Best known as a manufacturer of its own-brand centrifugal oil-mist filters, Filtermist has been on the acquisition trail since 2016 and now owns a number of companies, including Dustcheck Ltd, Multi-Fan Systems, Kerstar Ltd and the Yorkshire-based DCS Group of Companies.

The open house presents an opportunity to introduce guests to the extended range of products and services now on offer.

“Filtermist oil mist collectors are well known in the UK metalworking sector, but the company has expanded so quickly in recent years that our customers may not be fully aware of everything else we can now supply,” explains CEO James Stansfield. “We’ll be showcasing a range of industrial clean air solutions manufactured by our subsidiary companies, including dry-dust filters and wet collectors, industrial vacuum cleaners, FastClip ducting, and Ecogate energy-saving technology for centralised extraction systems.

“The timing of the open house coincides perfectly with us receiving the keys to our Telford Distribution Centre, so we’re taking the opportunity to officially open the building at the same time,” he adds. “We are delighted that James Selka, CEO of the Manufacturing Technologies Association, has agreed to say a few words at the event and officially announce what will be a strategically important investment for our business.”

Filtermist’s open house will feature tours of the factory and the Telford Distribution Centre, and include displays of the entire product range, as well as live demonstrations from the company’s skilled metal spinners.

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