CutCloud is an extension of ESAB’s DataLeap software modules, which give users an overview of all production flows, an insight into all manufacturing processes and specific indications of untapped potential for optimisation in production. ESAB cutting systems equipped with Vision Series controls can access all DataLeap tools on any network-enabled device. And updates and information can be downloaded to update the controls, too. With DataLeap and CutCloud, users can:

  • Monitor manufacturing performance of ESAB cutting machines automatically and link data to scheduled order and part data for full traceability on material and parts.
  • Transfer data automatically (instead of manually inputting information into production processes and record results) and automatically generate higher quality reports.
  • Make real-time responses to production floor activities.
  • Record and visualize events and errors on ESAB cutting machines.
  • Fully integrate nesting, cutting and ERP systems with automatic data transfer of order data and production status.

ESAB’s WeldCloud online data management system won the Innovation Award in the ‘Digital Tools’ category at Industrie Lyon 2017. ESAB’s WeldCloud online data management system took the winning spot for its ability to provide digital solutions that optimise welding and associated manufacturing activities.

It has a number of strengths. First, WeldCloud data resides in one comprehensive database, located within a user’s firewall and not in a proprietary or provider-controlled cloud. Users have more peace-of-mind when they control their own data. Second, WeldCloud features an open-architecture design for communication and analytics. Companies can use them as stand-alone software or integrate with other business intelligence systems, such as Power BI, SAP, QlikView and Tableau.

Third, WeldCloud polls at a frequency of 1 Hz to provide essentially real-time reporting; competitive reporting systems poll at 60- or 92-second intervals. Coupled with the new ability to calculate and display deposition rate and heat input from automated and mechanised welding applications (as well as volts, amps, watts, wire feed speed and travel speed), WeldCloud offers immediate and greater insight into welding data. Lastly, WeldCloud benefits a range of stakeholders —operations managers, quality managers, engineers, welders, maintenance staff, training supervisors and others — versus only higher-level personnel.

New WeldCloud functions include the ability to remotely adjust welding parameters for systems equipped with ESAB’s U82 controller having built-in web server option, the ability to create a more intuitive and in depth scanning wizard, enabling even better traceability of multiple parameters that directly affect weld quality and productivity, as well as the ability to capture data from multi-head submerged arc applications.

WeldCloud enables data-driven decision making so that fabricators and manufacturers can move the true levers of productivity and quality, as well as make better use of working capital.

ESAB offers WeldCloud on its Aristo® Mig 4004i Pulse semi-automatic, Aristo Mig 5000iR robotic and LAF/TAF sub arc welding systems. Users can purchase these systems WeldCloud-ready, and ESAB can retrofit some existing systems with a communication module. More than a data recording system, WeldCloud enables a wealth of analytics so users can:

  • Facilitate traceability from single welds to the complete product because the core of the system is a comprehensive database containing key information of every weld seam.
  • Develop weld schedules on a single machine, move them into the cloud and then push them out to other welding systems.
  • Remotely manage welding parameters, set limits and set alarms for deviations.
  • Monitor and act upon various productivity reports across operations in disparate locations.
  • Increase responsiveness of repair and maintenance operations by instantly receiving alerts from WeldCloud-enabled machines in your fleet, effectively lowering your overall machine down time.
  • Share and analyse data by teams across multiple data collection sites, using any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to the same internal network as the welding systems and database.