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Citizen K-series sliding-head lathes beat previous generation performance 10/06/2010

Citizen's Evolution version of the popular K-Series CNC sliding-headstock turn-milling centre can now provide significant additional savings on non-cutting times, following the incorporation of latest high speed CPU technology with new control software, direct spindle indexing and improved overlapped functions.   Read More

Hexagon Metrology unveils Optiv as new vision and multi-sensor measuring systems brand 06/06/2010

Optiv is the brand under which Hexagon Metrology will launch new vision and multi-sensor measuring systems, five of which are currently available.  Read More

Non-contact scanning head boasts "unique" features 06/06/2010

Hexagon Metrology's CMS106 laser line scanning sensor is designed for rapid non-contact scanning of surfaces made from a wide variety of materials, such as machined, stamped, forged, casted or painted metals, sand cores, composites and softer materials like plastics, rubber, clay or wood.   Read More

Miyano fixed-head lathe benefits from Citizen control technology 06/06/2010

The new Miyano BNX-42SY, launched at MACH 2010 this week, is a fixed-head turning centre that benefits from the combination of Citizen CNC control and software allied to Miyano machine tool technology.   Read More

DEA GLOBAL CMMs see accuracy boosted 05/06/2010

Enhanced technical specifications make DEA GLOBAL CMMs more attractive than ever for the inspection of large size components.   Read More

Solid carbide drills offer improved productivity and tool life 05/06/2010

ITC has now developed its 1052 Cyber Series of solid carbide drills to improve productivity and tool life, when machining non-ferrous alloys, nickel-based materials, titanium, cast iron, steels and stainless steels.   Read More

Drills for composite machining avoid delamination and fraying 05/06/2010

Sandvik Coromant's CoroDrill 854 and CoroDrill 856 are specially designed for hole making in composite materials.  Read More

Leitz Reference CMM range expanded 04/06/2010

The Leitz Reference co-ordinate measuring machine range has been expanded with the addition of two completely new series: the Leitz Reference Xi and Leitz Reference XT.  Read More

NCL CADCAM software now runs under Windows 7 04/06/2010

NCCS has enhanced NCL multi-axis machining software, including versions 9.3 through 9.8 to run smoothly on a 64bit workstation with a Windows 7 operating system, with no compatibility issues.  Read More

IEMCA automatic bar loader for multi-spindle autos 03/06/2010

IEMCA's Next 25 is compact, integrated loader for multi-spindle autos, accommodating 3 to 25 mm diameter round bars up to 3,100 mm long, as well as square and hexagon profiles up to 21 mm across flats.   Read More

Plasma profiling arc control system boosts consumable life, cuts cycle times 03/06/2010

Hypertherm's ArcGlide torch height control offers improved quality and lower operating costs.  Read More

Drills for high speed drilling of stainless steels and exotics 02/06/2010

To complement its successful range of universal high performance carbide drills, Guhring has launched a new range of drills for stainless steels, nimonics, Inconel, titanium and titanium alloys (RT100VA).  Read More

Haas Expands Capacity of 50-Taper EC-1600 HMC 02/06/2010

To accommodate larger volume machining, Haas Automation has extended the capacity of its EC-1600 horizontal machining centre by adding an additional 254 mm of Y-axis travel.  Read More

Haas Big Bore lathe has 117 mm spindle bore 02/06/2010

Haas Automation now offers a big bore option for its ST-30 turning centre.   Read More

Clamping system converts 3-jaw chuck to 6-jaw chuck 01/06/2010

The InoZet clamping system, developed by HWR Spanntechnik, has been designed primarily for vertical turning lathes and is particularly relevant for large ring-type workpieces.   Read More

Self-loading, inverted spindle VTL from EMCO 01/06/2010

Emco has launched a self-loading, inverted spindle VTL, the VT 250.   Read More

ESAB unveils plasma packages for robot integration 01/06/2010

ESAB Cutting Systems' m3 Plasma Package is designed for integration with arc welding and various other robots that are used in the manufacturing area, and is intended for cutting and marking .   Read More

Haas 10,000 rpm, 50 taper spindle offered for machining centres 01/06/2010

Haas is now offering a 45 hp 10,000 rpm in-line 50 taper spindle for some of its machining centres.  Read More

Digital indicator is easy to use 31/05/2010

The Sylvac D60S-PRO advanced new digital indicator unit is able to display the absolute displacement position of Sylvac's accurate transducer probes, to a resolution of 0.1 micron.  Read More

ESAB retrofitable controller extends machine life 31/05/2010

Compatible with oxy-fuel, plasma cutting and marking machines, ESAB Cutting Systems' new Vision 51R CNC control system technology is intended to allow users to give a new lease of life to existing machines.   Read More

WNT drill offers longer tool life, higher productivity 31/05/2010

WNT's WTX Speed solid carbide drills are said to promise dramatic reductions in cost/hole, compared to existing drilling technology, thanks to a combination of new carbide substrate, coating expertise, and drill point geometry.  Read More

Victor Europe introduces new CNC lathe range 29/05/2010

Victor Europe's new Vturn-A26 CNC lathe range boasts many innovative new features, including the upgraded structural rigidity of the range's headstocks, box slideways, turrets and carriages.   Read More

Cost-effective lathe range for complex parts 29/05/2010

Unamuno Maxima range of turning centres, from Leader CNC, offer a cost-effective solution to repetitive operations, with their 19 tool positions and 7 axes.  Read More

Blast cabinet for micro-components 26/05/2010

Guyson International has introduced a new addition to its range of automated rotary blast finishing systems, the compact Model RXS200 – a rotary indexing spindle blast machine, engineered precision micro-components.  Read More

Almac machining centre offers 5-axis mill-turn capability 26/05/2010

The new FC 1105 Almac 5-axis mill-turn machining centre from Tornos has 3, 4 or 5 axes and is a multi-capacity vertical milling and turning centre, equipped with a rotating dividing head (torque motor) and a slideway to take up to six cutting tools.  Read More

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