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Kellenberger 100 cylindrical grinder platform is fit for the future 14/11/2017

Hardinge Group’s Kellenberger 100 cylindrical grinder platform boasts a modular design that incorporates key elements of Kellenberger's Vista and Vita model ranges, the Jones & Shipman Ultramat CNC and Ultragrind 1000, plus the Tschudin T25.   Read More

Heller Machine Tools offers training horizontal machining centre 13/11/2017

An advanced training machine designed to raise the skill level of horizontal machining centre operators away from the shopfloor has been introduced by Heller Machine Tools.   Read More

Feedio autoloader for Brother Speedio range offers automated extended running 13/11/2017

A robotic component handling system, Feedio, has been introduced by the Japanese manufacturer, Brother, to increase the production efficiency of its Speedio range of 3- to 5-axis machining centres. Available in the UK and Ireland through Whitehouse Machine Tools, the compact unit can be retrofitted to upgrade any machine in the range.  Read More

OK-Vise Multi-Rail RM fixturing system gains holding force measurement novelties 13/11/2017

Workholding equipment manufacturer OK-Vise has released two new systems for checking how tightly a component has been clamped. The Finnish-made products are available in the UK through 1st Machine Tool Accessories, Salisbury.  Read More

Element Six’s CTB004 PCD grade meets automotive industry needs 11/11/2017

?Element Six’s CTB004 is a new grade of PCD (polycrystalline diamond), customised to meet the demands for the automotive industry.  Read More

Schunk hydraulic compensating chuck jaws positively tackle deformation, centrifugal force, surface finish and tool life issues 09/11/2017

Hydraulic compensating chuck jaws from Schunk are said to “have set a new benchmark for low-deformation workpiece clamping”. It is the first time that chuck jaws for compensating workpiece variation have successfully been combined with centrifugal force compensation, vibration-damping characteristics and micron-precision concentricity.  Read More

Lightweight pressbrake upper tooling from Trumpf 09/11/2017

Trumpf has developed new, patented lightweight upper tools for use with pressbrakes.  Read More

Javelin production control system from Vero Software - release 2018 R1 08/11/2017

Directly exporting key reports into Excel is the major highlight in the latest release of the Javelin production control system from Vero Software.  Read More

Cast iron rough and finish machining developments from Kennametal 08/11/2017

Kennametal offers new solutions for roughing and fine finishing of cast iron parts, delivering lowest cost per part and consistently superior part quality. For roughing, it is expanding the Mill 16 platform by introducing new cutter body styles, new insert geometries and grades, and a split case design for large diameter bodies that reduces spindle bearing loads. For finishing, Kennametal is introducing three insert grades.  Read More

VXelements 6.1 boasts performance improvements 08/11/2017

Latest version VXelements, 6.1, boasts performance improvements to its dimensional inspection and reverse engineering software modules, with users gaining an improved user experience and “unmatched synergy” between the software and the company’s portable metrology solutions.  Read More

Okuma front-loaded, side-by-side twin-spindle 2SP-2500H CNC lathe is 20% faster than predecessor 07/11/2017

The Okuma has added the front-loaded, side-by-side twin-spindle 2SP-2500H CNC lathe to its line of a smart machines, targeting greater reliability in mass production, especially for automotive parts. It is 20% faster than previous models.  Read More

Kennametal has added to its range of Duo-Lock modular end-mills 07/11/2017

The initial release of Duo-Lock included more than 400 line items, with a number of small additions made earlier this spring, but the latest expansion more than doubles the existing cutting tip product offering.  Read More

BLM Group Lasertube LT7 cuts fast for lowest cost per part 07/11/2017

BLM Group’s 3 kW fibre laser Lasertube LT7 works in 2D or 3D, tubes from 12 to 152 mm in diameter and lengths of 6.5 or 8.5 m. Soft steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass can be cut quickly, with new devices and sensors that adapt each process to the conditions of the material maintaining highest cutting speed. Basically, lowest cost per piece is promised.  Read More

Engis tools make honing available on machining centres 07/11/2017

Engis UK offers customers a tooling solution which effectively replaces the expensive and highly skilled ‘black art’ of honing and puts the process firmly into the range of standard, repeatable and cost-effective machining centre tasks, on standard vertical and horizontal CNC equipment.  Read More

ANCA EDGe gets LaserPlus technology upgrade to boost accuracy credentials 06/11/2017

ANCA has added its LaserPlus system to its EDGe PCD cutting tool erosion machine, boosting accuracy and consistency of output.  Read More

BLM LT-Free offers 5-axis laser processes of tubes 24/7, supported by new Artcut software 06/11/2017

BLM Group’s LT-Free is a 5-axis laser cutting system that offers maximum operating flexibility and ease of use in the laser cutting of bent tubes, flat and moulded sheet metal, hydroformed components and welded assemblies. Fibre laser source of 1 and 3 kW are available, with four levels of sophistication offered.  Read More

Stäubli Robotics HelMo innovative mobile robotic system 06/11/2017

Stäubli Robotics’s HelMo is an innovative mobile robotic system that can navigate through its workplace independently. It continuously monitors its environment by means of three integrated laser scanners. The robotic system can ensure that tasks are completed in a fully automated way and at high speed, and, if needed, it can also work alongside human employees  Read More

BLM's 4-Runner H1 coil-fed tube bender is for 12.7 mm tube 06/11/2017

The 4-Runner H1 is dedicated to complex working of tube (from coil) having diameters up to 12.7 mm; it joins the 4-Runner H3 system capable of processing tubes up to 22 mm.  Read More

Element Six’s PureCut PCBN offers extended tool life 04/11/2017

?Element Six’s PureCut PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) is engineered using a unique grade design, proven to extend tool life in machining by up to 50%, compared to industry benchmark grades  Read More

BIG Kaiser digital boring heads with wireless connectivity offer user benefits 03/11/2017

A new generation of BIG Kaiser digital boring heads with wireless connectivity is now available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC).  Read More

Schunk makes pneumatic-to-electric switch easy with new module 03/11/2017

Schunk is making it easier to switch from pneumatics to electric power by expanding its 24V mechatronic modular system with the ultra-compact ELP 24V linear modules.  Read More

Heidenhain miniature, exposed linear encoder system 03/11/2017

Heidenhain's LIP 6000 is a miniature, exposed linear encoder system capable of resolving to 2 nm at high traverse speeds up to 240 m/min over long scale lengths to a maximum of 3,040 mm.   Read More

Kennametal KCSM40 insert grade for high speed titanium machining 02/11/2017

Kennametal has responded to requests for a new carbide grade to machine titanium 6Al4V at higher cutting speeds, rather than increasing feed rates or increasing depth of cuts that result in increased cutting forces on the workpiece, fixtures and machine spindles.  Read More

Hypertherm FlushCut consumables now available for more Powermax plasma systems 02/11/2017

Hypertherm FlushCut consumables for more Powermax plasma systems mean that more users can now cut closer, or more flush, to the base metal than ever before.  Read More

Roemheld wedge clamp innovation 02/11/2017

Roemheld has unveiled a number of wedge clamp developments for die clamping.  Read More

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