Conventional spray heads are complicated to produce, while their heavy weight impairs the productivity of forging presses. In contrast, the SMS Group spray head is significantly smaller, features flow-optimised channels and cools the dies as required in each individual case.

Die areas subject to intensive heating are cooled at a correspondingly – precisely calculated – higher rate than areas less hot. Additionally, the spray heads can be produced virtually, just-in-time.

One of the first customers using the spray head is Bharat Forge in Ennepetal, Germany. For Bharat Forge, the spray head was specifically designed to allow switching between water and a graphite-based spraying fluid. Bharat Forge reports that “the spraying pattern is much more homogeneous now, while the dies are also cleaner. Consequently, the overall consumption of spraying fluid has decreased. In addition, handling is easier than with the conventionally manufactured spray heads. Accumulations of material, which frequently occurred inside the former spray heads, have not been found thanks to the flow-optimised design of the fluid channels.“