Promising to cut machining times by up to 90%, reduce tool changes through enabling three-side machining in undercuts and extend tool life that reduces tool consumption by up to 90%, initial applications have been in hard turning, cast iron machining and sintered metal processing, but inserts for soft turning are under development.

Vandurit has worked with fellow German manufacturing technology firms Emag, an automotive sector focused machine tool supplier that specialises in vertical spindle/chuck pick-up lathes, and CADCAM software expert Open Mind Technologies, in order to deliver this turning step-change.

The process sees a circular segment cutting edge of an essentially oval or triangular insert rolled across the surface to be cut. The set-up sees a turret-located Vandurit driven tool unit into which is located a toolholder featuring a quick-change connection.

In application, the tool turret remains stationary as the tool swings (effectively B-axis) and the component is moved in X and Z axes. This swinging motion rolls the circular segment tool cutting edge across the surface being cut, the rate of swing being governed by driven tool shaft rotation speed, which is geared down to slow motion.

All Emag machines can be retrofitted or equipped with Rollfeed technology, with VL and VSC machines having this technology as a standard option, while shaft-turning machines VTC can also be fitted with Rollfeed.

Open Mind's 'hyperMILL RollFEED' strategy supports the programming of the turning strategy.