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Inserts for CoroMill 328 grooving and threading cutter expand profile possibilities 11/07/2011

Inserts now available for Sandvik Coromant's CoroMill 328 cutter offer external and internal slotting, grooving and circlip grooving (with chamfer) as well as full profile internal threading. PVD-coated (TiAlN) micro-grained carbide grade, GC1025, is recommended for all ISO material groups thanks to its good resistance to thermal shock and notch wear. Furthermore, CoroMill 328 accepts 2-8 inserts with each pocket-mounted, secure insert featuring three indexable cutting edges. For ease of use, the four toolholders available accept the single insert size. Weldon shank (B), arbor (Q) and bore with keyway (S) mounting configurations are achievable.  Read More

SupplyPro dispensing hardware and software module for inventory control 08/07/2011

Tooling Intelligence has extended the capabilities of its inventory and equipment control systems with the addition of SupplyPro storage units and an integrated inventory software module.   Read More

BOA IDR auto identification camera simplifies product verification and traceability 07/07/2011

The BOA IDR auto identification camera, now available from Stemmer Imaging, is a fully integrated smart camera with ID software that allows comprehensive checking of product markings. By combining 1D barcode, 2D matrix and character reading and verification with pattern recognition capabilities in a single unit, the BOA IDR provides part traceability and error proofing. Barcodes, 'best before' dates, lot numbers and even logos and other product features can also be checked and verified.  Read More

StakRak offers height adjustable work bench system with reconfigurable flexibility 06/07/2011

StakRak industrial workbenches meet the needs of today's flexible production and assembly environments in technical and electronics manufacturing. The modular workbenches are height adjustable to enable the best working position for operator comfort and productivity.  Read More

Tornos-developed guide-bushless machining makes a material difference 05/07/2011

Tornos has developed guide-bushless machining to reduce material waste by up to 60%. It is available on the Delta, Gamma and the new EvoDeco 16 machines for typical fixed head parts below 45 mm in length. These machines can run as a bushless machine or as a standard sliding head turning centre. Additionally, a new spindle design available for the Delta 38 Series also assists in minimising waste.   Read More

CoroCut R inserts feature -GM geometry for greater chip control in heavy grooving 05/07/2011

CoroCut R size inserts now feature -GM geometry for greater chip control in heavy grooving operations. This introduction from Sandvik Coromant, aimed at components such as cam shafts, turbine rings and discs, shafts and rolls, provides a cutting action that forms and narrows the chips to ensure their efficient removal from the groove.  Read More

Opticline C302 non-contact shaft measuring system for small components 04/07/2011

Available from Metrology Direct, the Opticline C302 optical non-contact shaft measuring system joins a range manufactured by Hommel-Etamic. Its speed, accuracy and flexibility are aimed at improving productivity by allowing components to be passed off quickly, thereby minimising machine tool downtime.  Read More

JK Lasers develops 500 W fibre laser 01/07/2011

The JK500FL fibre laser is designed to give high cutting speeds combined with good cut quality in materials up to 3 mm thick, which, JK Lasers points out, make up approximately 80% of metal cutting applications. It benefits from 500W CW output powers, single mode beam quality and patented back reflection protection. These features, says the company, enable manufacturers to process a range of materials with high accuracy at a faster rate.   Read More

Top end Hermle C 60 U tackles 5-sided or simultaneous 5-axis machining of heavy components 01/07/2011

Available from Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools, Hermle's C 60 U fits in at the upper end of its range of vertical-spindle, 5-axis machining centres. It is intended for 5-sided or simultaneous 5-axis machining of components weighing up to 2.5 tonnes within a working volume of X, Y and Z axes of 1,200 by 1,300 by 900 mm. Machine layout is based on the manufacturer's modified gantry design for the Y-axis and a ±130° trunnion (A) carrying a rotary table (C) – three variants of which are available.  Read More

Modular construction speeds delivery of customised ESAB Combirex DX oxy-fuel shape cutter 30/06/2011

ESAB Cutting Systems has introduced the Combirex DX shape cutting machine for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. Customised machines, within a fixed number of configurations, can be built from off-the-shelf pre-assembled modules and delivered in a short period of time.   Read More

Doosan designs compact DNM 350 5AX for full simultaneous 5-axis or 4+1 machining 30/06/2011

The compact Doosan DNM 350 5AX 5-axis machine, from Mills CNC, is designed for full simultaneous 5-axis or 4+1 machining. It is suitable for high accuracy machining, heavy metal removal and fine finishing operations.   Read More

