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Aerospace supply chain profile: the intermediaries 27/03/2017

Aerospace companies often work with intermediary purchasers and parts stockists that are tasked with the delivery of a variety of items, often in kits. Andrew Allcock spoke to FSL Aerospace, which is looking to grow and works with many UK ‘made to print’ suppliers  Read More

Going (with) nuclear: supply chain opportunities at Hinkley Point C 08/03/2017

Now that construction of nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C has begun, suppliers are gearing up to start work. The mammoth project will require large amounts of manufactured products and services  Read More

Building on strength 05/01/2017

Andrew Allcock visited an established engineering subcontractor in the South of England to learn how it is expanding by building on existing strengths, adopting a strategy of diversification that involves key investments and more formalised systems.  Read More

MACH 2018 – same place, new location, better facilities 02/12/2016

With post-MACH 2016 discussions and orders still playing out, exhibition organiser the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) has already moved on to organising MACH 2018 (9-13 April at the NEC - and is highlighting what’s different. There’s plenty, as Andrew Allcock heard  Read More

Get on the map - growing UK-sourced work 11/11/2016

The GTMA-driven Reshoring UK initiative saw a recent auto industry-focused networking event bring together speakers that outlined various facets of the reshoring picture. Andrew Allcock was there  Read More

The apprentice levy: Machinery magazine's guide and overview 03/10/2016

The apprenticeship levy is on its way. Andrew Allcock explains the current understanding, drawing on various sources plus a recent EEF webinar to present this up-to-date, top-level overview  Read More

Surprise discovery: profile of MNB Precision 09/09/2016

Andrew Allcock visited Coventry-based subcontractor MNB Precision and was positively bowled over by this small, third-generation-managed family-owned company’s sophisticated business management approach that is seeing it boost performance for existing customers and gain important new ones  Read More

EDM case file: height advantage 31/08/2016

Bedfordshire subcontractor Anotronic was looking for increased workpiece height when it replaced two older Sodick machines with one Sodick AG600LH Premium machine from Sodi-Tech EDM (024 7651 1677).   Read More

Machining centres case file: Production streamlined by 5-axis machine tool at Scottish subcontractor 23/08/2016

In Glasgow, precision engineering firm Euroscot is using a Quaser MV184 VMC (1,020 and 610 mm; X,Y) equipped with a Nikken 5AX201 4+1 tilting rotary table (01709 366306), both driven by a Heidenhain ITNC530 control (01444 247711), with the package supplied by the Engineering Technology Group (01926 818418).   Read More

Case file: Overnight express 11/07/2016

A subcontractor has standardised on WNT tools, benefitting from the tooling supplier’s application expertise, while also adopting particular operating procedures to underpin secure unmanned overnight rough milling.   Read More

Changing everything 11/07/2016

In 10 years, honing expert Delapena has actually travelled many decades to arrive at the success it is today, in terms of its current machine tool technology, in-house working practices and service offerings. Andrew Allcock tells the story (extended article)  Read More

Supporting innovation: Manufacturing & Engineering North East returns to Newcastle 6-7 July 30/06/2016

The award-winning Manufacturing & Engineering North East show sees a return to the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, from July 6-7, aiming once again to support industrial innovation within the region  Read More

A little help from my friends 27/06/2016

For mutual support, some small manufacturers are coming together to form collective networks. More tightly joined than trade associations or social groups, but having fewer formal ties than sister companies, they show that it is possible for small businesses to cooperate for mutual gain, whilst remaining independent. Will Dalrymple profiles the Coventry & Warwickshire Aerospace Forum, the Midlands Assembly Network and The Manufacturing Cooperative  Read More

Birth of a challenger 28/04/2016

Described as a cross between an F1 car, a fast fighter jet and a space ship, the project to build the Bloodhound SSC land speed record challenge car has begged, bought and borrowed componentry from motorsport, aerospace and elsewhere. Will Dalrymple saw it up close  Read More

Turn on and tune in 16/10/2015

Today, sensors sprinkled around a factory watching process variables – temperature, runtime, vibration – can be strung together in a data network. The right computer hardware and software can weave those streams together into a rich tapestry of information. This is the picture of Industry 4.0, reports Will Dalrymple  Read More

Growing innovation 17/03/2015

A public-private initiative aims to support and encourage small aerospace supply chain companies to develop new technologies. The deadline for the last project outlines is in May  Read More

My life with lasers 06/03/2015

Although laser profiling may be a commodity now, its popularity depends on the work of innovators in the 1980s and 1990s who brought the process into the mainstream. David Lindsey, founder of subcontractor Laser Process, talks to Will Dalrymple about the company’s first 25 years  Read More

‘Advances in Machining’ event 26/06/2014

Machinery magazine attended the 'Advances in Machining' conference held at the AMRC training centre in Sheffield this week.   Read More

MACH 2014 preview - in positive mood and with perfect timing 07/04/2014

Andrew Allcock previews this year's MACH manufacturing show, highlighting the positive news surrounding economic conditions and the show's increasing breadth of coverage and attraction   Read More

No castle in the sand - 3D printing supports casting 03/01/2014

There's a real buzz around 3D printing these days – the production of plastic or metal parts by fusing layers of material, driven from 3D CAD data. But that most established and traditional of processes, sand casting, is also a beneficiary of the technology, although it is currently a very exclusive club.   Read More

Inspiring aspiring engineers - KMF's Young Engineer of The Year spreads its influence 23/12/2013

Launched in 2012 the KMF Young Engineer of the Year Awards (YEOTY) initiative was hailed as a resounding success by students, teachers, parents and even local MPs. Since then, the event has grown in scale, as Machinery reports - online-only feature  Read More

Subcontractors show their success 11/05/2013

Andrew Allcock reviews recent business developments in the subcontracting sector, finding that a number of successful companies are building on that to deliver yet more success  Read More

Reshoring - fact or fiction? 06/05/2013

China's promise of low-cost manufacturing was once the siren call that drew UK manufacturing to its shores. But the flow of work back to the UK is happening, as Brian Wall reports  Read More

Subcontractors offer breadth of service 23/04/2013

Andrew Allcock reviews activity in the UK's thriving subcontract engineering sector. Hurco investment supports growth; Bystronic press brake with clever software supports accurate quotes/short set-up times; deep hole drilling supports classic car effort; broken tap extraction from engine blocks; plus news in brief  Read More

Mould making and mould manufacturing technology 09/11/2012

A rapid moulding prototyping service is favourite for Eaton Electric, while Delcam software supports a multitude of processes at a Belarus tyre mould-making facility. Plus product and news updates  Read More

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