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Mate Eliminator lubrication pads protect punch and punched edge quality 23/02/2012

Mate Tooling Solutions Eliminator pads – designed to keep the punch tool tip lubricated throughout the punching process – prevent punch galling, while maintaining the edge quality of parts produced.  Read More

Mapal introduces world's first MQL tool inspection system 23/02/2012

Mapal has introduced what it believes to be the world's first automatic tester for cutting tools used in MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) applications. This means that users of MQL technology, which Mapal says typically reduces machining costs by 10% or more, can now test tools away from their machines.  Read More

FAT-Haco CNC and manul lathe range offers cost-effective heavy duty turning 22/02/2012

Now available from Leader CNC Technologies is a range of FAT-Haco CNC and manul lathes in slantbed (FAT-Haco FCT/FTM) and flatbed CNC and manual ( TUR MN) formats.   Read More

Metrology Direct adds direct-to-video Hawkeye rigid borescopes to its range 22/02/2012

Metrology Direct has added US corporation Gradient Lens' Hawkeye integral CCD camera, direct-to-video systems to its range of precision rigid borescopes. They have the benefit of helping to reduce eyestrain for regular borescope operators.  Read More

Floyd offers Hommel & Keller on-turning-centre component roll marking 22/02/2012

Floyd Automatic Tooling is now offering the Zeus range of roll marking solutions and tools from German company Hommel & Keller. These enable workpieces to be marked directly on the turning centre. Zeus roll marking tools can be used with continuous rolling (like knurling) or a spring return systems. Both eliminate a secondary operation, consequential potential for inaccuracy and tool changeover time. They can also avoid batches getting mixed up.  Read More

Teach Pro simplifies Cognitens WLS400A robotic white light scanning system programming 21/02/2012

CoreView 6.0, Hexagon Metrology's latest software for Cognitens WLS400A white light scanning systems, now features Teach Pro, an offline programming module that allows programming to be carried out from any computer without direct connection to the robot.  Read More

Cognex In-Sight 500 inspects parts at fast line speeds 21/02/2012

The Cognex In-Sight 500 can inspect parts at production line speeds that demand a sub-7 millisecond cycle time, equivalent to approximately 200-300 frames per second (fps). Its ability to acquire images while simultaneously processing applications at 500 fps makes it an ideal vision system for relatively simple inspection applications using blobs, histogram and edges.   Read More

Dugard HSM600 simultaneous 5-axis VMC 20/02/2012

The latest machine to bear the Dugard name, the compact footprint simultaneous 5-axis HSM600 VMC, is now in the company's showroom. The HSM600, which joins the only other 5-axis Dugard, the X5, is offered with a standard B-axis swivel milling head and either an add-on type A-axis rotary table and tailstock or built-in integrated C-axis rotary table.   Read More

Weldability drums up SIFMIG SG2 for robot welding 17/02/2012

Weldability-SIF Sifbronze brand SIFMIG SG2 copper coated double deoxidised 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm diameter MIG welding wires are now available in 250 kg drums for semi-automated and fully-automated robotic MIG welding applications.  Read More

Versatile Sumitomo T1500A turning insert proves one tough cutter 17/02/2012

Sumitomo T1500A is an uncoated cermet turning insert developed to produce precise dimensional accuracy and ultra-high quality mirror finishes on steel. However, it can also be used for medium duty and light interrupted cutting cycles due to its enhanced fracture resistance.   Read More

CILS computer printable plate labels bond to difficult surfaces 16/02/2012

CILS 9100HD high performance heavy duty labels are designed to bond to difficult surfaces, like heavily textured, powder-coated and cast aluminium, and remain readable in harsh environments.   Read More

Stratasys SR-100 soluble support material enables more automated finer layer additive production 16/02/2012

Stratasys UK distributor Laser Lines reports that it is expanding its WaterWorks soluble support material to be compatible with its polycarbonate build material (PC-10) for Fortus 3D production systems. Previously, WaterWorks SR-100 soluble support material was available exclusively for the company's ABS-based material formulations.   Read More

W/Z-axis zero tracking maintains constant zero and helps operators avoid collisions 15/02/2012

MAG's W/Z zero tracking feature, which maintains constant zero position between up to three collinear axes, is now available on new or as retrofit to Siemens 840D controls on MAG horizontal boring mills and machining centres. It was previously only available on the NumeriPath 8000 control.  Read More

Jemtech believes Vasco 7000 ester oil-based cutting fluid could clean up in difficult machining applications 14/02/2012

