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Haas boosts specification of machines in its mid-size Y-axis ST-30 series 08/06/2011

The standard ST-30Y in Haas' versatile mid-size Y-axis turning centre series now has a maximum cutting capacity of 533 by 660 mm and is equipped with a 12-station hybrid BOT/VDI turret. The A2-6 spindle turns to 3,400 rpm, and features a 10 inch hydraulic chuck and a 3.0 inch bar capacity. A 30 hp vector drive system provides 275 ft-lb of torque, and a two-speed gearbox is available that boosts torque to 840 ft-lb. Rapids are 24 m/min on the X and Z axes, and 18 m/min on the Y-axis.   Read More

Large travel Haas VF-12 VMC accommodates large volume machining 08/06/2011

Haas Automation is aiming its VF-12 vertical machining centre at the aerospace, automotive and mould and die industries where there is a trend towards the manufacture of monolithic components and large composite structures.  Read More

Haas introduces ST-20 Super Speed compact Y-axis lathe 07/06/2011

The Haas ST-20 Series Y-axis turning centres – available now in Super Speed as well as standard configurations – provide 101 mm of Y-axis travel (50.8 mm from the centreline) for off-centre milling, drilling, and tapping, and come as standard with high torque live tooling and a servo-driven C axis for versatile 4-axis capability.   Read More

JetCAM version 16.20.02 nesting software unleashes even more automation 07/06/2011

Version 16.20.02 of JetCAM's Expert CADCAM and nesting software contains several significant features, an entirely new entry-level product and many performance enhancements.  Read More

Kurt MaxLock 350 multi-axis vice incorporates Anglock for decreasing stationary jaw deflection 07/06/2011

Kurt's MaxLock 350 5-axis vice uses the company's Anglock feature that is designed to reduce part lift to a minimum. Parts are held with maximum rigidity for close tolerance repeatability in all axes.  Read More

Flex3d V2011 optimises Lantek’s solution for 3D design and manipulation of folded metalwork and tube 07/06/2011

Sheet metal CADCAM and ERP expert Lantek has enhanced its Lantek Flex3d software for the design, folding/unfolding, and 3D cutting of tubes, profiles and sheet metal parts in the latest 2011 versions of its software.   Read More

MAG U6 Series 5-axis gantry mill W-axis raises the bar for heavy-duty manufacturing of tall parts 06/06/2011

An adjustable cross rail on the MAG U6 series allows parts up to 7.5 m high to be machined. It also increases stiffness and improves flexibility with five-sided and 5-axis productivity for large part manufacturers.  Read More

Mastercam X5 for SolidWorks offers direct programming and a full suite of cutting strategies 06/06/2011

With Mastercam X5 for SolidWorks users can program parts directly in SolidWorks using Mastercam toolpaths and machining strategies.  Read More

Roemheld FSS fixture solves clamping and support challenges of free-form surfaces 05/06/2011

Roemheld has developed Flexible Clamping and Supporting Systems (FSS) to solve the challenges of clamping and supporting free-form surfaces in industries such as aerospace.  Read More

Improved TaeguTec Top-Mini benefits turning operations on small workpieces 04/06/2011

An upgraded Top-Mini from TaeguTec offers improved clamping forces for operations on small workpieces on Swiss-type automatic turning centres. The design allows inserts to be effectively clamped from the side, which enables the operator to index the insert without removing the toolholder from the lathe. This is particularly valuable when sliding head turning centres are using additional tool stations and add-ons that limit space in the work envelope.  Read More

Victor CNC launches new advanced ‘A’ series C-framed VMCs 04/06/2011

Victor Taichung's UK sales arm, Victor CNC, says its A series machines are built for rapid Z-axis acceleration of up to 0.75 G and encompass XYZ capacities of 720-1,300, 480-780 and Z 660-700 mm. Feedrates are up to 48 m/min in all axes, minimising non-cutting time while maximising spindle utilisation.   Read More

Wenzel adds Revo option to its Liberty technology package 04/06/2011

The Liberty 'technology package' can be added to any new CMM in the Wenzel range. It seamlessly integrates into a single package the new Renishaw PH20 infinite indexing probe head, or the high speed 5-axis Revo probe, both supplied with the Renishaw UCC2 motion controller and the next generation of OpenDMIS metrology software.  Read More

