A key feature of the range of Kosmek clamping units is their low operating pressure. Typically, swing clamps and similar would require around 200 bar pressure, but Kosmek equipment typically operates at just 70 bar (hydraulic) or 5 bar (pneumatic), without compromising clamping force.

In fact, by virtue of a high strength single-point support within the cylinder body, clamping and holding forces are claimed to be industry leading.

Kosmek units also boast a compact footprint, reducing interference and giving the design engineer more scope and flexibility. Often this can result in a fixture holding a higher ratio of workpieces and on single- and double-angle swing clamps, set-up times can be reduced.

Other Kosmek features include a three-directional lever-link plate option to accommodate parts having larger tolerances, as well as the ability to fit a speed control valve in the body with an air-venting option.

ETG Workholding experts have first-hand experience of a wide range of clamping and fixturing techniques and are able to discuss specific requirements or undertake demonstrations.