3M introduces SD-200 compact sound meter to simply ear-plug selection 28/06/2011

The SD-200 compact, lightweight entry-level sound level meter has joined 3M's Quest detection range. It measures workplace noise accurately by employing an advanced integrating feature that computes average sound pressure level.  Read More

3M Cubitron II fibre discs boost productivity in grinding applications 28/06/2011

3M Cubitron II fibre discs use 3M precision-shaped ceramic grain technology and have ultra-sharp fast-cutting points. They are said to wear evenly, run cooler and have an optimised mineral breakdown that maximises disc life.   Read More

Mastercam X5 MU1 offers expanded maching flexibility, speed and automation 25/06/2011

Mastercam X5 MU1 CADCAM software , from 4D Engineering, offers expanded machining flexibility and an increased emphasis on speed and automation. This maintenance update is available at no charge to all current Mastercam Maintenance customers.  Read More

Lantek Integra 2011 ERP allows web-based control of your business –anywhere 24/06/2011

Lantek Integra release 2011 ERP software allows sheet metal and steelwork companies to automate, manage and control all of their business processes in a web-based environment, facilitating management access across the Internet from any location or time zone.  Read More

Iscar develops wear and shock-resistant whisker reinforced ceramic inserts 23/06/2011

Iscar has developed its Isoturn IW7 range of advanced ceramic turning inserts to be tough enough to tackle the interrupted-cut finish-turning of superalloys. In addition, the inserts are able to undertake the roughing of both hard castings and hardened steel.   Read More

Subcontractor G&H Precision introduces Spinner magnetic deburring system 22/06/2011

G&H Precision employs the power magnetism in its new Spinner deburring and surface finishing system. A rotating magnetic disc activates small stainless steel pins immersed with the components to be processed in an electrolyte-based solution. The process eliminates the inconsistency of hand deburring, avoids possible damage or marking of components and creates a high order of uniformity to the component surfaces in a single operation.  Read More

Mid-size capacity machine joins upgraded Joemars wire EDM range 21/06/2011

The Joemars Eurospark WT5 wire erosion machine from Eurospark slots in size-wise between the WT4 and WT6 – successors to the former 455 and 655. A more compact design reduces machine width by almost 1,000 mm.   Read More

Overhead gantry supported spindle gives DMU 80 eVo 5-axis VMC exceptional workpiece accessibility 20/06/2011

With the spindle head supported by an overhead gantry, DMG's DMU 80 eVo vertical machining centre is said to have exceptional accessibility to the working area, even when an automated workpiece handling system is used. The design also provides an 800 by 650 by 550 mm working volume in what DMG further says is a compact footprint.  Read More

G7 VIPER grinder tackles workpiece sizes beyond G5 capacity 17/06/2011

A larger capacity creep-feed 'very impressive performance extreme removal' VIPER grinder is now available. The Makino G7's 730 by 650 by 730 mm XYZ capacity is aimed at the manufacturing requirements of the larger aero-engines and turbine vanes beyond the G5's 300 mm dia limit.  Read More

Kaltenbach KBS1051 bandsaw lines up with ancillary equipment for integrated steel processing 17/06/2011

Kaltenbach's completely new KBS1051 mitring structural steel bandsaw is claimed to be the world's fastest. In a recent demonstration, HEM400 steel beam was repeatedly cut in a remarkable 83 sec.   Read More

Turbex Versa Mk III redesign results in more capable and compact ultrasonic cleaning system 16/06/2011

Four years of development work has enabled Turbex to launch the Versa Mk III. This more compact ultrasonic aqueous cleaning system features an improved method of basket handling and more convenient controls.  Read More

Trumpf TruLaser Station 3003 offers flexible efficiency for small and medium batch welding 15/06/2011

The compact Trumpf TruLaser Station 3003 is a flexible solution for small and medium batch laser welding volumes.   Read More

Walter Xtra.tec F4338 porcupine cutter benefits from additional axial fixed stop 14/06/2011

The Xtra.tec F4338 porcupine cutter's additional axial fixed stop holding the front row of inserts makes a difference to process reliability in heavy duty high volume machining, says Walter.  Read More

Kaltenbach KKS463 circular saw mitres faster 14/06/2011

The Kaltenbach KKS463 automatic high speed mitring up-stroking circular saw is a completely new design that claims a 'world's fastest' title.   Read More

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