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Pibomulti 360° auto adjustable angle head eliminates need for multiple units 15/09/2017

New from Pibomulti is a 360° auto adjustable angle head that allows 360° orientation of a right-angle head in either internal or external machining operations.  Read More

WNT's CircularLine CCR-UNI is for trochoidal milling 14/09/2017

The latest addition to the WNT Mastertool series of solid carbide cutters is the CircularLine CCR-UNI for trochoidal milling, with end-mills offering 4xD or 3xD, the latter having a shorter chipbreaker and providing maximum chip evacuation.  Read More

Silvent Pro One airgun is quietly effective 13/09/2017

Silvent’s Pro One airgun has a specially designed, patented nozzle in stainless steel. This allows an effective blowing force and a low noise level, offering a reduction in sound level of more than 10 dB(A).  Read More

New capabilities for Walter Helitronic multi-axis tool grinders speed machining routines 12/09/2017

Walter Ewag UK has added two new capabilities to its Walter Helitronic multi-axis tool grinders that will further speed up machining routines: the GDS automatic tool clamping system and the automatic measurement of machine axes’ positioning references.  Read More

Autodesk Fuson 360 updates 11/09/2017

Improvements to Design & Modeling: Sketching; Simulation; CAM; 2D Drawings; API & Add-ins   Read More

Quickgrind Qplus high performance end-mills cover broad material and process range 11/09/2017

Maximum tooling performance with minimal inventory and costs is possible with Quickgrind’s Qplus range of high performance end-mill. With Qplus, machine shops can use a single tool for a multitude of applications and materials.  Read More

Schunk EGL Profinet intelligent grippers offer process control capability 08/09/2017

Intelligent grippers such as the Schunk EGL Profinet enable intelligent handling solutions. They measure, identify and monitor gripped components and the ongoing production process in real-time. The information recorded by the gripper is passed on to the machine control system and can be simultaneously transferred to higher-level internal and external systems as well as cloud solutions for statistical process analyses.  Read More

Vario-Jet retrofittable programmable coolant nozzle keeps coolant where its needed 08/09/2017

The Vario-Jet automatic coolant nozzle from Hirt Line is hailed as the country’s first retro-fitted and freely programmable coolant nozzle, according to UK supplier Floyd Automatic Tooling.  Read More

Amada ENSIS-3015 AJ 3 kW fibre laser CNC cutting machine offers high performance at low running costs 04/09/2017

Amada has launched the ENSIS-3015 AJ fibre laser CNC cutting machine featuring a 3 kW source, the industry’s largest single-diode module size. Unlike other machines, there is no diode module beam combiner, thus improving reliability and increasing machine uptime.   Read More

PSL Datatrack 2017 puts improved reporting and traceability to the fore 31/08/2017

The 2017 version of PSL Datatrack's production control software boasts very much improved reporting and traceability throughout to provide valuable information to all areas of the business.   Read More

Moveable Bystronic pressbrake Xpert 80 joins smaller brother Xpert40 31/08/2017

Bystronic has launched a new pressbrake that can be moved around a factory by fork lift truck. In a footprint of less than 3 m2, it offers a bending capacity of 80 tonnes over 1.5 m.   Read More

New GTL technology from Rhenus Lub underpins new cost-effective and safe grinding oils 30/08/2017

Rhenus Lub’s Rhenus EHM 12 and Rhenus EU 12 are two new grinding oils based on the company’s future-proof GTL technology (GTL= gas to liquid). The new products are particularly suitable for demanding processes such as grinding hard metals, gearing components and tools, and offer an effective combination of performance, innovation, and safety.   Read More

DMG Mori Robo2Go mobile robotic cell automates company's CNC turning centres 30/08/2017

Machine tool manufacturer DMG Mori has introduced a mobile robotic cell to automate its CNC turning centres. Called Robo2Go, it loads raw billets from a tray and unloads machined components automatically. The unit can be relocated easily by pallet truck to serve up to four different lathes sequentially on a shopfloor.  Read More

