The ANCA machine simply transfers a data file to the Zoller smartCheck system, which uses advanced ‘reGrind’ software to check all features of the tool against nominal values, in a matter of just seconds.

The results are then automatically communicated straight back to the ANCA machine, which at the touch of a button can begin the re-grinding process to correct any errors that may have been discovered, ensuring 100% tool accuracy.

Coventry-based ANCA says the solution is already proving popular among its customers. The process is not only much faster and more accurate than manual measurement, but also removes the risk of human error associated with writing down values and transporting them to a CNC machine for manual input.

Leigh Tricklebank, sales manager at Zoller UK: “To produce high precision tools you really need an in-depth understanding of the component geometries and features in relation to grinding processes, and the implications of any changes.

“Our intuitive Zoller software and bespoke grinding interfaces facilitate parametric teach-in features to reduce first-off times, re-work and operator influence.

“We have developed a bespoke piece of software with ANCA that measures different features within the grinding path – diameter, helix, taper and so on.

“By having the master grinding path from ANCA going into our machine, we offset the results and send that back to ANCA. It makes it a very fluid process.”

Zoller’s smartCheck machine is designed for all cutting tools, enabling efficient checking before and after the sharpening process to ensure absolute precision and documented results.