Says deputy managing director Darren Wilkins: “We are progressively looking for younger people for our team in the UK and Sam is a prime example of what a young, enthusiastic and ideally qualified engineer, able to work with the principles and CEOs of distributors that come under our responsibility, as well as having to report to Japan.”

In his European support management role, Nottage-McNeice has to accurately forecast sale trends and update Japan’s build programme to secure production slots. He is also involved in modelling the proven CMUK strategies specifically tailored to suit different cultures and market demands overseas while being involved with commercial aspects, sales training and certain application needs.

Adds Nottage-McNeice: “As Citizen continues with the roll-out of LFV technology across both Cincom and Miyano model ranges, I am now finding that customers right across my territories have become very enthusiastic for Citizen to develop and feature the technology as soon as possible.”