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Haeger insertion press designed to eliminate fastener errors 25/10/2010

The Haeger 824 WindowTouch–3 insertion press, available through sole UK representative Shear-Form Machine Tools, is designed to ensure the correct fastener is used every time, improving insertion productivity by up to 40 per cent.  Read More

Accurate Cutting Services offer Pedrazzoli tube forming solutions 22/10/2010

Pedrazzoli, the Italian tube forming and cutting machine manufacturer, has developed a new generation of machines in the bending field.  Read More

LMT expands Easytec grooving and part-off range for hard materials 22/10/2010

LMT's newly-developed, toughened, sub-micron grade of coated insert expands its Easytec range of grooving, groove-turning and parting tools for high performance machining of super alloys, stainless steels, alloyed cast irons and non-alloyed cast irons.  Read More

Mastercam’s multi-threading optimises performance 22/10/2010

Mastercam's multi-threading gives the power to segment complex tasks in a multi-core computer, delivering faster processing as well as other benefits. Mastercam Mill gives the option to turn multi-threading on or off to allow performance optimisation for a particular job and environment.  Read More

TaeguTec updates its range of cast iron milling inserts 18/10/2010

TaeguTec has launched its TT6080 series of inserts for the milling of gray and nodular cast iron. These milling inserts cover the application range of both the existing TT6030 and TT6060 grades while delivering enhanced performance.  Read More

PPEC press brake series enhanced with 35 to 50 ton models 18/10/2010

The PPEC series of mid-range press brakes, from LVD, now offers 35 to 50 ton configurations utilising a rugged, simple design.  Read More

Mastercam and Unigraphics/NX data exchange with UG Read 18/10/2010

Mastercam users can now open native Unigraphics/NX part or assembly files without a Unigraphics/NX license requirement, using UG Read. With UG Read it is also possible to import Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) data, such as properties, datums, dimensions, notes, geometric tolerances and datum targets.  Read More

Productivity boost from WNT's flat bottomed drill 15/10/2010

WNT's WTX-180 drill is designed to create true 180° flat bottomed holes making use of four facet geometry and polished flutes to deliver productivity gains by eliminating costly second operations.  Read More

TaeguTec improves accuracy with TSK Collet Chuck 15/10/2010

TaeguTec has added to its range with the TSK Collet Chuck specifically designed for precision machining and considerably more accurate than existing ER collet chuck systems.  Read More

Latest PostWorks compatible with Mastercam files 14/10/2010

NCCS has announced that the latest version of its universal postprocessor, PostWorks, is capable of reading and processing Mastercam nci files.   Read More

Twisting through 3,000° with the igus TwisterBand (Video) 14/10/2010

The igus TwisterBand is an innovative compact energy chain system that is able to turn lines eight times round its own axis. Staying close to the axis, the igus TwisterBand TB30 can guide energy, data and other media safely through 3,000° at high rotating speeds.  Read More

Automated wet blasting with the Vapormatt Cougar Radial 14/10/2010

The Vapormatt Cougar Radial has a sealed processing enclosure 1,550 by 1,300 by 1,180 mm high, suitable for the automated wet blasting of a wide variety of components, both individually or attached to tailored fixtures.  Read More

Multi-spindle auto for parts up to 40 mm diameter 13/10/2010

German multi-spindle automatic lathe manufacturer, INDEX, has introduced a six-spindle CNC machine with 40 mm bar capacity. The multi sits between the 32 mm and 52 mm capacity models in the MultiLine range, and is available from Geo Kingsbury.  Read More

Bystronic returns to the small press brake market 13/10/2010

Bystronic has introduced the AFM Excel 50, a fast operation 50 tonne press brake with a small footprint.  Read More

E-Vent Plasma Cutting for the sheet metal and HVAC industries 13/10/2010

The E-Vent plasma machine, from ESAB Cutting Systems, is particularly suited to the sheet metal industry, utilising either an ESP 101 Plasmarc or the Powercut 1300 power source to plasma cut steel blanks from 0.75 to 20.00 mm thick.  Read More

Mapal super-hard cutting materials cut costs and boost productivity 08/10/2010

Manufactured using premium grade materials, the latest super-hard PCBN and PCD cutting tool inserts from Mapal are said to consistently outlast and outperform 'budget price' alternatives.  Read More

Bronx partner with SKF for energy efficient backup rolls 07/10/2010

Bronx Engineering has partnered with SKF to launch a range of energy efficient replacement backup rollers for use with all existing Bronx precision levelling machines.   Read More

Chick QwikStak gets to grips with small components 07/10/2010

QwikStak modular sub-plates are the latest addition to the versatile Chick System 5 workholding system available in the UK from machining equipment specialist, 1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA).  Read More

Kurt vice with 0.0007 inch clamping accuracy 07/10/2010

Kurt's HDM690 vice is ideal for precision clamping large parts for tool, die and production CNC applications.  Read More

Versatile machining centre for very large workpieces 04/10/2010

Top accuracy and high dynamic performance are claimed for a new moving-crossrail, vertical-spindle machining centre called MEGAMILL from DS Technology.   Read More

NCG CAM V10 available as 32-bit and 64-bit versions 29/09/2010

NCG CAM Solutions has released NCG CAM V10, available as 32-bit and 64-bit versions, which now features multi-tasking capability enhancements, a feature for roughing with solid carbide cutters, an optimised algorithm for rest roughing and faster rest finishing. Machine tool simulation has also been added to the 5-axis module.  Read More

More angles for TaeguTec end mill series 29/09/2010

TaeguTec has launched the LS-Mill end mill series of screw clamp cutters with a 75° or 90° entering angle to compliment its wedge clamp ISO end mill cutters.  Read More

Capto shrink-fit chucks from Haimer 27/09/2010

Fenn Tool now offers Haimer Capto taper toolholders, following a licence agreement between Haimer and Capto originator Sandvik Coromant.  Read More

WNT’s universal workholding solution 27/09/2010

Renowned for its comprehensive range of cutting tools, WNT (UK) also offer a range of workholding solutions.  Read More

Simple but effective Drum Level Indicator 27/09/2010

Running out of cutting fluid is frustrating, expensive and detrimental to your business. A simple, low cost, and effective solution to this problem from Jemtech (UK) is the Blaser Swisslube Drum Level Indicator.  Read More

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