Latest Chick One-Lok system comes in two sizes 29/08/2017

The latest Chick One-Lok clamping system, available from 1st Machine Tool Accessories, is available in two sizes rather than one, 400 or 500 mm long, offering maximum gripping lengths of 180 and 280 mm respectively. Further improvements include a lowering of the clamp profile, from 150 to 134 mm, which allows longer spindle travel in the Z-axis and also approximately halves the unit's weight for easier handling. To this end, an ergonomic hand grip has also been added at either end.  Read More

Guyson additive manufacturing blast finishing dust collector range 25/08/2017

Guyson’s new range of dust collectors for additive manufacturing (AM) duties includes the mid-range C600-AM dust collector, designed to accompany the Euroblast 6SF–AM blast finishing cabinet.  Read More

CFRP aluminium stack drilling and countersinking tool from Mapal cuts dry 24/08/2017

Mapal has developed a drill with countersink step for dry machining of CFRP aluminium stacks. The special geometry of the tool ensures that the heat caused by machining is not transferred to the component. As a result, MQL can be eliminated and neither the component nor the working environment are contaminated with coolant.  Read More

Engis honing tool for use on standard vertical machining centres 24/08/2017

A honing tool for use on a standard vertical and horizontal CNC equipment id offered by Engis. The tooling’s innovative design overcomes issues caused by lack of height within many machining centres and has also removed the need for floating tool holders and adaptors - enabling the bore finishing tools to be held directly in the machining centre tool holders - while still providing the required high accuracy geometry demanded of bore finishing operations, achieving roundness to within 1 micron and surface finish up to 0.2 Ra.  Read More

Quickgrind three-flute end-mills tackle variety 23/08/2017

Quickgrind’s latest line of three-flute end-mills, the Delta Series, is for a variety of materials that take in steel, cast iron, stainless steels, super alloys, hardened steels and more, although is primarily suited to stainless steel and high temperature alloy machining.  Read More

Bosch Rexroth Operator Guidance System keeps manual assembly on track 23/08/2017

Designed to simplify manual production processes, the new Operator Guidance System (OGS) helps optimise quality and traceability, while simplifying the task for users.  Read More

Faro QuantumM measuring arm suits mid-market applications 22/08/2017

Faro's QuantumM includes the same, high performance functionality as its portfolio companion, the QuantumS FaroArm, with an accuracy specification that makes it an exceptional mid-market alternative for applications that do not require the high performance specifications of the QuantumS.   Read More

Schunk unveils first intelligent collaborative gripper, the Co-act Gripper JL1 22/08/2017

Schunk has launched its first intelligent collaborative gripper, the Co-act (collaborative actuator) Gripper JL1.Part of the company’s HRC (human-robot collaboration) series, it joins the SVH 5-finger hand, which is certified and approved for collaborative operation by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) organisation, but the JL1 incorporates more capabilities to keep humans safe, such as visual recognition and various sensors.  Read More

GlobalMAX 1508 and 2040 abrasive waterjets extend Omax GlobalMAX line 22/08/2017

GlobalMAX 1508 and 2040 abrasive waterjets extend Omax’s GlobalMAX line of reliable and practical machines capable of cutting virtually any material.   Read More

Autodesk upgrades Product Design Collection with simulation and CAM software 21/08/2017

Autodesk has made major changes to its Product Design Collection, adding simulation and CAM tools to the design and engineering tools already included, and is rechristening it the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.  Read More

Alicona launches mobile cobot-based measuring station 18/08/2017

Alicona’s portable compact cobot 3D measuring system is for multi-purpose use. Based on a collaborative robot with an Alicona R25 sensor head, the system can be used for the measurement of surface finish, edge break, valve seats and edge radii on a wide range of products, especially on large objects or for entry into machining centres.  Read More

Walter thread-mills better tapping for large threads, slashing costs by up to 90% 18/08/2017

Walter’s new T2711/T2712 indexable insert thread-mill competes with taps on large threads. While tapping such threads can achieve shorter cycle times than thread milling, high tool costs and ‘birds nest’ swarf are the traditional penalties.   Read More

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Pibomulti auto adjustable head
New from Pibomulti is a 360° auto adjustable angle head ...