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Master Abrasives now offers measuring equipment by Innovative Automation Products 18/01/2018

Midlands-based Master Abrasives now offers measuring equipment by Innovative Automation Products. The range of equipment for grinding process support includes optical, air, coordinate and other metrology equipment. A selection of tools will be available for demonstration at the Master grinding this year.   Read More

Universal Robots announces SnapWeld collaborative MIG welding system 16/01/2018

Universal Robots has partnered with Arc Specialties to develop SnapWeld, an automated MIG/GMAW welding system based on collaborative robot (‘cobot’) technology. SnapWeld is a cobot-assisted, interactive system that can be deployed in existing manual welding booths, thus eliminating the need for costly new robotic cells. The system is aimed at small job shops struggling with the budget, programming and space requirements of traditional welding robots.  Read More

Sumitomo launches AXMT milling inserts and WEX 1000 cutter bodies 16/01/2018

AMXT inserts with a choice of seven substrate grades and three chipbreaker geometries have been developed by Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal to meet specific demands where lower powered machines or less stable application conditions are encountered. Each insert has a high rake featuring a curved wave form to the cutting edge. With greater insert width, this design creates a more stable seating to support the cutting action.  Read More

Stocdon introduces Telecentric 70 M vice for 5-axis machining 16/01/2018

Designed for use on 5-axis machining centres, the Allmatic Telecentric 70 M high pressure vice is now available in the UK from Stocdon. Offering both conventional clamping and Allmatic’s Gripp clamping concept, the product features a telescopic spindle for constant clamping force and central, simple programming without zero point offset. Clamping force is 30 kN at 45 Nm linear torque.  Read More

Heckert HMCs from Starrag are productive yet affordable 15/01/2018

Starrag has introduced a range of what it describes as affordable yet highly productive Heckert 5-axis horizontal machining centres (HMCs) with rapid traverse rates up to 80 m/min. The machines – with designations H45, H50, H55, L40, L50, L55 and X40 – have a smaller footprint (up to 30% less) than traditional horizontal machines, which results in an estimated 15% increase in productivity per unit area. Further attributes include acceleration rates of 1.2 G, tool-change (chip-to-chip) times of 2.2 seconds and pallet-change times of 8.5 seconds.   Read More

Sick unveils deTem Core safety light curtains 15/01/2018

Based on the use of multiple light beams to safeguard areas surrounding hazardous machinery, Sick has developed its deTem Core family of safety light curtains for applications up to SIL3/PL ‘e’ (Type 4).  Read More

Seco’s Secomax CS300 inserts speed HRSA machining 15/01/2018

According to Seco Tools, the combination of its new Secomax CS300 ceramic inserts and RN/RP cutter bodies can increase productivity by up to 800% (in comparison with standard milling counterparts) when machining nickel-based heat-resistant super-alloys (HRSAs). Target markets include aerospace and power generation.  Read More

Schunk Vero-S pallet system now includes direct clamping modules 12/01/2018

The Vero-S quick change pallet system from Schunk has been further extended with the introduction of the company’s WDB basic, WDS staple and WDN direct clamping modules. Thanks to these additions, the concept is now suitable for use in the tool and mouldmaking industry, as well as other sectors where machine shops work with low volume freeform parts featuring complex geometries and tight tolerances.   Read More

Production planning simplified with Schröder Unfold software 12/01/2018

The Schröder Group has introduced its Unfold software for programming ‘unfold’ routines and bending sequences. Available from UK dealer DJ Webster, the software is optimally adapted to Schröder’s range of industrial folding machines, namely the MAK 4 Evolution UD, SPB Evolution UD, PowerBend Industrial UD and PowerBend Professional.   Read More

Roemheld wedge clamp element features patented safety bolts 11/01/2018

Roemheld's latest wedge clamping element for the fixing of dies to press tables features a patented bolt with positive safety locking step that the company says can even hold heavy upper dies during pressure drops or maintenance work. The element can also be used on the pressing tappet with angled clamping edges.   Read More

ProFeeder mobile robot cell launched by RARUK Automation 11/01/2018

RARUK Automation’s ProFeeder is a compact, mobile and modular robot cell that can be moved between production and processing machines. The system, which is available in three models, is designed to accept a robot arm and can be systematically expanded to give manufacturers a growth path to full automation.  Read More

Vero’s WorkXplore 2018 R1 converts CAD files in batches 11/01/2018

The 2018 R1 release of WorkXplore CAD viewer and analyser from Vero Software features ‘Batch Converter’, a new application that allows batches of CAD files to be converted to the WorkXplore format, instead of having to convert them one at a time. Once launched, it does not require any user intervention, other than to check the current conversion status.  Read More

