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Mastercam 2017 Lathe features updated capability 21/04/2017

Mastercam 2017 Lathe features a new Chip Break option, TNRC Control, Stock Model Enhancements and more.  Read More

Hilma MC-P vice from Roemheld supports 5-axis machining 21/04/2017

The new MC-P vice from Hilma offers high stability and precision, combined with excellent accessibility and comprehensive chip protection. Its compact design enables collision-free toolpaths and the use of short, standard tools in 5-axis machining.  Read More

Mikron Mill S 600 U 5-axis machining centres now boast new high precision HVC140 (StepTec) spindles 20/04/2017

GF Machining Solutions’ Mikron Mill S 600 U 5-axis machining centres are now equipped with new high precision HVC140 (StepTec) spindles, which deliver increased process stability, quality and productivity, among other advantages, for precision mould and die makers.   Read More

WNT MiniMill expansion heralds improved performance, surface quality and process security when milling grooves and slots 19/04/2017

WNT’s expansion of its range of MiniMill carbide grooving, back-chamfering and thread milling cutters see new geometry developments that will deliver improved performance, surface quality and process security when milling grooves and slots.  Read More

Dormer Pramet small diameter milling cutters for steel, stainless steel and cast iron 18/04/2017

Dormer Pramet is offering a new range of small diameter milling cutters (12-40 mm). The SSO05O range cutters have a high number of teeth to improve productivity and are ideally suited for turn-milling.  Read More

Pramet SOD05 milling cutter reduces tool change-over time and inventory costs 17/04/2017

Dormer Pramet’s SOD05 milling cutter, developed under the Pramet brand, reduces tool change-over time and inventory costs with its universal pocket that can carry octagonal, round and square inserts.   Read More

Water Jet Sweden’s €100 000 T-model waterjet profiler 17/04/2017

Water Jet Sweden’s T-model waterjet profiler is the company’s first machine model to have a flying bridge construction. Designed to fit into a container for low transportation costs, quick and easy to install and easy to operate, it is offered at around €100 000, a completely new price segment for Water Jet Sweden (WJS).  Read More

YMT offers Alfa-Sys tool pre-setting solutions for tool assembly build, pre-setting and location surface cleaning 14/04/2017

YMT Technologies is the exclusive UK and Eire agent for the complete Alfa-Sys range that aids machine shops to accurately and efficiently perform the build-up and pre-setting of cutting tools.  Read More

Norelem 5-axis clamp offers access and efficient machining 14/04/2017

The latest addition to Norelem’s range of more than 33,000 individual standard parts is a new 5-axis clamping fixture that makes it possible to quickly and easily machine an entire workpiece in one set-up.  Read More

Heidenhain hollow-shaft encoders with inductive position measurement extend torque motor applications 14/04/2017

New hollow-shaft encoders from Heidenhain extend the manufacturer’s range of products that use inductive position measurement and at the same time expand the application range of torque motors.  Read More

Entry-level 5-axis Matsuura has 10 pallets 13/04/2017

The 10 by 130 mm diameter Capto C6 pallet, 90 tool, 15,000 rpm spindle 5-axis Matsuura MX-330 PC10 is competitively priced and targeted at manufacturers wanting automation and reliable lights-out production. Workpiece capacity is 420 by 320 mm diameter by height.   Read More

Nederman articulated extraction arms for fume and dust extraction 13/04/2017

The Nederman FX2 range of extraction arms are “small, manoeuvrable and easy to use”, and is designed to capture pollutants as close to their source as possible.   Read More

Third Dimsension Inspect for profile inspection with GapGun Pro bests shadowgraphs 12/04/2017

Third Dimension’s Inspect software is designed to enable flexible analysis of a component’s profile, when used alongside Third Dimension’s GapGun Pro.  Read More

Victor 3-axis P76 vertical machining centre 12/04/2017

Victor's P76 is a 3-axis vertical machining centre offering axis travels of 760, 500 and 510 mm, in X, Y and Z, respectively.   Read More

BIG Kaiser - world’s smallest hydraulic chuck for HSK-E25 spindles 12/04/2017

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) can now supply “the world's smallest hydraulic chuck for HSK-E25 machine spindles”, the BIG Kaiser Super Slim range. (Super Slim HDCs are also available for the HSK-E 32/40/63 and BBT 30/40/50 spindle model lines.)  Read More

Dormer Pramet R6011 drills and chamfers in one 12/04/2017

Developed for fast and accurate spotting, the R6011 drill can be used in hydraulic and shrink-fit holders when machining a range of workpiece materials. It offers 90° self-centering point geometry and TiAlN coating for increased tool life.   Read More

Third Dimension's Vectro automated laser measurement system automates GapGun Pro use 11/04/2017

?Vectro automates the advanced capabilities of Third Dimension’s best-selling feature measurement system, GapGun Pro; used for quality control by the automotive, aerospace and energy industries worldwide.   Read More

Masa Microconic sliding-head sub-spindle collet system boosts productivity 11/04/2017

Available from Floyd Automatic Tooling, the Masa Microconic workholding system for sliding-head lathe sub-spindles is claimed to offer revolutionary benefits that support large gains in productivity.  Read More

Dormer Pramet solid carbide drill MPX becomes Force X, boasts improved performance 11/04/2017

?Dormer Pramet has launched Force X, a new generation of solid carbide multi-application drills to deliver a greater level of performance and economy.  Read More

New Sumitomo turning insert family offers new grades, three chipbreakers 10/04/2017

AC6000M is a new series of turning insert grades and three chipbreaker styles to cover roughing, semi-finishing and the finish machining of ferritic high chrome, Martensitic, austenitic, two-phase austenitic/ferritic materials, as well as precipitation hardening stainless steels.  Read More

Horn end-mills for titanium cutting 10/04/2017

Horn has launched a range of solid carbide end-mills designed specifically for machining titanium alloys such as Ti6Al4V.   Read More

DMG Mori CLX350 single-turret, 51 mm bar (65 mm opt) CNC lathe 10/04/2017

The CLX350 CNC lathe from DMG Mori occupies less than five square metres but is capable of turning components from bar of up to 51 mm diameter (65 mm optional), has a maximum turning diameter of 320 mm, Z-axis travel of 530 mm, a VDI 30 turret with 12 tool positions (all of which can, on request, be driven) and spindle speeds up to 5,000?rpm. A cartridge-design spindle means that exchange is simple and rapid.  Read More

Starrett horizontal digital video projector has 150 kg capacity 09/04/2017

Metrology and measurement specialist Starrett has introduced a new horizontal digital video projector to its range of metrology equipment.  Read More

Sick AppSpace offers ecosystem for tailor-made application solutions on Sick programmable devices 09/04/2017

Sick UK has launched Sick AppSpace, a “unique open software platform for programmable sensors” that system integrators and OEMs can use to develop and implement tailor-made application solutions on Sick programmable devices.  Read More

Omax “essentially-featured” GlobalMAX abrasive waterjet line for international markets 08/04/2017

GlobalMAX waterjets feature easy-to-use Omax software, space-saving table design, and efficient direct-drive pump technology, with value and durability as priorities.  Read More

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