The project will assist thermoforming companies, mould makers and design agencies to improve competitiveness through the development of a predictive mould design and manufacturing system, which will reduce throughput times and increase right-first-time production. T-ForM is a European FP6 Collective Research programme with a budget of ¤4.8 million and is being undertaken by a consortium of European companies and trade associations, including representatives from the Netherlands, Belgium, German, Spain, Austria and the UK. GTMA is undertaking the role of disseminating the project information and will be raising awareness of simulation as a design iteration tool and also ensuring that thermoforming companies fully understand the technology that is being developed by the project. A number of dissemination activities have already been planned, including three-monthly meetings, where SMEs are invited to discuss latest results and are given the opportunity to suggest further directions and improvements. In addition, annual dissemination days will be organised, a training module will be developed and a demonstration facility will be established in each country.