Higher speeds and feeds with Quickgrind’s Spectre end-mills 11/01/2018

The Spectre series of solid carbide end-mills is being launched by Quickgrind so that machine shops are able to introduce increased speeds and feed rates into their milling operations. According to the company, by reducing depth-of-cut and increasing the feed rate by up to six times that of conventional end-mills, manufacturers can greatly improve material removal rates.   Read More

Open Mind CAM module supports tyre mould machining 10/01/2018

?Open Mind Technologies has unveiled a tyre module for its hyperMILL CAM software suite. Purposely designed for the NC programming of tyre moulds, at the heart of the module is the tyre clock, where the tyre design is defined with all segments, tracks, pitches and pitch sequences.   Read More

Open Mind releases hyperMILL 2018.1 10/01/2018

CADCAM developer Open Mind has released version 2018.1 of its hyperMILL software suite. Among the latest functions to be added include ‘soft overlap’ blending enhancements, 3D optimised roughing for high feed cutters, and ‘global fitting,’ a CAM-oriented CAD function.  Read More

LVD’s CADMAN enhanced for smart manufacturing 10/01/2018

LVD has introduced the 8.5 version of its CADMAN programming and shop management software. The release includes enhancements for every CADMAN module and an improved dashboard for more intuitive use, thus extending the software’s integration capabilities to include the next generation of LVD’s Touch-P punch press control, as well as non-LVD cutting and punching equipment.   Read More

Walter Cut MX offers four cutting edges and three geometries 10/01/2018

The Walter Cut MX from Walter GB is a grooving and parting-off tool that combines four cutting edges and three geometries in a single system. Cutting depths of up to 6 mm and cutting widths of 0.8 to 3.25 mm are available as standard, although non-standard sizes and versions can be supplied via the Walter Xpress bespoke tooling service.   Read More

Horn DCG thread-mills suit small threads 10/01/2018

?A thread milling system, designated DCG, has been developed by Horn for producing M1 to M2.5 metric ISO threads to DIN 13-20 standard.   Read More

Zimmerman FZU from Geo Kingsbury sits at lower end of price range 09/01/2018

A 5-axis portal milling machine has been introduced by German machine tool manufacturer Zimmermann at the lower end of the company’s price range. Available in the UK and Ireland through sole agent Geo Kingsbury, the compact FZU is intended primarily for prototype, tool and mould making, as well as machining composite components like airframe parts.   Read More

Henkel’s Bonderite L-FM FL coating suits automotive bolts 09/01/2018

?Henkel Adhesive Technologies has optimised its Bonderite L-FM FL portfolio of polymeric coatings for the surface conversion of metals used in cold forming operations. The enhanced Bonderite L-FM FL process reduces the number of treatment steps from as many as 10, to one or two, thus providing an attractive alternative for producers of high performance automotive bolts and screws.  Read More

Connectivity, mobility and speed with Vero’s WorkPLAN 2018 R1 09/01/2018

The latest version of WorkPLAN ERP software from Vero has been developed for the specific requirements of production management in terms of mobility and speed, from the design phase of a project, right through to end product delivery.  Read More

HGG 3D plasma profilers now available from Ficep 09/01/2018

HGG 3D plasma pipe profiling machines are now available in the UK exclusively from Ficep. The machines can cut precise, complicated shapes on pipe or tube, with a bevel and plate slots (if required). This precise weld preparation increases productivity, simplifies the welding process, enhances weld integrity and reduces fabrication time.  Read More

Faro Visual Inspect AR brings augmented reality to QA 08/01/2018

With its Visual Inspect AR product, Faro says that it has found a way to leverage the benefits of augmented reality (AR) out-of-the-box, and apply it effectively in a practical setting.   Read More

ESAB SmartBevel simplifies automated plasma operations 08/01/2018

ESAB has unveiled SmartBevel technology for easier automated plasma programming and bevel cutting with minimal operator intervention. The system includes the data and geometric compensations necessary to cut V, X, Y and K bevels on mild steel from 6 to 50 mm thick. ESAB says that unlike competitor systems, SmartBevel integrates all bevel compensations into the CNC to simplify bevel programming and enable operators to quickly fine-tune the program at the machine.  Read More

Fanuc M20iB robot is designed for cleanroom applications 08/01/2018

The Fanuc M20iB/25C robot has been designed to ISO Class 5 standards, bringing automated picking, packing and handling to applications for which cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.  Read More

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