With the addition of a through-bore, the new power chuck is available in sizes from 212 to 315 mm with a through bore up to 91 mm diameter. Despite offering a clamping force of up to 145 kN, the sensitivity of the HWR Inoflex makes it ideal for clamping parts that are sensitive to deformation whilst providing a concentricity precision of 20 microns.

The Long Crendon based company will be offering chucks with the option of manual or power operation and also with or without a through bore. At MACH, the experts from Thame will be keen to demonstrate the benefits and application diversity of the new Inoflex as well as the company's comprehensive range of Samchully hydraulic and manual chucks. Chucks available as closed centre, standard bore, large bore and mega bore options in two, three or four-jaw configurations.

For machine shops aiming to maximise the capabilities of their machining centres, Thame Workholding will be introducing the new Samchully line of 4th and 5th axis rotary tables. Extremely precise, fast, rigid and also offering exceptional clamping forces, the new line-up is said to be able to configured to virtually all machining centres. The 4th axis variations include a standard rotary table, a large bore NC, a hydraulic rotary table or a multi-spindle table. The 5th axis variants offer a tilting NC rotary table, a multi-spindle tilting rotary table and also a rear mounted motor NC rotary table.

Also returning to MACH is the Lang ECO-Tower 60, a compact system with a small footprint that can deliver automation to any machining centre. At MACH, Thame will be running a promotional offer. The ECO-Tower enables the customer to select manual or automated production; and just two G-Codes are required to communicate between the tower and the machine tool. The tower can accept either 45 or 60 pallets, each with a maximum capacity of 30 kg and a dimensional limit of 350 by 200 by 200 mm. Furthermore, with pallets configured to the Lang zero point system, precision, repeatability and reduced set-up times are just a few of the benefits.

Finally, Thame will display an extensive range of their UK produced TEC Chuck Jaws in standard and special format and its own Powerpull Bar Puller and Trueborer.