Elena Izvolensky (pictured), a linear friction welding process engineer at KUKA Systems UK, is using her expertise to help develop an advanced manufacturing system for joining structural airframe parts.

She is a member of the TiFab project team, which is studying ways that aero companies can make major savings on component raw material costs by adopting innovative production technologies.

The £2.6 million programme, which comprises KUKA, CAV Advanced Technologies, Ten Solutions and The Welding Institute, is a three year research assignment backed by Innovate UK for developing cost-effective titanium alloy airframe parts.

Izvolensky is involved in a range of tasks such as performing weld trials, inspecting components and liaising with management, design and production team members. Her final role in the project will involve the completion of an industrial scale demonstrator tooling system and components.

She says: "I feel very lucky to work in engineering as it was always my ambition to follow a scientific path. From my studies at university to my current role, I've always had plenty of support to help me succeed.”