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EMO 2017 - Europe's technology showcase - Hanover 18-23 September 17/08/2017

Next month sees Europe’s most important biennial manufacturing technology exhibition. Machinery has this run-down of new products that have been revealed as being on view at EMO 2017. Alpha order listed by UK representative organisation, related exhibitors (where their name differs from the UK organisation) are below these (italicised), as are the relevant stand numbers and exhibit details  Read More

We need to talk about solvent 06/02/2017

There is a continued need for solvent-based cleaning. With related plant cost a stumbling block in many projects, an event responded to that and set out the bigger picture. Andrew Allcock reports (extended article)  Read More

Managing coolant: the machinery options 16/01/2017

A variety of web-based services and automated machinery is helping machine tool operators manage, monitor and maintain metalworking fluids, as Will Dalrymple reports  Read More

MACH 2018 – same place, new location, better facilities 02/12/2016

With post-MACH 2016 discussions and orders still playing out, exhibition organiser the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) has already moved on to organising MACH 2018 (9-13 April at the NEC - and is highlighting what’s different. There’s plenty, as Andrew Allcock heard  Read More

Changing everything 11/07/2016

In 10 years, honing expert Delapena has actually travelled many decades to arrive at the success it is today, in terms of its current machine tool technology, in-house working practices and service offerings. Andrew Allcock tells the story (extended article)  Read More

The end, as we know it: tricholoroethylene passes its sunset date 20/05/2016

Trichloroethylene passed its REACH sunset date last month. Users of the solvent should be aware of what this signals, especially those operating enclosed, not sealed, systems. Andrew Allcock explains  Read More

This month 25 years ago: March 1991 09/03/2016

Environmental legislation; investment boost request; Mitutoyo starts UK manufacture; Hurco in-house CADCAM development; rotary forging club; EU and national industrial policy in the news; machining centre developments  Read More

Well-oiled production 07/03/2016

Already involved in prolonging coolant life and reducing consumption, Environmental Technologies is adding premium metalworking fluids to complete the package and drive further benefit  Read More

Double savings 16/11/2015

Incentives are available to help cut energy, water and air usage, driving down related utility and environmental costs in parallel. Will Dalrymple investigates  Read More

MQL - the case for 31/12/2014

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) has been around for many years. Andrew Allcock reviews the process in brief and talks to two of its proponents, while providing a round-up of other relevant news. Picture: Some MQL systems deliver lubricant as a mist. Image from Wikipedia, by PiccoloNamek  Read More

Briefing - Compressed air efficiency - ISO 11011:2013 03/10/2014

A new standard, ISO 11011:2013, defines requirements for conducting and reporting the results of a compressed air system assessment. Stephen Boults, capital equipment manager at Thorite (01274 66347), explains all to Andrew Allcock, with the British Compressed Air Society also contributing  Read More

‘Advances in Machining’ event 26/06/2014

Machinery magazine attended the 'Advances in Machining' conference held at the AMRC training centre in Sheffield this week.   Read More

Trichloroethylene cleaning and degreasing - what you need to know 09/06/2014

On 29 April, nearly 100 companies attended a forum at RAF Cosford to hear answers from the HSE about trichloroethylene.   Read More

MACH 2014 preview - in positive mood and with perfect timing 07/04/2014

Andrew Allcock previews this year's MACH manufacturing show, highlighting the positive news surrounding economic conditions and the show's increasing breadth of coverage and attraction   Read More

Clean decision – what future for trichloroethylene? 28/10/2013

Trichloroethylene has been favoured within the aerospace industry for vapour degreasing of titanium, in certain applications, but the chemical has been facing an uphill battle. Is its Annex 14 REACH listing the end of the road?  Read More

Coolant development update, including formaldehyde latest 10/06/2013

Vomat helps cutting tool maker; Master Chemical solution for aerospace firm; formaldehyde update; and latest product and industry news  Read More

Squeaky-clean components 06/08/2012

Aqueous cleaning of valves; combined aqueous and solvent cleaning of aircraft fasteners; solvent cleaning of defence parts; precision aqueous cleaning of auto parts; and blasting and washing of bearing seal surfaces. Andrew Allcock reports  Read More

Unfamiliar benefits 19/07/2012

Andrew Allcock introduces two companies and their products less well known in the UK and rounds up with introductions from more familiar names   Read More

Cost-effective energy efficiency solutions 18/06/2012

This is just one topic that will be up for discussion at 'Answers for Industry' (, a major conference and exhibition hosted by Siemens, on 4 and 5 July, at Manchester Central Convention Complex. Ahead of the event, Steve Barker from Siemens Industry Sector UK takes a look at the key steps  Read More

'Trike' on trial 07/05/2012

Trichloroethylene is already banned, is going to be banned...neither is true. Andrew Allcock explains this confused and confusing area, following a Kumi Solutions/Safechem Europe event held in March  Read More

Trichloroethylene truth 21/02/2012

Machinery received a press release recently that screeched: "Industry Faces New Burdens as Banned Chemicals List is Tripled", in relation to the REACH process (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals), with trichloroethylene as one of the named "banned" substances.   Read More

MecWash and Aqua Save recycling rationalise parts cleaning at Hope Technology 09/02/2012

A MecWash Duo installation supported by Aqua Save water recycling has rationalised virtually all component cleaning at bicycle parts manufacturer Hope Technology in Lancashire. Machinery explains  Read More

Furniture maker Burgess reinvests in product quality and productivity 02/02/2012

In order to justify its premium prices, Burgess Furniture has installed both surface finishing and degreasing equipment to boost its quality credentials. Machinery reports   Read More

Coolant developments 12/12/2011

Andrew Allcock revisits coolants developments, viewed through the lens of REACH legislation, explaining the background and companies' responses (an extended web version - includes multiple video links )  Read More

Manufacturing comes clean - degreasing and cleaning 07/12/2011

The combination of strict cleanliness requirements and demanding environmental legislation has transformed manufacturing in recent years. Steed Webzell assesses the industry's switch to 'clean and green'  Read More

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