While the predecessor unit, G4, is already the fastest optical form and roughness measurement system in its class, the G5 has an upgraded LED ringlight that means the range of measurable materials is almost unlimited. Being able to see a 3D image of an object, measure its size, as well as checking the surface roughness - all at once - is already proving itself immensely valuable in micro-manufacturing, automotive, medical, injection moulding, aerospace, electronic, and forensics industries. Alicona's G4 unit is already being used extensively in the cutting tool market, where it is used for measuring cutting edges and the form and roughness of drills, and inserts too. Read more about Alicona and how its InfiniteFocus devices are being used in the May issue of Machinery. Above: Alicona's G4 unit in use at the University of Birmingham's Mechanical Engineering Department.