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Engine component machining investment at JCB 09/11/2017

JCB started assembling a range of own-design diesel engines to power its vehicles in 2004. Volumes have since ramped up and now the company has, following a £10 million investment, brought in house related machining work. Andrew Allcock made a return visit to the facility to catch up with latest developments  Read More

Bubbling under 29/10/2017

If you’ve been happy enough with a lower price for the fuel you put in your car, the other side of this has been a large negative industrial impact. Andrew Allcock reviews the UK oil and gas industry’s position  Read More

Peak combustion 29/09/2017

Our supplement on the energy sector kicks off on p53 (see online magazine section, September). No prizes for spotting that this area has been hit hard, with activity in engineering companies that serve this sector having slowed in response (full analysis, p54 -see online magazine section, September).  Read More

CGTech Force module supports efficient and safe feedrate optimisation 11/09/2017

CGTech’s Force milling module for its Vericut CNC program simulation and verification software has been officially launched in the UK via a series of road shows. Andrew Allcock attended one of them, learning surprising details about CAM system output   Read More

The future for titanium airframe parts 22/08/2017

After three years of research into how to save material and reduce machining costs when producing titanium airframe parts, Steed Webzell heard about a project’s successful outcome and of a bright future for linear friction welding  Read More

Capturing and processing, in the cloud, roller bearing data: Schaeffler's Industry 4.0 offering 18/07/2017

Machinery incorporating roller bearings can benefit from Schaeffler’s Smart Ecosystem 4.0, which offers a comprehensive, cloud-based hardware and software infrastructure that includes every stage of digital added value – from components equipped with sensors through to digital services  Read More

UK R&D effort - Magnesium aircraft parts offer weight-saving advantage 01/06/2017

In a collaborative R&D project, Magnesium Elektron demonstrated the manufacture of aircraft seat supports that, on a finished part comparison, were 19% lighter than aluminium AW2024. The company is developing a supply chain and has big plans for growth, as Will Dalrymple learned  Read More

A strategy for all 18/04/2017

In March, Andrew Allcock attended a meeting in London: ‘Priorities for shaping the UK’s Industrial Strategy’. Having a manufacturing theme, he picks out some so far less well-aired points  Read More

Vision of steel 13/04/2017

Driven by a new vision of integrated British steelmaking, commodities trader Sanjeev Gupta has, in the last few years, built an industrial conglomerate that aims to underpin British manufacturing post-Brexit, starting with the automotive sector. Will Dalrymple reports  Read More

Progress on CAM for AM 03/04/2017

CAM software for subtractive machining is well developed and integrated with the CAD process. It is not the same for additive manufacturing (AM) or combined AM and subtractive processes, but there are new developments here, as Andrew Allcock discovers.  Read More

Aerospace supply chain profile: the intermediaries 27/03/2017

Aerospace companies often work with intermediary purchasers and parts stockists that are tasked with the delivery of a variety of items, often in kits. Andrew Allcock spoke to FSL Aerospace, which is looking to grow and works with many UK ‘made to print’ suppliers  Read More

State of play: aerospace sector forecast 20/03/2017

The government has issued its green paper consultation document for a forthcoming industrial strategy ( Prior to that, there have been a couple of aerospace sector analysis documents published. Andrew Allcock reviews the sector’s condition  Read More

Blue sky thinking 17/03/2017

Aerospace supplier MEP has had a bumpy flight on its journey toward successful automation of a manual production process   Read More

‘If I had a hammer’: BMW underpins training with Emco 15/03/2017

Car giant BMW performs the same form of training at each of its German works locations. Called TaLEnt, Talent-orientated LEarning and development, it is supported by machines supplied by Emco  Read More

Going (with) nuclear: supply chain opportunities at Hinkley Point C 08/03/2017

Now that construction of nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C has begun, suppliers are gearing up to start work. The mammoth project will require large amounts of manufactured products and services  Read More

Aero challenge - extended feature 06/03/2017

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Europe hosted one of its first UK events since being bought by the Japanese industrial conglomerate Kyocera last year. Key themes were technical collaboration and superalloys, Will Dalrymple reports   Read More

This month 25 years ago: March 1992 02/03/2017

Machinery Awards, a familiar name; PC-based CNC, we’re still waiting; big export order for UK machine tool builder; the launch of a UK-developed-and-made CNC system; in-depth training update, plus more  Read More

A freshening breeze 01/03/2017

As a £290 million government allocation round for energy contracts, including offshore wind, is scheduled to begin in April for projects delivered in 2021-22 and 2022-3, wind turbine manufacturing activities are picking up in the UK  Read More

Southern comfort: Southern Manufacturing exhibition preview 20/02/2017

After years of suffering the best attempts by winter weather to dismantle Southern Manufacturing’s coated fabric tent pavilion at Farnborough, including high winds and large quantities of water too, the organisers have pushed the event back a few weeks, to the end of March, in hopes of finding a clement interval  Read More

Electric thinking 07/02/2017

The Blue Arc electro-erosion process will drastically reduce roughing times in hard-to-machine alloys such as aero-engine parts, says inventor and developer GE. An adapted Mitsui Seiki machine tool has been delivered to GE’s aerospace global research centre near Detroit for customer trials. Will Dalrymple explains  Read More

This month 25 years ago: February 1992 02/02/2017

Production engineers – representation, changing role; cell-based manufacturing; international competition – parochial outlook and a prophetic statement; aerospace and auto makers speak to UK machine tool industry, plus more  Read More

Mazak new machines and industry 4.0 news 30/01/2017

The traditional Open House event at Yamazaki Mazak’s European Technology Centre in Worcester in November 2016 launched two new machines among more than 20 displayed, and revealed several software-related developments for tooling, process monitoring and Industry 4.0.  Read More

Industry 4.0 primer for business, and safety advice 20/01/2017

EEF has published an Industry 4.0 primer to help firms get to grips with the topic, while at a detailed level, Neil Dyson at TÜV SÜD explains how advanced Industry 4.0 machinery is likely to demand a modified approach to equipment risk assessment. Andrew Allcock explains  Read More

Old news; new possibility? 04/01/2017

The UK’s industrial policy has been of topical interest lately. The UK has been engaged in an analysis of its relative economic decline, with a focus on manufacturing, since the late 19th century.   Read More

A new industrial strategy - strategic efforts 04/01/2017

In the light of Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement about industrial policy, Andrew Allcock offers a historical perspective and reviews what government and key representative bodies have said so far   Read More

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