Blaser Swisslube's Vasco 7000 vegetable ester oil-based, micro emulsion cutting fluid is targeted at difficult to machine materials, including titanium and nickel-based alloys. Its formulation does not include chlorine, boron, formaldehyde or zinc, so it is also safe for operators, components and machine tools.   Read More

Cognex DataMan 300 tackles difficult to read barcodes with improved algorithms and intelligent lighting 14/02/2012

Cognex says its DataMan 300 fixed-mount industrial ID reader with its 1DMax+ algorithm offers increased barcode read rates. Using 'Hotbars' technology it can handle the most difficult ID code-reading applications on even the highest speed lines, says the company. Reading performance for 2D matrix and difficult-to-read DPM (direct part mark) codes has also been significantly improved by a major upgrade from the 2DMax to the 2DMax+ algorithm.   Read More

Hexagon Metrology enhances white light measurement with CoreView 6.0 13/02/2012

Hexagon Metrology has announced the availability of CoreView 6.0 for the Cognitens WLS400 automated and manual white light measurement systems. The software includes an offline programming module for the Cognitens WLS400A robotic measuring system.   Read More

Compact IDS uEye CP camera focuses on data rich applications 13/02/2012

The ultra compact (29 by 29 by 29 mm), lightweight (45g) IDS uEye CP addition to Stemmer Imaging's industrial vision camera portfolio is suitable for a wide range of data rich applications.   Read More

Floyd Automatic launches Master-Clamp and Master-Guide to solve workholding issues 10/02/2012

The Master-Clamp and Master-Guide systems, according to Floyd Automatic, solve many sub-spindle component clamping issues and guide bush problems experienced by users of sliding-head and fixed-head turning machines.  Read More

Oerlikon Balzers offers Balinit Pertura optimised nanostructure drill coating 10/02/2012

According to Oerlikon Balzers, the optimised nanostructure of its Balinit Pertura coating makes it ideal for high performance solid carbide drills. It is claimed to improve abrasion resistance and extend tool life at both moderate and high speeds whether drilling holes in steel, stainless steel or cast iron.  Read More

Genie TS GigE cameras join Stemmer Imaging range 10/02/2012

The Genie TS range of GigE cameras from Teledyne DALSA, now available from Stemmer Imaging, are powered by the latest image sensors including Teledyne DALSA's own advanced monochrome CMOS devices. The Genie TS family offers resolutions from 5 MP up to 12 MP, all with true global shutter functionality for crisp, smear-free high speed imaging.  Read More

Sodick launches compact wire-cut EDM machines 10/02/2012

EDM developer and manufacturer Sodick has launched a compact range of wire-cut EDM machines. The AQ400L and AQ600L have installation dimensions of 2,980 by 3,675 mm and 2,400 by 2,930, respectively. The AQ400L takes workpieces up to 590 by 450 by 250 mm high weighing up to 550 kg. The AQ600L's maximum workpiece capacity is 690 by 550 by 300 mm high and 930 kg.  Read More

Delcam FeatureCAM 2012 R2 adds strategies for roughing and turn-milling 09/02/2012

Delcam's 2012 R2 release of its FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system includes strategies for roughing and turn-mill operations, alongside a range of more general enhancements to allow faster toolpath generation.  Read More

Stemmer Imaging 12 MP CameraLink cameras have best yet frame rate performance 09/02/2012

The CameraLink Falcon2 camera series from Teledyne DALSA, now available from Stemmer Imaging, offers frame rates of up to 168 fps with 4 MP resolution for high speed imaging. The 12 MP resolution model offers a frame rate of 58 fps, which Stemmer believes is the highest currently available at this resolution. Applications indicated include automated optical inspection in electronics semiconductor wafer inspection and flat panel display inspection, as well as solar panel inspection.  Read More

Seiki celebrates anniversary with launch of NMS 2012 core shopfloor production module 09/02/2012

Seiki Systems is launching NMS 2012 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The special edition of its core shopfloor production management system module draws upon the company's 20 years' experience of working with manufacturing organisations and technologies. Seiki describes NMS 2012 as "the culmination of valuable contributions from customers and partners that have informed the design and functionality enhancements of earlier versions, to make daily tasks easier and faster for users to perform".   Read More

Display reveals Schunk magnetic chuck status at a glance 07/02/2012

Now all new Magnos square pole chucks from Schunk are equipped with a permanent display indicating whether the magnetic chucks are activated or not. Existing users of Schunk Magnos chucks can order a retrofit set for existing magnets.  Read More

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