“Dust extraction in metalworking is a huge growth area for our business,” explains James Stansfield, CEO of Filtermist International. “We acquired Dustcheck Ltd in 2017 for its expertise in manufacturing process and venting filters used in a variety of industries, and this capability adds to three other companies we own that all offer a turnkey dust-extraction systems service.

“Carter wet collectors are well known within the sector and we are confident that they’ll perfectly complement our existing product range,” he continues. “Our systems companies - Cades Ltd, DCS Ltd and Multi-Fan Systems - currently source wet collectors from external suppliers, so having this resource in-house will significantly bolster our offering to customers.”

Dust control is vital in any manufacturing industry; a well-built, fit-for-purpose dust control system protects operators, prevents explosions and improves product quality by preventing cross contamination.

Adding the wet-dust collectors to the existing Dustcheck series improves the range of solutions that Filtermist can offer its metalworking customers.

“The Carter range of wet collectors, which include ATEX-rated models for use in potentially explosive applications, will be rebadged as the Dustcheck CycloVent, Dustcheck NonFlam, Dustcheck Midac and Dustcheck Auto Sludge,” says Stansfield. “However, the design and technology behind the products will remain exactly as it is now; it will literally just be the product names that change. All details will be added to Dustcheck’s website over the next few weeks.”

CEE managing director Andy Bews adds: “Carter Thermal Industries has been involved in air movement and filtration for over 100 years, with a particular strength in designing and building wet collectors to collect harmful dust and/or particles. The company is currently consolidating manufacturing operations to one site in Birmingham, which would have resulted in production being interrupted whilst plant was transferred.

“When Filtermist indicated an interest in acquiring this arm of Carter Environmental Engineers, it enabled the company to sell to a fellow Midlands manufacturer with an excellent reputation in this field,” he continues. “Although sad to see the product line no longer within the Carter Group, it allows us to concentrate on other areas. This is seen as a win/win for both parties and we wish Filtermist every success in the future.”

Stansfield concludes: “Forecasts show the dust-collectors market has the potential to increase by 30% between 2019 and 2022. This growth is being fuelled by several factors, including an increased focus on workplace health, internal air quality and environmental concerns.”