Unlike previous apprentices to join the company, Fuentes is a mature student who has already undertaken a Degree in Product Design at Coventry University, graduating with a 2:1 classification. Following the completion of his course, Fuentes worked at a local tier-one manufacturer as a machine technician.

ITC’s managing director Peter Graves says: “We established our apprenticeship programme over eight years ago and we’re extremely proud of our commitment to developing the next generation of engineers. Not only has our four-year apprenticeship scheme given career opportunities to lots of young learners in manufacturing, it has provided ITC with a continuous influx of talented young individuals who are keen to progress their careers; they are all hungry for both academic and on-the-job success. Most importantly, these young learners bring a fresh approach to our business.

“As apprentices progress through their training, they gain confidence and a better understanding of our business; eventually they bring new vision and a new generation of thinking,” adds Graves. “This next-generation talent pool will see ITC continue disrupting the marketplace with new technologies and innovations. With Nico’s background in product design, he will certainly bring new insight to our product development department while learning his trade.”