Called Panda, the robot has human-like capabilities and high resolution sensitivity in all seven joints for robust assembly. It offers high performance operation and can provide a complete workspace covering kinematics and excellent precision. Panda can be programmed within minutes, as it is supplied with applications in form of modular programs that represent a partial step of a specific task. Customers are able to procure further individually designed applications that increase competitiveness. It has competitively low hardware, software and integration costs.

Panda is a joint venture between Voith and fellow German company Franka Emika. Highlighted elements are: the arm, which is inspired by the agility, dexterity and sensitivity of the human arm; its Pilot direct user interface that features ‘quick’ buttons to customise the apps and to execute their feature; its control, which is a slim 19″ unit that can be mounted in server racks or placed elsewhere; and the hand, which can grasp firmly and quickly for high performance manipulation.

Watch videos of the robot here