Managing director of SevenHills, James Harding-Terry, says: “The installation of a tube-bending machine not only adds significantly to our function as a one-stop-shop for fabrication projects, it is an important stage in the company's transition to Industry 4.0, which is essential for future-proofing the business. It is a highly flexible piece of equipment with a range from 19 to 90 mm external diameter tube, and allows for bending complex tube geometries within seconds of programming.”

He adds: “As we look to expand our operations and build on consistent growth patterns, we are not only dedicated to training apprentices in cutting-edge technologies, we are complementing those skills sets with the next generation of machinery that will become a standard for British manufacturing.”

The AMOB NDH series electric tube-bending machine comes with a hydraulic mandrel extractor, hydraulic clamp and pressure die, and can be used to fabricate a variety of products, ranging from hand-rails to complex, bespoke geometric shapes.

SevenHills has demonstrated 31% year-on-year growth with a turnover of £2.5 million, and will see investment reach £1 million over the past two years.

Harding-Terry says: “Increasing investment will see us install more new machinery, including a Bystronic press brake and a Panasonic robot welder before the end of the year. This follows the commissioning of a £550,000 laser cutter less than two years ago.

“Although there is a lot of business uncertainty around at the moment due to Brexit, investment cannot stand still and UK businesses like ours must be ready to compete at the highest level, which means using the best resources.”