The new Beyond™ line of high-performance turning products from Kennametal launched at IMTS 2008 included 11 new grades for improved productivity in steel, stainless steels, and cast-iron applications. Now the company is introducing KCS10, a new grade in MP (Medium Positive) geometry with the capability of improving titanium turning up to 50 per cent, while also improving surface finish results and extending tool life.  Read More

Hardness gauges offer unmatched performance 08/04/2009

Guaranteed for three years, Bowers' NEXUS 4000 range of Micro/Macro/Vickers hardness testers offer high consistency and "unmatched repeatability" through state-of-the-art, closed-loop load cell technology, and a patent-pending force feedback system.  Read More

Height sensor is good for large and small sheet users 07/04/2009

Water Jet Sweden has unveiled a new height-sensor setting system, designed in-house, and which is claimed to "raise the game to new heights".  Read More

Safely handle gas cylinders 07/04/2009

Carver's Gasgrab provides a safer method of gas cylinder handling, and is helping companies adhere to the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE's) 1992 (Amended 2002) Manual Handling Operations Regulations.  Read More

New laser scanners are faster 06/04/2009

A new generation of FARO 3D laser scanners FARO has two models, Photon 120 and 20, both feature measuring rates of up to 976,000 points-per-second.   Read More

Precision dial gauge 06/04/2009

Available from MAPRA Technik Co, KÄFER GmbH of Germany has launched a new precision dial gauge, Model: M 2 TS.   Read More

Gripper is small but strong 03/04/2009

The PZB-plus from Schunk Intec is a newly designed series of 3-finger centric grippers with a special feature that is a central bore designed as a fitting. This central bore feature is threaded for customer-specific add-ons, and can be used to supply material or as an ejector.   Read More

Screw-on chip breakers push performance 03/04/2009

In conjunction with its 11-grade Beyond line of high-performance turning products for steel, stainless steels, and cast-iron applications, Kennametal has introduced new screw-on positive insert chip breakers that are demonstrating up to 250 per cent longer tool life across a range of applications and materials.  Read More

Pallet positioning system offers 0.003 mm repeatability 02/04/2009

Centrex, the mini zero position system from Hainbuch, saves users time, money, and space on standard pallets for part specific equipment. The system supports repeatability of better than <0.003 mm and a claimed perfect surface contact.  Read More

Dryer for small parts in high volume 02/04/2009

A new industrial rotary drum dryer system, which is suitable for removing moisture from a wide range of components and applications, has been unveiled by Technowash.  Read More

Coolant with wide range stays clean; machines better 02/04/2009

Hangsterfer's Crystal Cut 777 is a new synthetic coolant technology that "promises to revolutionise the metalworking industry".   Read More

Cost per thread slashed 01/04/2009

Walter's Prototyp solid carbide thread milling cutters now employ fine grain carbide coating to support unrivalled hard machining performance at high feed rates and with longer tool life – and thus, reduced cost per thread.  Read More

Software offers consistent form grinding 01/04/2009

Walter's Form Tool Compensation (FTC) software for users its tool grinders and measuring machines allows users to consistently produce batches of form tool profiles to within microns after first-off tool inspection.  Read More

Face milling cutter draws low power; is quiet 31/03/2009

CoroMill 345 is claimed to bring a new dimension to multi-edge face milling, offering bringing low power consumption and low noise levels during machining, and is suited to all types of machine tools, from small low-powered ISO 30 machines to large high, powered 50 ISO machining centres and multi-task machines. The cutters are available in diameters 40 – 250 mm with various pitch options.  Read More

T-slots kept free of swarf 31/03/2009

BIG Daishowa has introduced a range of T-slot covers to avoid swarf collection in the recesses, making it difficult to remove. Called T-Slot Clean, they are available through UK agent, NCMT.  Read More

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