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Powerful production planning 20/08/2009

Jobshop 2009 R3, from Planit Software, adds a number of new features in addition to further developing existing functionality and improving usability throughout the system.  Read More

Fibre diode can replace pumped solid-state lasers 20/08/2009

With features that include 100W of output from a single fibre optic and a divergence of less than 120 mrad, Trumpf describes the performance of its new diode module as groundbreaking.  Read More

Motorised heads' performance boosted 20/08/2009

Following a series of design enhancements, Renishaw's industry-standard family of PH10 motorised indexing heads for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) now have a 20 per cent improvement in repeatability and increased long-term stability.   Read More

Dormer's Shark Line gets more bite 20/08/2009

Dormer has added to its comprehensive range of high performance material-specific threading products by introducing improved versions of its taps for Alloy Steels – branded 'Shark-Line'.  Read More

Profile cutting productivity boost 20/08/2009

Lantek Flex3D has been improved with the aim of increasing the productivity of profile cutting machines (sawing, drilling and cutting), as well as creating 3D designs in an intuitive and simple way, giving a true simulation of the result achieved when machining a profile.  Read More

Portable scanners are fast 20/08/2009

The Photon 120 and 20, are eight times faster than previous models.   Read More

Tool grinding software is easy to use 20/08/2009

Version 8.0 Quick Check Modular software for the Walter Helicheck range of tool measuring machines offers users an unrivalled level of flexibility, ease of operation and rapid programming, it is claimed.   Read More

Drill virtually eliminates delamination in CFRP composites 20/08/2009

Sandvik Coromant has released the CoroDrill Delta-C R854 solid carbide drill for aerospace applications, such as the drilling of CFRP composites.   Read More

Delcam V10 is fastest ever 19/08/2009

Delcam's PowerMILL version 10 offers the fastest-ever toolpath generation on multi-processor computers, giving greatly increased user productivity.   Read More

Dah Lih VMCs get face and taper spindle connection as standard 19/08/2009

All BT40 series Dah Lih vertical machining centres are now supplied with BBT face and taper contact spindles as standard.  Read More

Roughing and finishing solution for titanium 19/08/2009

The Prototyp Protostar Ti45 and Ti40 shank-style solid carbide milling cutters are for the high performance milling of titanium, and provide a universal solution for roughing and finishing cycles.   Read More

Modular palletisation system handles 10 tonnes 19/08/2009

System 3R's Delphin modular clamping system can now handle workpieces of up to 10 tonnes.  Read More

Fast, accurate, economical wire-cut EDM units 19/08/2009

AgieCharmilles FI CCS wire-cut EDM machines, equipped with the latest generation of CleanCut digital generators, are said to be fast and reliable.  Read More

Vision inspection speed reduced by 35 per cent, or more 19/08/2009

MultiCapture is a patent-pending vision measurement technology that is standard in PC-DMIS Vision 2009 (Hexagon Metrology).  Read More

Tube saw gets deburring module 13/08/2009

RSA's RASACUT XS now benefits from a module for the chamfering and facing of tubes in the same diameter range.   Read More

Visualisation software for sawing/drilling lines 13/08/2009

Kaltenbach's visualisation software, as fitted into an automated sawing and drilling line, offers an overall monitoring and control facility. It provides on screen, touch control graphics and schematic representation of each process sequence and shows, within the flow path, the real-time position and movement of material.   Read More

Kern Pyramid Nano gets hydrostatics package 13/08/2009

Kern's Pyramid Nano high precision machining centre is now supplied with hydrostatic technology, offering a jig/co-ordinate grinding' package.  Read More

Dry turning insert offers high productivity 13/08/2009

The latest development from LMT Boehlerit's specialist carbide and coating division is targeted at users requiring higher productivity when rough and finish turning cast iron materials under dry cutting conditions. As a result, proving trials involving the new Casttech LC610H grade of turning insert, available from LMT (UK) of Coventry, have shown that the tooling can be run without coolant at speeds of up to 500 m/min.   Read More

Laser marker for harsh environments 13/08/2009

Rofin-Sinar's Multiscan HE laser source for coding and marking is configured for operation in harsh environments.  Read More

Track-mounted linear scale is rugged; easy to fit 13/08/2009

FASTRACK is a revolutionary track-mounted linear encoder scale system from Renishaw that combines ±5 µm/m accuracy, with the ruggedness of stainless steel, and the quick and easy installation of a carrier-type encoder system.   Read More

Abrasive belts get performance boost 13/08/2009

Longer lasting metalworking belts with higher initial cut and improved shelling resistance are available from 3M.   Read More

Non-contact laser scanning head 13/08/2009

Based on the Steintek White Light Scanning system, Wenzel now offers a fast and accurate method to scan aerofoil and fir tree root features without the need to worry about ball radius compensation.  Read More

Five-axis machine tools come in three specifications 13/08/2009

Hardinge Machine Tools GX 250 5-AX machining centre range boasts three models in the GX 250 5-AX range (the S: the P and the HP).  Read More

Sirius laser profiler is automation-ready 12/08/2009

LVD's Sirius is, an automation-ready flying optics laser cutting system.   Read More

Drill range is first beneficiary of WNT product review 12/08/2009

The first beneficiary of WNT's review of its product ranges in order to maximise the savings for its extensive customer base of small to medium sized sub-contractors is the Mastertool range of solid carbide drills.   Read More

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