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Seco introduces new range of 150.10 JETI parting-off blades to fit VDI turrets 27/02/2017

Designed to help component manufacturersachieve increased productivity, tool life and part quality by more effectively removing heat generated during high speed parting-off operations, Seco’s 150.10-JETI system comprising parting-off blades and square shank blocks has been further expanded to now include a new VDI block design.  Read More

Fanuc cobot range grows with addition of three new models 24/02/2017

Fanuc has now added three small, collaborative robots (cobots) as part of its industrial robot portfolio: the CR-4iA, the CR-7iA and the CR-7iA/L. These complement the larger, green-coloured CR-35iA Collaborative Robot which, with a payload of 35 kg, remains the ‘strongest’ of its kind.   Read More

Bystronic Mobile Bending Cell supports automated and manual bending, offers easy set-up 23/02/2017

Bystronic’s Mobile Bending Cell comprises the company’s 1 m bend length, 40 ton Xpert 40 pressbrake and a moveable robotics cabinet that, together, deliver a compact system that supports both automated and manual bending. As part of the Mobile Bending Cell, the fast Xpert 40 bends three times as many parts as a large pressbrake, Bystronic claims.   Read More

New machines make Amada’s LCG-AJ fibre laser profiler line-up comprehensive 22/02/2017

New machines have been added to Amada’s LCG-AJ fibre laser profiler line-up, in order to make it a comprehensive range; it now includes 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 kW power versions. All are equipped with Amada-developed fibre laser oscillators.  Read More

Zoller Venturion 450 tool presetter is smart factory-ready 22/02/2017

Zoller’s new Venturion 450 tool presetter boasts the new, ergonomic ‘eQ’ one-hand control handle, a striking look and also offers everything for the networked manufacturing world of the future, the maker says.  Read More

New milling cutter for the face- and shoulder-milling of cast iron and hardened steel added to Mapal’s HX Milling line 21/02/2017

Available in the diameter range 50 to 250 mm, the cutter can be used for face-milling with the company’s HX indexable inserts that have six cutting edges or for shoulder- and face-milling with W-shaped three-edge inserts. This flexibility is courtesy of innovative milling cartridges that can easily be changed to allow use of both insert types in the same tool body.  Read More

Ajax adds AJCBM1000 to CNC bed milling machine range 20/02/2017

Ajax Machine Tools has added the AJCBM1000 CNC bed milling machine, part of a range designed to fill the gap between machining centres and toolroom mills.  Read More

Seco Tools Thread Chaser now available with Steadyline vibration-damping bars and Capto tooling 16/02/2017

Previously available only in a square-shank design, Seco Tools' Thread Chaser holder range has been increased to accommodate Steadyline vibration-damping bars and Capto tooling.   Read More

Autodesk cloud platform Fusion 360 now features sheet metal and branching-and-merging capabilities 16/02/2017

Autodesk says that sheet metal has been the number one most-requested item in Fusion 360 forums and its Ideastation (a ‘share and vote’ product ideas platform).  Read More

XYZ Machine Tools introduces price-competitive first step into vertical machining centres with LR range 15/02/2017

Three linear rail ball-bearing slideway vertical machining centres have been added to XYZ Machine Tools’ range, offering X-axis travel of from 510 to 1,000 mm and a starting price of £29,450.  Read More

Engis vitrified bond grinding wheels suit bearing race work 15/02/2017

Available from Engis UK, a new range of vitrified bond grinding wheels that includes products suitable for grinding internal diameter bearing races can provide customers with lower manufacturing cost per part, as well as improved product quality, the company says.   Read More

Heckert horizontals offer rock-solid performance on accuracy 14/02/2017

Heckert Solid Rock machining centres are, say its maker, “the most thermally stable horizontal machining centres available”.  Read More

Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen BA 222 two-spindle, 4- or 5-axis horizontal machining centre for precision machining 13/02/2017

The SW (Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH) BA 222 two-spindle, 4- or 5-axis horizontal machining centre boasts positional tolerances (Tp) of less than 0.006 mm, in accordance with statistical method VDI/DGQ 3441 (non-statistical methods would deliver a lower figure).  Read More

PC-DMIS 2017 R1 heralds more focused user experience and improved workflows 13/02/2017

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched PC-DMIS 2017 R1, the latest edition of “the world’s most popular measurement software”. There will be two major releases for PC-DMIS in 2017, with continued service pack updates to ensure maximum reliability of the platform.  Read More

LVD Synchro-Form is "the next leap in adaptive bending technology" for large work 09/02/2017

LVD’s Synchro-Form is described as the next leap in adaptive bending technology. It automatically maintains angular consistency and the required geometric profile when handling, positioning and bending large parts with multiple bends.   Read More

Mapal indexable insert reamer supports easier management; offers high performance 09/02/2017

Mapal’s high performance reaming tool HPR400 uses inserts and offers benefits over solid types that require resharpening, through elimination of time-consuming or expensive reconditioning and reduced numbers of reamers in circulation.   Read More

Tesa Micro-Hite height gauges for fast and accurate measurement 08/02/2017

Tesa Micro-Hite height gauges are designed for workshops, as well as for laboratories, and fill the gap between traditional instruments and sophisticated measuring machines.  Read More

Iscar Sumo3Cham replaceable-head drill cuts faster 07/02/2017

Iscar’s Sumo3Cham, an advanced three-flute replaceable-head drill, can reduce machining cycle times by up to 50%, when compared to the conventional two-flute drills.   Read More

Faro Vantage Laser Tracker family for large-scale measurement boasts mobile/tablet control capability 02/02/2017

The new Faro Vantage Laser Tracker product family sets a new price/performance standard for addressing challenges in large-scale metrology, with uses in assembly alignment, part and assembly inspection, machine installation and alignment, and reverse engineering.  Read More

ANCA Spindle Speed Increaser unit supports single set-up PCD tooling production 01/02/2017

With ANCA’s new Spindle Speed Increaser, customers can easily grind polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tool blanks, allowing for greater speed and efficiency.   Read More

Horn has solid carbide end-mills especially for titanium machining 31/01/2017

An extensive range of solid carbide end-mills, designed specifically for machining titanium alloys such as Ti6Al4V, has been launched by Horn.  Read More

Open Mind 'hyperMILL 2017.1' boasts turning, milling and CAD improvements 30/01/2017

Open Mind Technologies’ ‘hyperMILL’ 2017.1 sees crucial additions to ‘hyperCAD-S’, its proprietary CAD for CAM solution and has added new mill-turning and milling functions.  Read More

Revolutionary carbide coating process lifts tool life by 200% for milling, claims Walter 30/01/2017

A new and innovative titanium aluminium oxide (TiAIN) coating process that revolutionises carbide insert performance by offering life increases of up to a staggering 200% has been unveiled by tooling expert Walter.   Read More

Siemens’ integrated design-to-manufacturing software for additive manufacturing 27/01/2017

This month, Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) business will start rolling out its comprehensive design-to-manufacturing software for additive manufacturing (AM)/3D printing. It marks the beginning of a new generation of manufacturing capabilities, says the company.   Read More

Brother 5-axis mill-turn model M140X2 has high speed control and direct drive, 2,000 rpm table 26/01/2017

An evolution of the M140X1, the Brother 5-axis mill-turn model M140X2 features the new high speed C-00 control and fully integrated direct drive table.  Read More

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