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Ter Solid Shrink Collet gets a grip on shank-style cutting tools 01/09/2010

A solid monoblock tool holding solution from LMT UK replaces and overcomes problems experienced with the more traditional spring-based tool holding collet enabling the maximum transmission of spindle speed, torque and feed rate to the cutting tool, it is claimed.  Read More

WaterHog takes a bite out of fluid disposal costs 31/08/2010

With the introduction of its WaterHog fluid evaporation system, metal cutting fluids supplier Jemtech UK is well placed to put its experience to good use in delivering reductions to the cost of industrial fluid waste disposal.  Read More

TaeguTec improves aluminium cutter range 27/08/2010

The 2 and 3-flute TaeguTec AluPlusMill series for machining aluminium and aluminium alloys has a thicker core than its predecessor to improve speeds, feeds, rigidity and surface finishes.  Read More

Walter Helitronic tool grinder developments 27/08/2010

Körber Schleifring UK of Honiley has enhanced its range of Walter Helitronic Power and Vision CNC tool grinders with a high-speed, high-frequency spindle; an automated work table; and additional solutions as part of the Walter Helitronic Tool Studio software.  Read More

Victor Europe’s Vcenter-X300 for larger parts 26/08/2010

The Victor Vcenter-X300 Vertical Machining Centre offers simultaneous 5-axis machining on large parts of up to 1,100 mm in diameter, and 4-axis machining of parts up to 3,000 mm long.  Read More

Verification software now available as a standalone product 26/08/2010

Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS) has enhanced its CAD/CAM software product line to include a standalone version of the In-Process-Verification software, NCL/IPV that runs independently of NCL.   Read More

Hydrafeed extends Autofeed range of long magazine barfeeds 23/08/2010

Hydrafeed's Autofeed long magazine range of barfeeds for feeding round, square and hexagonal bar stock into CNC turning centres has been developed to accommodate bar lengths of 3.8, 3.2 or 2.5 metres.  Read More

Air chuck from MicroLoc 23/08/2010

Precision air-clamping systems are designed to solve technical gripping or clamping problems in turn-key applications, as well as simpler standard applications, with no maintenance and speeds up to 15,000 rpm.  Read More

TaeguTec expands its grip in toolholding market 20/08/2010

TaeguTec has extended its T-Shrink range of thermal tool chucks to include a HSK A50 holder. The toolholder has a narrow design to enable the tool to machine difficult to reach surfaces, and a run-out accuracy of 0.003 mm that enables the holder to conduct extremely accurate machining.   Read More

MAPAL chucks give the best of both worlds 19/08/2010

The HTC (High Torque Chuck) range of chucks from MAPAL enables machine tool users to benefit from the fast, convenient and safe tool changes offered by hydraulic chucks in applications where it would previously have been necessary to use alternative clamping technologies.  Read More

WNT milling system improves stability and process security 17/08/2010

The 2011-07 milling system from WNT is of particular interest to users of machining and turning centres with high speed spindles but with low torque moments, low powered spindles and turning centres with driven tooling.  Read More

Engis offers honing tool for machining centre use 31/07/2010

Superabrasives specialist Engis UK has launched a tooling solution which effectively replaces the expensive and highly skilled 'black art' of honing and puts the process firmly into the range of standard, repeatable and cost-effective machining centre tasks, on standard vertical and horizontal CNC equipment.  Read More

Rofin's stent cutting system uses a femtosecond laser 29/07/2010

The StarCut Tube Femto is one of the first systems to offer cold laser cutting for medical device manufacturing.  Read More

ANCA Grinders ‘punch’ their weight 28/07/2010

ANCA's iGrind software comprises two packages; iPunch software intended for the grinding of standard convex punches and Key Hole Punch (KHP) software, written for the grinding of concave profiles.  Read More

Walter tool range offers swarfless tapping 27/07/2010

Walter's range of universal swarfless roll-type taps incorporates a special coating and geometry to enable threading of both blind and through holes in high tensile materials, as well as aluminium and copper alloys.  Read More

Internal grooving and hook tools from Floyd 23/07/2010

Floyd Automatic Tooling now supplies the ECO-Line of internal grooving and hook tools for face grooving operations, developed by Applitec Swiss Tooling to meet the demands of manufacturers using sliding head turning centres to produce small and complex parts.  Read More

Combirex Offers More Features And Higher Performance 23/07/2010

The Combirex is a gantry cutting machine designed to meet the needs of job shops and manufacturers of all sizes for both maintenance work or parts production in both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting modes.  Read More

Well orientated robot solution for machine and system builders 22/07/2010

Fanuc Robotics' M-10iA/10S is a 6 axes, 10 kg payload robot with a hollow arm to completely remove tooling cabling from the work area. It can be mounted in a variety of orientations without modification, such as on the floor and ceiling, or at an angle.  Read More

Kurt's 3-in-one jaw system for common angle cuts 21/07/2010

Kurt's 3-In-One Jaw System can clamp at 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30° and 45°  Read More

Laser cutting for extra large sheets 20/07/2010

Trumpf has developed a 2D laser machine for the processing of extra large sheets, up to 16 by 2.5 m.   Read More

Time and attendance data enhances Datatrack functionality 19/07/2010

The latest module for DataTrack, the business administration and production management system, is an integrated time and attendance module which is a logical extension to DataTrack's proven Shop Floor Data Collection module.  Read More

Innovation through vibration with Bowers hardness tester 16/07/2010

CV Instruments, the testing arm of the Bowers Metrology Group has announced the launch of the company's MET-U1A portable hardness tester.  Read More

LMT increases performance of HSS tooling with PM-Evolution range 16/07/2010

A range of endmill cutters produced from powder-metallurgical high speed steel (HSS) and containing a more consistent structure with higher than normal levels of tungsten and cobalt, is now available from LMT (UK).  Read More

Avon CNC stock Lehmann EA510 Indexers 15/07/2010

Warwick-based Avon CNC Services are now suppliers of the EA510 indexer from Pl Lehmann, the Swiss-based manufacturers of rotary tables.  Read More

Three-in-one NC coil feeding line available from Shear-Form 15/07/2010

Dimeco Alipresse's L7155B three-in-one NC coil feeding line is now available through Shear-Form Machine Tools, the Coventry based sheet metal and plate working machinery supplier and Dimeco Alipresse's sole UK representative.  Read More

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