The united operation will be called Dormer Pramet, offering a combined product programme that encompasses a comprehensive range of rotary and indexable drilling, milling, threading and turning tools for the general engineering sector. An expanded sales and technical support service extends to over 30 offices serving more than 100 markets worldwide. These are supported by state-of-the-art production facilities in Europe and South America, and a global distribution network consisting of five strategically placed hubs. Dormer Pramet group president Fabrizio Resmini explains the rationale behind the decision to align the two brands: "Dormer's round tool specialisation and Pramet's focused expertise in the design and production of indexable inserts complement each other extremely well. "Our core programmes are built around a range of products designed for the general machining industry, which dovetail together very neatly. So, from a product perspective, customers now have access to a wide range of rotary and indexable hole-making, milling, threading and turning tools from one single source. "We now have 600 sales staff and 900 involved in product development and production. It is no secret; we have merged to expand our market share. In the markets where one of the brands is more established, we will use that to our advantage to increase the exposure of the other brand's product range. This will always be done with the philosophy of providing a solution that is simply reliable." Resmini concludes: "With the combined strengths and knowledge of Dormer and Pramet we are in a strong position to provide the crucial support required by our customers. "From reliable products that perform to a consistently high standard, to experienced technical backup from our engineers, businesses across the globe know they can trust us to deliver."