Radan 2011 R2 allows users greater integration with their processes 04/06/2011

"As many new functions have been added to Radan in recent years, we're now starting to look at bundling all related functions together into processes, so that Radan users can get the most from the new features," Radan product manager Olaf Körner says. For example, nesting functions in Radan 2011 R2, and everything related to nesting, is contained in just one process. There is more control over specific parts and sheet sizes, to ensure the final nest takes the user's individual requirements. For example, in a list of 100 parts, maybe 60 aren't needed until tomorrow, so a new 'exclude from nesting function' allows the user to start with the other 40.  Read More

Missler TopSolid Mold 2011 functions and improvements for mould tool design and manufacture 03/06/2011

Missler Software has announced TopSolid Mold 2011, an integrated CADCAM solution for the design of moulds and the machining of tools.   Read More

Sandvik Coromant QS holding system plus high precision coolant equals happy sliding-head users 03/06/2011

The successful quick change capability of Sandvik Coromant's QS holding system, suitable for Citizen, Star and Nexturn sliding-head turning machines, can now be combined with high precision coolant.  Read More

GibbsCAM 2011 release improvements to 5-axis and multi-task machining 03/06/2011

Improvements in the GibbsCAM 2011 release include many new multi-task machining and 5-axis CNC programming features that optimise programming of complex requirements of the medical, aerospace and energy industry.   Read More

Faro launches innovative, versatile measurement arm 03/06/2011

The Faro Edge is a portable measurement arm that allows manufacturers to easily verify their product quality by performing inspections, tool certifications, CAD-to-part analysis, and reverse engineering via hard probing and non-contact laser scanning.  Read More

VoluMill for high speed rough machining available for latest GibbsCAM 02/06/2011

Celeritive Technologies' VoluMill software for high speed rough machining is now available for GibbsCAM. VoluMill uses the Celeritive Ultra-High Performance Toolpath algorithm to generate toolpaths based upon desirable material removal rates.   Read More

Trumpf automatic slag removal for flatbed laser machines 02/06/2011

The Trumpf TruTool TSC100 slat cleaner thoroughly removes accumulated slag resulting from stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium laser processing. Not only are the slats cleaned on the sides but also in the hard-to-reach spaces in between. The result is an outstandingly clean flatbed laser machine. Clean slats are important to the process stability of the laser cutting machine. If slag is allowed to build up, not only is the quality of the process compromised, but so too is the quality of the finished part.  Read More

A versatile 2-in-1 laser marking/engraving workstation from Foba 02/06/2011

Foba's G3 laser engraving workstation for material processing is said to be not only ideal for highly precise deep engravings but for laser marking on small and premium parts. The 2-in-1 laser marking and engraving machine can apply the finest 2D/3D engravings on 3D surfaces and marks medical instruments, equipment and implants as well as luxury goods such premium watches and jewellery.   Read More

Bandsaw enhancements improve structural steel processing productivity 02/06/2011

Ficep's design enhancements to its bandsaw gear boxes and hydraulic set-up systems for saw blade feed have created what it believes are now the fastest saws in the world in the 600 to 2000 mm width capacities. The saw feed system now also incorporates a more reliable and ridged all-welded structure which significantly reduces vibration to virtually eliminate blade trap, a common fault on most ballscrew feed systems traditionally used.   Read More

Blum Novotest power consumption monitoring reveals tool deterioration 02/06/2011

Broken cutting tools and the damage caused components can be eliminated, says Blum Novotest, using the TMAC tool monitoring solution. The ingenious new Tool Monitor Adaptive Control (TMAC) system protects the CNC machine while providing valuable information regarding the cutting process.  Read More

SmartCAM V18.0 applications now being field tested for June release 01/06/2011

Version 18.0 delivers new and improved milling functionality to the SmartCAM milling suite, and several modelling and toolpath editing enhancements to the entire SmartCAM suite of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system software. General release of the software is expected in June.  Read More

Schunk modular clamping blocks for precise serial production 01/06/2011

Schunk has reworked its series of Tandem clamping blocks to make them part of a modular system for highly efficient workpiece clamping suitable for a multitude of machine tools. The modular clamping system is compact but can develop enormous forces in confined spaces. The improved system is extremely flexible and can be actuated pneumatically, hydraulically, via spring force or manually.  Read More

Thame Workholding offers Lang Tri-Top 3-face tombstone fixture 01/06/2011

Multiple workpiece clampings minimise 4/5-axis machine downtime and facilitate setting-up. The system is highly accurate, with the Lang Quick-Point 96 system securing the 5.5 kg aluminium Tri-Top in place and the Lang Quick-Point 52 system that secures the Makro-Grip vices to each of the Tri-Top's three faces. (The integer refers to the centre distance in mm between any two adjacent clamping studs of Lang's four-stud clamping system.)   Read More

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