The Plus X Award is an international innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle, and sees itself as an orientation guide for consumers. An expert jury with representatives from various industries awards quality seals for innovation, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics, and ecology.

TransSteel 2200 is the first single-phase power source from Fronius that can master the three welding processes of MIG/MAG, TIG and manual metal arc welding. Furthermore, Fronius also uses sturdy materials such as high-strength plastic, thereby guaranteeing high quality and a long service life for the device.

Welders benefit from the convenient display and straightforward menu navigation: the key welding parameters are located directly on the first level. The TransSteel 2200 is also ergonomic, with a handle, an optional carry strap, and runners on the side of the system to make transportation and handling easier.

In addition, the TransSteel 2200 provides benefits in terms of ecology: the ‘Power Factor Correction’ function adjusts the current and reduces reactive power, thereby increasing efficiency. With the TransSteel 2200, Fronius was also able to reduce the number of components used, which not only lowers weight but saves resources.

Alongside the Plus X award for best product, TransSteel 2200 has also received the Red Dot Award for product design. According to the jury’s statement, the welding system provides multi-functionality in an impressively compact package. The TransSteel 2200 also impressed thanks to its ease of use. This year, the Red Dot Jury chose the best designs from more than 6300 items submitted from 59 countries in an assessment process that lasted several days.