Engineering Technology Group is the company’s representative in the UK. A statement penned by the new owner and managing director reads: “The change of owner will have no impact whatsoever on your cooperation with our company, which will be called A-Punkt Automation GmbH with immediate effect. However, this strategic step gives A-Punkt, the high speed milling specialist, the best chance to respond to the changing market conditions – and to address your wishes and needs – with even greater flexibility in the future.

“All ongoing contracts and existing agreements will retain their validity unchanged, and your commissions and orders will be completed on schedule and in line with quality standards. The company orientation will stay the same, with a focus on the core business.

“The company will take advantage of this restructuring opportunity to optimise all departments, including Design, Purchasing, Production, Sales and Customer Service.

“Due to my previous position as managing director, I am extremely familiar with the daily business and the operative workflows. I will implement strategic decisions systematically and in line with the market situation, with the aim of continually improving our products and our services.”

Says Thomas Handtmann, managing director of Albert Handtmann Holding GmbH & Co. KG: “With the sale, we would like to give the company the opportunity to start on the path to a successful future, thus securing jobs in the long term. A-Punkt Automation GmbH has a sound operational and economic basis to enable it to face the challenges ahead. The Handtmann family and the Handtmann Group of Companies wish Armin Walther and his team all the best and every success."