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Lantek launches new SteelWork Solution 06/01/2011

Lantek Systems, a specialist in CADCAM and ERP software for the sheet metal and structural steel sectors, has launched its SteelWork Solution.  Read More

Meister Abrasives burrs cut metal and non-metal 06/01/2011

Specifically designed and manufactured to meet the edge finishing (deburring) criteria for advanced industry sectors, such as aerospace and defence, medical implant and device, petrochemical and process control, automotive and motorsport, as well as precision engineering businesses, Meister Abrasives UK's tungsten carbide rotary burrs can be applied to both metallic and non-metallic material, including that which has been cast, forged, fabricated, sawn, milled, drilled or turned.  Read More

Deep hole drilling up to 8XD at highest quality from ITC 06/01/2011

For drilling deep holes up to 8XD, ITC has developed its 1082 Cyber Series of high performance solid carbide drills with four lands for improved surface finishes on deep hole machining.  Read More

Bowers' multi-purpose, universal hardness tester 05/01/2011

Bowers Metrology UK has launched what it is describing as the latest development in universal hardness testing.   Read More

EOS launches new metal powder laser sintering machine 05/01/2011

Laser-sintering system manufacturer EOS has launched EOSINT M 280 for processing metal powders.   Read More

Dormer thread cutting and forming tools 05/01/2011

Dormer Tools has launched a new programme of thread cutting and thread forming taps to meet a growing requirement for versatile tooling.   Read More

Sandvik Coromant QS system now supports parting and grooving 04/01/2011

Sandvik Coromant's innovative new range of CoroCut QS toolholders improve stability and part quality when performing parting and grooving operations on sliding-head automatic lathes.  Read More

ESAB IMP now sports plasma torch 04/01/2011

ESAB's IMP flame cutting machine now has extra versatility, as it can be fitted with a plasma torch for light plasma cutting operations.   Read More

Internal and external length measurememnt from Mahr 04/01/2011

The updated Linear range of compact length measuring instruments from Mahr comprises three models – Linear 100 (application range 0-100 mm), Linear 800 (0-800 mm) and Linear 1200 (0-1,200 mm), all of which are DN EN ISO 9000-compliant and capable of the fast and precise measurement of workpiece internal and external dimensions.   Read More

WNT inserts tackle superalloys 01/01/2011

WNT has launched two new insert ranges to overcome the difficulties of machining superalloys.   Read More

Edgecam 2011 R1 sees multiple improvements 01/01/2011

Edgecam 2011 R1 sees the package's extensive range of milling features for roughing components now included in one special 'composite' feature that optimises roughing and reduces tool changes. The new composite feature collects all the features on the part, allowing them to be easily roughed in one operation.  Read More

Mastercam X5 offers faster, smarter machining 31/12/2010

Mastercam X5 introduces significant new capabilities, including: new dynamic milling techniques; multi-axis machining; smart hybrid finishing, and much more.   Read More

Small parts handled accurately and quickly with System 3R Twist Lock 30/12/2010

System 3R'sTwist Lock direct clamping chuck is intended for use with small parts.  Read More

KMT Waterjet system offers 6,200 bar pressure for similar hp rating 29/12/2010

KMT Waterjet Systems' Streamline PRO Range is capable of 6,200 bar and marks a 50% increase in pressure capability, compared to KMT's previous SL V system.  Read More

Stable cast iron milling from Mitsubishi Carbide 28/12/2010

Mitsubishi Carbide's VOX400 face mill has been primarily designed with overall stability in mind, enabling it to cover a wide range of cast iron milling applications.  Read More

Hermle C 22 is small 3 to 5-axis machining centre 27/12/2010

German machine tool manufacturer Hermle's C 22 U is at the smaller end of its range of vertical spindle machines.   Read More

Remote part alignment now offered for WARDJet water jet cutting tables 24/12/2010

A Live Remote Programming Camera is a new feature of the WARDJet X-Classic or XL controllers purchased with WARDJet water jet cutting tables.  Read More

Wogaard system reclaims coolant 24/12/2010

Wogaard has introduced a new cutting fluid reclaim solution.   Read More

Micro-percussion marking unit from Technifor 24/12/2010

The Technifor Pro-Pen P5000ZEM is a column-mounted micro-percussion marking solution.   Read More

Chlorine-free neat oils from Master Chemical 23/12/2010

The new TRIM TEC range of chlorine-free neat oils from Master Chemical uses the highest quality synthetic and semi-synthetic hydrocracked base fluids, together with carefully selected additives to improve cutting and grinding performance.   Read More

Wind turbine gearbox gears cut faster with Sandvik Cormant CoroMill 170 23/12/2010

Sandvik Coromant's CoroMill 170 is a gear milling roughing disc that speeds up the machining times of critical wind turbine gearbox and transmission components.  Read More

Mori Seiki launches new X series of machine tools 23/12/2010

Mori Seiki has launched its new X series range of machines, which covers the NTX1000 mill-turn centres, the NHX horizontal machining centres, the NLX2500 CNC lathes, and the NVX5000 vertical machining centres.  Read More

Stemmer Imaging unveils multi-purpose line laser 23/12/2010

Stemmer Imaging has launched the ZM18-DM, a multi-purpose line laser from Z-Laser.   Read More

Sandvik Coromant CoroMill 790 insert cuts aluminium well 23/12/2010

Sandvik Coromant's CoroMill 790 indexable insert end milling cutter is designed specifically for cutting aluminium components, and the new geometry is expected to appeal to manufacturers within the aerospace industry.  Read More

Hardinge launches quick-change collet range 23/12/2010

A quick-change range of high accuracy, permanently bonded, sealed collet heads is available from Hardinge.  Read More

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