The 50,000 square metres facility houses state-of-the-art stamping equipment and will include the production capability of the existing Gestamp Cannock plant when the existing capacity is transferred, safeguarding 800 jobs.

An investment close to £50 million has been made to upgrade the company’s industrial capabilities in the region and an additional amount could be invested, depending on future projects. Gestamp has opened five facilities worldwide in 2018, including West Midlands.

The new plant will apply hot stamping, taking in one of the biggest hot stamping lines in the world, with the aim of providing a better service to customers, namely JLR, Nissan-Renault, Volvo, Ford, BMW, Toyota and Honda.

The plant will also manufacture aluminium parts in an innovative transfer servo press, including battery boxes for electrical vehicles. The equipment will comprise laser cells for cutting and welding.

“This new plant is more efficient and competitive, it is a customer-focused factory with opportunity for further growth with both existing and new clients,” Gestamp executive chairman Francisco J. Riberas stated.

“We will continue to help our customers and provide them with the latest technologies, such as hot and aluminium stamping. We are already supporting them with the challenges that they face with electrical vehicles by providing lighter and safer solutions,” he added.

Currently, Gestamp UK comprises seven production plants, three in the North East, two in the Midlands and one each in Llanelli and Fareham, with a total workforce of nearly 3,000 employees. Since 2012, Gestamp has invested more than £200 million in its UK plants.