Master Fluid Solutions’ production facilities in the United Kingdom have been approved by Bombardier Aerospace to supply authorised metalworking fluids. The site will not only serve Bombardier and its subcontractors in the UK and Ireland, but on mainland Europe, too. The development is in addition to previous approvals received for Master Fluid Solutions’ factories in Perrysburg USA, China and India.

The metalworking fluids expert already has more than 70 approvals from leading North American and European aerospace OEMs, so is already world renowned for providing the industry with solutions for its demanding high-tech alloy cutting and grinding needs.

One of the most significant Master Fluid Solutions’ products to be covered by this new approval is MicroSol 590XT, which was specifically developed for aero-structures and aero-engine applications. This coolant not only meets the demands of Bombardier and other aerospace manufacturers in terms of performance, but is also fully compliant with the most up-to-date European regulations.