The German-based firm posted consolidated sales of €1.23 (prior year: €1.17) billion with particularly strong growth in North America and China.

Compared to the previous year, the operating result (EBITDA) rose to €141 (€123) million. As a ratio of sales, this corresponds to a margin of 11.5 (10.4) %.

There were important contributions to the successful annual financial statements from the two strategic investments Yadon and AWEBA (included in the full-year consolidated figures for the first time), as well as from improved cost structures in Germany following the implementation of the company’s manufacturing concept.

With a record equity ratio of 39.0%, Schuler has created excellent conditions for the further development of the Group.

CEO Stefan Klebert said: “The healthy annual financial statements for 2017 reflect the successful changes made over the past few years. Earnings were driven by both the new manufacturing concept and the acquisitions Yadon and AWEBA. These two takeovers have not just been a financial success story, but have also helped Schuler tap strategically important domestic and foreign markets.”

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