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Adaptive guide bush for Citizen sliding-heads 29/09/2009

Citizen's Adaptive guide bushing (AGB) solution enables the use of cheaper bright bar instead of the normal ground or specially prepared bar material on its sliding-head machines.  Read More

Large capacity CNC turning 29/09/2009

The Hyundai-Kia SKT-700L turning centre is a for large capacity turn-mill for parts up to 900 mm by 3,000 mm.  Read More

Robot welding vision first slashes costs 29/09/2009

Meta Vision Systems' new laser sensor is the first such sensor to incorporate high performance image processing in the sensor head itself, rather than needing a separate computer.  Read More

Aluminium and plastic profile saws 29/09/2009

The KASTOalu range is specifically for cutting aluminium and plastic profiles without damaging the delicate materials.  Read More

Solution to improve machine utilisation 29/09/2009

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, has unveiled miView, to help companies improve the efficiency of their processes and eliminate waste.  Read More

Surface measurement on CMM world first 29/09/2009

Renishaw has added a new probe option for its REVO 5-axis measurement system, which for the first time, allows surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within CMM measurement routines.   Read More

Ultra-small lapping and polishing machine 29/09/2009

Engis UK has launched an ultra-small footprint, 4-way, double-sided lapping and polishing machine.  Read More

Edgecam 2010 R1 offers more 29/09/2009

Edgecam 2010 R1 offers performance and efficiency gains for turning centres and CNC lathes.   Read More

TalyMap Version 5.1 29/09/2009

TalyMap Version 5.1 surface analysis software has been released.  Read More

Batch cleaning system from Dürr covers wide application range. 29/09/2009

Dürr Ecoclean has unveiled an acqueous degreasing system for a batch application.  Read More

New cleaning process uses supercritical CO2 29/09/2009

Intended for fine and ultra-fine cleaning, the EcoCO2 from Dürr Ecoclean is the first-ever process that uses carbon dioxide in its supercritical state to treat small parts of complex geometry.  Read More

Hurco VM range upgraded: no price uplift 29/09/2009

Hurco has launched a major upgrade of its best-selling, compact-footprint VM range of vertical machining centres. The improvements include adding around 50 mm to the Y and Z axes and providing a 10,000 rpm spindle as standard.  Read More

Flexible fixturing system 29/09/2009

CMS has developed a flexible tooling system (UHF), which uses the machine spindle and servo axes, to automatically set the height and angle of a matrix of vacuum pods.   Read More

CMS combines metalcutting and waterjet 29/09/2009

Five-axis machining centre and waterjet profiler in one.  Read More

Hardness tester is next generation 29/09/2009

The Bareiss new second generation 'Bareiss Digi-Test II hardness tester' for SHORE and IRHD is available from Mapra Technik.  Read More

Renishaw RESOLUT now with BiSS communication 29/09/2009

Renishaw's new RESOLUTE absolute optical encoder is now available with BiSS-C high-speed serial communications.  Read More

Grooving and parting enhancement 18/09/2009

The latest addition to the range of Minimill range of parting and grooving tools from WNT (UK) is a series of solid carbide, 6-fluted, grooving and parting inserts.   Read More

Faster cutting in difficult materials 18/09/2009

Higher speed and feed rates are the hallmarks of ATI Stellram's redesigned 5505VX ball nose milling tool, which is specially designed for use on a range of difficult-to-machine materials.  Read More

Multi-axis machine tool probing development 18/09/2009

Intended to better support measurement on multi-axis machine tools, the new version of Renishaw's Productivity+ suite of PC-based probing software offers more creativity and efficiency in machining processes, which, supported by Renishaw's high accuracy Rengage 3D technology-based touch probes and new ultra-compact radio probes, give process engineers and machinists a wide choice of flexible process solutions.   Read More

Threading hardware and software 16/09/2009

Walter GB now offers a complete machining package for e thread generation – Prototyp Orbital thread milling cutters for the effective and efficient creation of threads down to M 1.6 and up to three times depth to diameter, ratio as standard, as well as UNC 1 5/16 and UNF 2 5/16 sizes, plus a 'ready-to-run' Internet-accessible CNC machining software program.  Read More

T-Clamp system enhanced 16/09/2009

TaeguTec's T-Clamp turning system system has been enhanced with quick exchangeable heads and the extension of the parting blade programme.   Read More

Oil industry thread inspection software 16/09/2009

Gagemaker TDWIN TAPER software from Bowers provides users with all of the necessary details to machine, inspect and document tubular oil industry connection threads in one all encompassing, convenient program.   Read More

Light curtain unit extends application 16/09/2009

SICK UK's miniTwin 4 light curtain offers, for the first time, sender and receiver elements combined in a single miniature housing, while also achieving continuous "end to end" field coverage with no blind spots.   Read More

Pneumatic marker is fast 16/09/2009

With marking fields of 100 by 80 mm and 200 by 80 mm, respectively, Technifor's XF510Sp and XF510Dp pneumatic micro-percussion marking machines are the fastest in the world in their category, able to mark up to 10 characters per second, twice as many as the previous generations.  Read More

High speed vapour degreaser 16/09/2009

The Pero V1R high speed vapour degreasing machine from Kumi Solutions is the latest addition to Pero's advanced range of high performance aqueous and solvent based parts cleaning machines.  Read More

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