The TruLaser 3060 can cut mild steel, stainless steel, Hardox wear-resistant steel, Domex high-strength steel and aluminium up to 25 mm thick, as well as copper up to 10 mm. Featuring a large cutting bed of 6 by 2.5 m means that the machine can process up to 3,000 kg of large workpieces or multiple batches of smaller components at high speed, allowing Mayflower to offer its customers faster delivery times and competitive prices.

Trumpf’s TruLaser can cut high-quality, contamination-free items with high edge definition. CNC-driven sheet utilisation is optimised to reduce component costs and, due to its large format cutting bed, process smaller batches of components from different materials and thicknesses, reducing the cost per part for low volumes.

Says Darren Bradley, Mayflower Engineering’s director and general manager: “Our Trumpf laser-cutting machine is already proving to be a tremendous asset. We can now cut components from a wide range of materials, rapidly and precisely, at least cost. Believed to be the first of its type in the UK, the machine is a perfect complement to our other engineering services, and means we can now tender for more varied and demanding contracts.”