GibbsCAM 5-Axis option further extends GibbsCAM’s existing machining capability and provides the user with a complete range of 5-axis simultaneous milling functionality able to machine turbine blade, impellers, engine porting, aircraft wing spars and various medical parts. The new 5-Axis option introduces the following capabilities: [] Multi-surface 5-axis roughing and finishing [] Multi-surface 5-axis flowline machining [] Surface edge 5-axis swarf cutting (trimming vacuum-formed parts) [] Adaptable interface, based on part type strategy, shows only what is needed [] Advanced gouge protection ensures safe cuts in even the most complex operations [] Complete control over entry/exit, cut-to-cut, and between cut moves. A variety of post processing approaches is available for the GibbsCAM 5-Axis option. Simple modifications to most GibbsCAM post processors allow them to support 5-axis output. Existing posting systems, which are based on APT-CL, can also be supported through GibbsCAM’s APT-CL post. Additionally, 5-axis drivers initially created for the ProAXYZ 5as option for GibbsCAM are compatible with the new 5-Axis option.